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Monday, July 21, 2014

Health, diseases and astrology.

 Health and astrology.

Some astrological points and observations on health and diseases.

  • Planets ,moon,mercury ,venus,jupiter,mars  and saturn all in watery signs the native will have poor health.
  • When saturn/mars or rahu/ mars or saturn/rahu are in 6th house aspected by a malefic ,and lagnesh is weak it is an indication of chronic disease.
  • A retrograde lord of Lagna dasha at birth indicates congenital disease.
  • Rahu gives diseases that remain undiagonised or are diagonised after a long time ,when enough damage has been done.
  • Combust mercury can give neurological diseases.
  • Sun ,mars and saturn in conjunction give deformed limbs.
  • Saturn/mars conjunction or mutual aspect is damaging if it happens in 5th,8th and 12th
  • Saturn in sign of jupiter is ok but jupiter in saturns sign can be a health hazard.