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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Dear all A very very Happy and prosperous Shivratri for you all.
Stay blessed.

Lalit Advani- ( shared By Mr Lalit Advani JI)
The Story of King Chitrabhanu

In the Shanti Parva of the Mahabharata, Bhishma, whilst resting on the bed of arrows and discoursing on Dharma, refers to the observance of Maha Shivaratri by King Chitrabhanu. The story goes as follows.

Once upon a time King Chitrabhanu of the Ikshvaku dynasty, who ruled over the whole of Jambudvipa, was observing a fast with his wife, it being the day of Maha Shivaratri. The sage Ashtavakra came on a visit to the court of the king.

The sage asked, "O king! why are you observing a fast today?"

King Chitrabhanu explained why. He had the gift of remembering the incidents of his previous birth.

The king said to the sage: "In my past birth I was a hunter in Varanasi. My name was Suswara. My livelihood was to kill and sell birds and animals. One day I was roaming the forests in search of animals. I was overtaken by the darkness of night. Unable to return home, I climbed a tree for shelter. It happened to be a bael tree. I had shot a deer that day but I had no time to take it home. I bundled it up and tied it to a branch on the tree. As I was tormented by hunger and thirst, I kept awake throughout the night. I shed profuse tears when I thought of my poor wife and children who were starving and anxiously awaiting my return. To pass away the time that night I engaged myself in plucking the bael leaves and dropping them down onto the ground.

"The day dawned. I returned home and sold the deer. I bought some food for myself and for my family. I was about to break my fast when a stranger came to me, begging for food. I served him first and then took my food.

"At the time of death, I saw two messengers of Lord Shiva. They were sent down to conduct my soul to the abode of Lord Shiva. I learnt then for the first time of the great merit I had earned by the unconscious worship of Lord Shiva during the night of Shivaratri. They told me that there was a Lingam at the bottom of the tree. The leaves I dropped fell on the Lingam. My tears which I had shed out of pure sorrow for my family fell onto the Lingam and washed it. And I had fasted all day and all night. Thus did I unconsciously worship the Lord.

"I lived in the abode of the Lord and enjoyed divine bliss for long ages. I am now reborn as Chitrabhanu."

Spiritual Significance of the Ritual

The Scriptures record the following dialogue between Sastri and Atmanathan, giving the inner meaning of the above story.

Sastri: It is an allegory. The wild animals that the hunter fought with are lust, anger, greed, infatuation, jealousy and hatred. The jungle is the fourfold mind, consisting of the subconscious mind, the intellect, the ego and the conscious mind. It is in the mind that these "wild animals" roam about freely. They must be killed. Our hunter was pursuing them because he was a Yogi. If you want to be a real Yogi you have to conquer these evil tendencies. Do you remember the name of the hunter in the story?

Atmanathan: Yes, he was called Suswara.

Sastri: That's right. It means "melodious". The hunter had a pleasant melodious voice. If a person practices Yama and Niyama and is ever conquering his evil tendencies, he will develop certain external marks of a Yogi. The first marks are lightness of the body, health, steadiness, clearness of countenance and a pleasant voice. This stage has been spoken of in detail in the Swetaswatara Upanishad. The hunter or the Yogi had for many years practised Yoga and had reached the first stage. So he is given the name Suswara. Do you remember where he was born?

Atmanathan: Yes, his birthplace is Varanasi.

Sastri: Now, the Yogis call the Ajna Chakra by the name Varanasi. This is the point midway between the eyebrows. It is regarded as the meeting place of the three nerve currents (Nadis), namely, the Ida, Pingala and the Sushumna. An aspirant is instructed to concentrate on that point. That helps him to conquer his desires and evil qualities like anger and so on. It is there that he gets a vision of the Divine Light within.

Atmanathan: Very interesting! But how do you explain his climbing up the bael tree and all the other details of the worship?

Sastri: Have you ever seen a bael leaf?

Atmanathan: It has three leaves on one stalk.

Sastri: True. The tree represents the spinal column. The leaves are threefold. They represent the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis, which are the regions for the activity of the moon, the sun and fire respectively, or which may be thought of as the three eyes of Shiva. The climbing of the tree is meant to represent the ascension of the Kundalini Shakti, the serpentine power, from the lowest nerve centre called the Muladhara to the Ajna Chakra. That is the work of the Yogi.

