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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sixth house deciphered .

Sixth house in Indian/Vedic  astrology.

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Sixth house significations-----------

                                                Sixth house significations.
House of sickness, disease, exhaustion Dietary habits, food, untimely meals
Clothing, hygiene, sanitation Favourable results in competition
Debts or borrowing money, miserliness Employees, tenants, servants, subordinates
Enemies, obstacles in any undertaking. Maternal Uncle, short journeys of the mother
Insanity, intense anguish, incessant eye trouble. Theft, calamity, prison
Purchase or sale of conveyance by younger brother or sister. Sanitation and public
health. Loss to the partner, investment or purchases made by the partner, loss to the
partner .Separation from the partner, secret enemies of the partner. Occupation or
business of the partner. Danger to one’s elder brother or sister
annoyance, evil  struggle,
chances and life in foreign place
death of friends,
debts, miserliness
wealth of first child
marital disharmony esp 1st spouse, separation, esp. 1st  spouse
enemies, competition,
employees, servitude
fear, esp. of  enemies/debts, , insanity, anguish
investment of partners
kidney, large intestines
long journeys
losses to partners or 1st  spouse
Nursing, treatment of patient
tenants , actions, diabolical
private enemies
purchase/sales of  vehicles
private enemies