Atmanathan: Yes, I have heard of the Kundalini and the various psychic centres in the body. Please go on further; I am very interested to know more.

Sastri: Good. The Yogi was in the waking state when he began his meditation. He bundled up the birds and the animals he had slain and, tying them on a branch of the tree, he rested there. That means he had fully conquered his thoughts and rendered them inactive. He had gone through the steps of Yama, Niyama, Pratyahara, etc. On the tree he was practising concentration and meditation. When he felt sleepy, it means that he was about to lose consciousness and go into deep sleep. So he determined to keep awake.

Atmanathan: That is now clear to me; you certainly do explain it very well. But why did he weep for his wife and children?

Sastri: His wife and children are none other than the world. One who seeks the Grace of God must become an embodiment of love. He must have an all-embracing sympathy. His shedding of tears is symbolical of his universal love. In Yoga also, one cannot have illumination without Divine Grace. Without practising universal love, one cannot win that Grace. One must perceive one's own Self everywhere. The preliminary stage is to identify one's own mind with the minds of all created beings. That is fellow-feeling or sympathy. Then one must rise above the limitations of the mind and merge it in the Self. That happens only in the stage of Samadhi, not earlier.

Atmanathan: Why did he pluck and drop the bael leaves?

Sastri: That is mentioned in the story only to show that he had no extraneous thoughts. He was not even conscious of what he was doing. All his activity was confined to the three Nadis. The leaves, I have said before, represent the three Nadis. He was in fact in the second state, namely, the dream state, before he passed into the deep sleep state.

Atmanathan: He kept vigil the whole night, it is said.

Sastri: Yes, that means that he passed through the deep sleep state successfully. The dawning of day symbolises the entrance into the Fourth state called Turiya or superconsciousness.

Atmanathan: It is said that he came down and saw the Lingam. What does that mean?

Sastri: That means that in the Turiya state he saw the Shiva Lingam or the mark of Shiva in the form of the inner lights. In other words, he had the vision of the Lord. That was an indication to him that he would realise the supreme, eternal abode of Lord Shiva in course of time.

Atmanathan: So it appears from what you say that the sight of the lights is not the final stage?

Sastri: Oh no! That is only one step, albeit a difficult one. Now think of how the story continues. He goes home and feeds a stranger. A stranger is one whom you have not seen before. The stranger is no other than the hunter himself, transformed into a new person. The food was the likes and dislikes which he had killed the previous night. But he did not consume the whole of it. A little still remained. That was why he had to be reborn as King Chitrabhanu. Going to the world of Shiva (Salokya) is not enough to prevent this. There are other stages besides Salokya. These are Samipya, Sarupya and finally Sayujya. Have you not heard of Jaya and Vijaya returning from Vaikunta?

Atmanathan: Yes, I have understood now

- Swami Sivanand

Friday, February 21, 2014

Conjunction of three planets.


Conjunctions of 3 Planets
Should the Sun, the Moon and Mars be together at birth, the native will be bereft of shame, be
sinful, will have knowledge of machinery, will destroy enemies, be brave and will be expert in
any kind of work.
If the Sun, Moon and Mercury are together, the native will be splendourous, very intelligent, will
be fond of arts, assembly and drinks, be in royal service and bold.
Should the Sun, Moon and Jupiter be in one House; the native will be given to anger, be cunning,
expert in service, intent on going to foreign places, be intelligent and fickle minded.
Should the Sun, Moon and Venus be in one House at birth, the native will steal others money, will
be a debaucher and be expert in Shastras.
If the Sun, Moon and Saturn be together in one House, the native will be lustful, be expert in
arguments, be a dunce, be at the disposal of others and be poor.
If the Sun, Mars and Mercury are in one House at birth, the native will be famous, hard-hearted,
shameless and be devoid of wealth, sons and wife.
Should Mars, Jupiter and the Sun be together at birth, the native will be an expert speaker, very
wealthy, either a kings minister, or even a king himself, be truthful and fierce.
One, who has Venus, Mars and the Sun in one House, will be subjected to eye diseases, belongs
to a good race, will be fortunate, harsh and wealthy.
Should Mars, Saturn and the Sun be together, the native will have deformed limbs, be without
wealth, always sick, without his people and be a big fool.
If Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun be together at birth, the native will be subjected to eye-diseases,
be very wealthy, be interested in Shastras, fables, poetry, meetings and stonework and will
become a good writer.
If Mercury, Sun and Venus be together, the native will be insatiable, talkative, intent on wandering
and subjected to grief on account of women.
One, who has Saturn, the Sun and Mercury in one House will be a neuter, will hate others and
will be given up by his relatives.
Should Venus, Jupiter and the Sun be together at birth, the native will be weak-sighted, bold,
intelligent, indigent, be a minister and be devoted to others jobs.
If Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun be together at birth. the native will not have a prominent physique,
will be worshipped, will hate his own men, will have good wife, children and friends, be dear
to the king and be fearless.
One, who has Venus, Saturn and the Sun together at birth will be emotionally upset due to fear
from enemies, will be devoid of honour and knowledge of arts and poetry, will have a mean
history and will suffer from Leprosy.
Should the Moon Mercury and Mars be together at birth, the native will be sinful, mean in habits
and conduct and devoid of friends and relatives throughout life.
A native, who has Mars, the Moon and Jupiter together at birth will have an even body, be
addicted to women, be a thief, be splendourous, dear to women and given to anger.
One, who has Mars, Venus and the Moon together at birth is the son of a bad woman and also
will wed such a lady. He will be of wandering disposition and will have fear from cold.
If Mars, Moon and Saturn join at birth, the person concerned will lose his mother in boyhood, be
mean, wicked and inimical to people.
Should Mercury, Moon and Jupiter be together, the native will be wealthy, skilful, eloquent in
speech, bright, famous and will have many sons and brothers.
One, who has Mercury, Venus and Moon together at birth, will be mean in conduct in spite of his
being learned and cultured. be Jealous and miserly.
If Saturn, Moon and Mercury be together, the person concerned will be dependent, deformed,
learned, be an able speaker and respected by the king.
Should Venus, Jupiter and the Moon be in one House at birth, the native will be a chaste woman's
son, be a scholar, will have knowledge of arts and many Shastras, be virtuous and beautiful.
One, who has Moon, Jupiter and Saturn combination at birth will know the inner meaning of
Shastras, will seek union with aged women, be devoid of shame and be the head of a village
and people.
If the Moon, Venus and Saturn are in combination at birth, one will be a writer, reader of books,
Purohita (family guru), will have to his credit merits of past birth and be an astrologer.
One, who has Mercury, Jupiter and Mars together will be a good poet, Lord of a group, will marry
a virtuous lady, be intent on helping others and an expert singer.
Should Mars, Mercury and Venus be together at birth, the native will give up his caste, be
deformed, fickle-minded, wicked and garrulous.
Should Mercury, Saturn and Mars be together at birth, one will be a servant, will have dark eyes,
be intent on living in foreign places, will have facial diseases and will be witty.
One, who has Venus, Jupiter and Mars together at birth will be dear to king, will have good sons
and enjoy pleasures through women. He will please all persons.
If Jupiter, Mars and Saturn be together at birth, the native will be honoured by the king, will have
wounds on the body, be mean and blamed by friends. He will also be unkind.
If Saturn, Mars and Venus are in one House at birth, the native is born to an immoral lady, will
marry such a lady, will be devoid of happiness and will be intent on wandering in distant
Should Mercury, Jupiter and Venus be together, the native will have good physique, be
successful over his enemies, be a king, fortunate, widely famous and truthfully disposed.
When Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are together at birth, it denotes, that the native will enjoy
honour, wealth and sovereignty, be learned, will have abundant pleasures, be attached to his
wife, be courageous and fortunate.
One, who has Mercury, Venus and Saturn together at birth will be scurrilous in speech,
fraudulent, be a liar, addicted to other women, vehement, (vishama has several other
meanings, viz., irregular, uneven, mysterious, inaccessible, rough, painful, troublesome etc.),
will have knowledge of arts and be attached to his own country.
Should Jupiter, Venus and Saturn be in one House at birth one will become a king even though
he might be of mean natal order, will be very famous and be a repository of virtues.
36. PARENTS. If the Moon is in the company of malefics, it is detrimental to the mother of the
native. Predict similar results regarding the father of the native, if the Sun joins malefics at
birth. Benefics in the place of malefics in the said Yogas will prove auspicious to the
respective parent. If the planets joining be of mixed nature (i.e. one benefic and another
malefic), the effects are medium.
If benefics are in conjunction at birth, the native will enjoy wealth, sovereignty and fame. Such a
combination produces an emperor capable of ruling the earth. Should three malefics join at
birth, the native will be unlucky, indigent, grief-stricken, ugly and immodest.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Astrological combinations for intelligence.

Astrology of intelligence.


Here are some combinations for intelligence mentioned in the classic texts:
Brihat Jataka 
*The Moon in the 5th house.
Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra 
*The first house indicates the intellect, intelligence and the brain. 
Garga Hora 
*Moon, Jupiter and Venus in the 10th house—beautiful; very brave; endowed with sons and friends; has abundant wealth earned by his vast intelligence. 
Jataka Parijata 
*Birth in Ashwini nakshatra—the native has a great deal of intelligence. 
*Moon in Pushya—possesses wealth and intelligence. 
*If Jupiter is in exaltation, his own sign, or the 9th house, then the native becomes a lord of great beneficence equal in status to kings and admired for his conspicuous intelligence, energy and other great qualities. 
Sanketa Nidhi
*The fifth house is the house of intelligence. 
*Jupiter equals intelligence. 
*When Jupiter aspects Mercury in Sagittarius or Pisces, the native will be rich by memory, intelligence and ancestors; furthermore, he is beautiful, noble and knowledgeable; he will be a king's minister or his treasurer; he is also a writer. 
*Moon in the 9th house equals intelligence. 
*Mercury in the 10th house indicates distinguished intelligence. 
*If all the natural benefics are in benefic rashis in houses 2, 5, 8, and 11 while the natural malefics occupy dual signs, the native becomes a king, destroys all his enemies and is equal to Jupiter in intelligence. 
*In a favorable Moon dasha, the native achieves success in undertakings out of his intelligence. 
*Favorable Mercury dasha equals high intelligence. 
*If the ascending degree is in the first half of Cancer, the native has eminence and intelligence. 
Sarvartha Chintamani
*Intelligence is indicated by the 5th house, Mercury and the lord of the 5th house. 
*If Mercury has full strength, and the 5th lord is aspected by a benefic and the 5th house is occupied by a benefic, the native possesses a keen intellect. 
*If the lord of the navamsha occupied by the 5th lord is in a Kendra or trine and is aspected by the 5th lord, the native possesses keen intelligence. 
*If the 5th lord is a benefic and is conjunct a benefic or in the sign of a benefic, then the native becomes a man of intelligence and wise.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Retrograde planets

Retrograde planets ( Saturn and Mars)

Saturn Retrograde. With Saturn retrograde, there is need to be on guard against a sob concious defeatism which undermine the most noble ambitions. Because of this self Protective fear motivation they
tend to yield too easily to external influences. They either appear shy,uneasy, introverted, lacking in self assertion or attempt at limes to cover this insecurity with a pretext of arrogance.
They have strong sense that fate, some universal compelling force,controls their destiny_ They feel alone, isolated, separated from their fellow men and seldom understood. They are secretivcs. They may
be an apparent super sophistication about them, an air of total boredom, an impression that nothing could shock them, stemming from the fact that they really worry about being a bore and wish to conceal
a fact that they are indeed, shockable. Such.Such people do not like to be known openly in public, for they subconsciously fear there is no face behind the mask. They find security in intellectuals or spirituals.

When Mars is retrograde in one's birth chart,the physical energy and vitality never rise to meet the challenge. It implies stubborn, unyielding physical force which docs not move until some mystical reasons is found for its expression. It is often key to importance and frigidity, in men and women whose physical forces arc
not unlocked until implemented by some non related idea or ideal.such persons often stop in the middle!-, of a project to recapitulate.They oft en make good scientists and doctors. They also succeed in other occupations which require handling of physical material in an objective, non involved way. They are very good at planning and  organising the physical labour of other thoughts or develop quite differently.
Also such people are law unto themselves. They normally do not accept the traditional way but adopt unorthodox methods their approach to life is different than usual established social norms. Mars
retrograde when adversely configured in Natal Chart indicates persons must go under extensive and successive surgery.
Women with such retrograde Mars arc signs of marital troubles,causes the women to become frigid or to go 10 the other extremes and no middle course. Such women detest any intimate relations with their
husbands but are easy with younger fellows they contact, they usually get themselves into troubles.
Transiting Retrograde Mars follows the general principle that the powers of a retrograde planet progressively increases as its speed slows down reaching at peak during stationery period. So during its retrogression
one should not buy arms or auto mobiles, buy new property or move into new house, to undergo surgery, to start a law suit, to join a new job, to have sex for the first time, to employ new servant or to
enter into partner ship. Such people frequently rebel against their own desires, try to Slime them preferring 10 act, when they have to, against tremendous odds. subconsciously seeking an excuse for the failure they anticipate.

Based on the above rules and Astrological cannons we find that when a natural benefic planet transits a favourable House
(,9,10), if retrograde will give more good results.But when a benefic retrograde planet transits malefic house (3,6.8.11,12), the evil results will be reduced to the minimum .Also when a malefic retrograde planet transits a favourable house will neutralise the good effects of (hal house.But when it transits a malefic house, of course a retrograde planet,the malefic effect of that house will become more evils.
On the other hand, when the planet is direct, he will then be able to show his pressures to the people by speaking and agonising over them,the individual with the retrograde birth planet often goes through the
~same agonies without being able to communicate, in any sensible way,what is happening to him.
A retrograde planet represent a psychic process turned in ward and not manageable, except with enormous efforts by the conscious ego.A direct planet represents a psychic process, or part or the personality
that is manageable by the ego consciousness.So, rar making analysis of a conjunction of planets the most difficult positions are COMBUSTION and RETROGRESSION when these are found in conjuncting planets. With the above guide lines reader can now easily find the effects of such conditions which will help them in the correct analysis.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Conjunction of two planets.

Conjunction of two planets.

Vriddha Yavanas have stated the effects of combinations of two planets (in one House). I state
those below without ego.
2. SUN - MOON YOGA. One, who has the Sun and Moon together will be at the disposal of his
wife (or females), immodest, be a metallurgist (can be interpreted also, as able to deceive),
will be quite wealthy and be an expert in sale of intoxicants.
3. SUN - MARS YOGA. Should the Sun and Mars be in one House the native will be
splendourous, valorous, dull witted, strong, be a liar, be sinful, disposed to kill (or torture) and
be fierce.
4. SUN - MERCURY YOGA. If the Sun and Mercury are in one House, the native will be in
service, will have unsteady wealth, be sweet in speech, will have fame and money, be noble,
dear to king and good people and will possess strength, beauty and learning.
5. SUN - JUPITER YOGA. If the Sun and Jupiter be together, one will be virtuous, be a minister
of king, will gain through friends, be with good mind and be a preceptor.
6. SUN-VENUS YOGA. If the Sun and Venus be together, one will be skilful in use of weapons,
be mighty, weak-sighted in old age, will be able to amuse the public and will have abundant
money earned through women.
7. SUN-SATURN YOGA. If the Sun and Saturn are together, the native will be a metallurgist, be
virtuous, mindful of his own duties, will lose his wife and son, will have the qualities suitable to
his race, will be pure, but not so upright.
8. MOON-MARS YOGA. One, who has the Moon and Mars together, will be valorous, brave in
war, be a boxer, will suffer bloody imbalances, or diseases, will manufacture articles of mud,
skin and minerals and will be an artisan and a metallurgist.
9. MOON-MERCURY YOGA. One, who has the Moon Mercury combination will be expert in
poems and fables, be wealthy, amiable to his wife, beautiful, smiling-faced and will be
endowed with distinct virtues.
10. JUPITER-MOON YOGA. One with Jupiter and the Moon together will be firm in friendship,
modest, respectful towards his relatives, wealthy, virtuous and regardful of Gods and the
11. MOON-VENUS YOGA. Should the Moon and Venus be together, the native will be endowed
with flowers, incense and clothes, will know to perform duties (kriya also means rites), be
dear to his race, very lazy and expert in buying and selling.
12. MOON-SATURN YOGA. Should the Moon and Saturn be together, the native will possess a
decayed wife, be dear to public, will breed elephants and horses, be devoid of virtues, be
under the control of others, unwealthy and defeated.
13. MARS-MERCURY YOGA. If Mars and Mercury are together at birth, the native will have
unlucky wife, little wealth, will work with gold and iron, be an architect, will keep a wicked
widow and be expert in making medicines.
14. MARS-JUPITER YOGA. If Mars and Jupiter be together at birth, the native will be an artisan,
Vedic expert, intelligent, expert in speech, wise and fond of using weapons.
15. MARS-VENUS YOGA. One, who had Mars and Venus together at birth will be worshipped,
be chief among his men, be a mathematician (or an astrologer) and be fond of gambling,
untruth etc.
16. MARS-SATURN YOGA. If Mars and Saturn be together, one will be a metallurgist. be expert
in jugglery, be deceitful, skillful in thieving, troubled by weapons and poison and be fond of
17. MERCURY-JUPITER YOGA. One, who has Mercury and Jupiter together will be a noted
dancer, scholar, singer and instrumentalist. He will be wise and happy.
18. MERCURY-VENUS YOGA. Should Mercury and Venus be together at birth, the native will be
abundantly rich, a politician, an artisan, will study Vedas, be good in speech, will know to
sing, make fun and like scents and flowers.
19. MERCURY-SATURN YOGA. One, who has Mercury and Saturn together at birth, will contract
debts, be proud, deceiving, an able poet, intent on moving, expert and will possess
auspicious speech.
20. JUPITER-VENUS YOGA. One, who has Jupiter and Venus together at birth will live by
education and arguments, will follow a highly virtuous path, will have accurate conception, or
notion (of things) and will have a supreme wife.
21. JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. A native, who has Jupiter and Saturn together at birth will be
heroic, will have plenty of wealth, will be chief of the city (mayor etc.), famous and will be the
head of an assembly, a village, or an association.
22. VENUS-SATURN YOGA. If Venus and Saturn are together at birth, one will be expert in
breaking wood, be a barber, painter, or sculptor, boxer, be intent on wandering and be owner
of quadrupeds.
23. Whatever results have been stated, as above are likely to become increased, or decreased
according to mutual good, or bad Vargas occupied by the planets in question.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Effect of moon in various bhavas/ houses.

Effect of moon in various bhavas/ houses.

The Moon in the Ascendant identical with Cancer, Taurus, or Aries indicates, that the native will be liberal, beautiful, rich and enjoying pleasures greatly. The Moon in the Ascendant identical with other Signs indicates, that the native will be intensely passionate, base, deaf,distressed, dumb and will decline (in prosperity).
. Should the Moon be in 2nd, the native will enjoy incomparable happiness and friends and be wealthy. If the said Moon be Full, the native will be very affluent and will speak less.
. Should the Moon be in 3rd, the native will protect his co-born, be always delighted, valorous and will be endowed with learning, robes and food.
. If the Moon be in 4th, the native will be endowed with relatives, paraphernalia and conveyances, be charitable, fond of travelling by water and will neither be very happy nor be miserable.
. Should the Moon be in 5th, the native will be timid in disposition, will earn learning, clothes and food, will have many sons and friends, be a scholar and be passionate.
. If the Moon be in 6th, the native will suffer stomach diseases. If it be the weak Moon, he will be short-lived.
. If the Moon is in 7th, the native will be amiable, happy, will possess a good physique and be sensuously disposed. If the weak Moon is in 7th, the native will be pitiable and weak.
. If the Moon is in 8th, the native will be very intelligent, very splendourous and will suffer from diseases. If the Moon be weak, he will be short-lived.
. If the Moon is in 9th, the native will be devoted to divine and paternal assignments, will be endowed with happiness, wealth, intelligence and sons and will attract the fair sex.
If the Moon occupies the 10th, the native will not suffer grief, be dutiful, successful in his undertakings, affluent, pure, very strong, valorous and charitable.
. Should the Moon occupy the 11th, the native will be wealthy, will have many sons, be long lived,will have attendants to serve, be intelligent, sharp, valorous and splendourous.
. If the Moon occupies the 12th, the native will be odious, fallen in moral sense, mean, will suffer eye diseases, be indolent, distressed (deformed), is born of others loins and will be insulted
at all times.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Remedies,propitiations and upayae for malefic planets.

Remedial astrology.

Astrology of remedies.
1. In Hindu Shastras, upaye should be carried out for minimum 40 days and maximum 43 days continuously. If for some specific reasons beyond the control of native, the upaye has 10 be discontinued then
one should wash rice in the milk and keep them with him, after that upayc can be restarted to keep the continuity.
2. The upayes be performed between Sun rise and Sun set. There is no restriction of day for starting the upaye except stated. This can be started from Monday to Sunday.
3. Upaye can also be performed by the nearest blood relation. But  the author is not in this favour. This should be done by the native himself.
4. If a planet is malefic and the native is unmarried, the upaye be performed at the time of marriage of the native, which will be very fruitful

Some immediate relief can be obtained from the following methods.
1. SUN. Gur( jaggery) should be thrown in running water.
2. MOON. A container of milk or water be kept toward your head in tbe night, the water or milk be served to kikar tree in the morning.
3. Mars. (i) Sweets and sweet food be donated or Patasha (made of sugar) be thrown in river in ease of positive Mars.
(ii) In case of Negative Mars, rewari (made of sugar and Til) be thrown in the running water.
4. Mercury. A piece of copper be provided with hole and thrown in running water.
S. Jupiter. Saffron either be eaten or be applied on tongue or central part of belly called Naval or Umbilicus.
6. Venus. Donation of cow, Jawar( millets) or Milk.
7. Saturn. Donation of sarsoon (mustard) oil.
8. Rahu. Coal be thrown in the river. Donation of mooli is also recommended.
9. Ketu. Part of your food be gieven to tbe coloured dog,

1 When Mars is malefic in a horoscope, the use of skin of deer is beneficial. This skin is mainly being used by Sadhus and Sanyasis due to the fact that poisonous snake will not sit on the skin or bite the person .
using such a skin.
2. Sweet chappaties be prepared in Tandoor and donated.
3. Barley be washed in milk and thrown in running water.
4. When a native is suffering from long period of fever or T.B. then
barley be washed in urine of cow and be kept enclosing in red cloth.
Clean your teeth with urine of cow.
5. Rewari (made of sugar and til, be thrown in running water).
6. Saffron be applied on Naval
7. Gur be thrown in the running water.

When Jupiter is malefic in a horoscope of a male or female, steps and care should be taken immediately as it is quite essential that in one's horoscope Jupiter should be beneficial .
1. In case or females, this upaye be performed for a good and happy married life, which will bless her with good husband, wealth and children.
At the time of marriage of a girl, two pieces of gold of equal weight be donated to the girl. One of the gold piece be thrown in the running water and second be kept by the girl herself with the clear direction that this piece should at no cost be sold. So long this piece Will remain with her, she will be blessed due to beneficial actions and effects of Jupiter. In case of loss of this gold piece due to any reason, new gold piece be procured but there is no need to throw second piece of gold again in the river.In case of persons who cannot afford gold, use of two small packets of saffron or two pieces of turmeric (Haldi) can be used in the
above manner.

2. I n case when Sun is malefic, use of copper be made in the process as explained in para 1 supra.
3. When Moon is malefic, white pearl be used in the above way.When while pearl is not available, then silver, rice and river water equivalent 10 the weight of the native be used in the marriage.
4. When Venus is malefic, use of white pearl is recommended.
5. When Mars is unfavourable use of red gem without shine is to be used.
6. When Mercury is malefic, use diamond or use of seep or sea shell will be beneficial.
7. Saturn not posited in beneficial way, will give relief through the use of iron or salt or black surma (used for eyes).
8. Rahu should he propitiated the method as given in Moon above.Gift of ring with Neelam be avoided.
9. For Ketu use of two coloured stone is recommended.
When Saturn is malefic or the native is under Sadcsati (2.5 years to 7.5( years period), part of your food be given to craws.
Also Sani Satotra be recited continuously for 27days, four times a day in the morning facing Sun.
2. When once is denied from children or abortions occur etc. part ofyour food be given to black dog.

1. Donation of gold to girl at the time of marriage by the parents which should be used but be not sold by her.
2. Give part of your food to cow.
3. In acute malefic results, the couple should marry between themselves twice after a gap of some period, Venus will be favourable.
Marriage between same couple is denoted and not with out her man or woman.
When Ketu is conjoined as Mars-Ketu, Moon Ketu, Sun, Ketu, Mercury Ketu and may be posited in any house, and are malefic to a lady then her parents should donate two coloured blanket to ·a temple or
donate silver.They should also give food to 100 dogs in one day (from Sun rise to
Sun set).
In case of Mercury. a ring of iron without joint be thrown in the river at the time of marriage of the native or otherwise and second ring be used always in fourth finger of right hand.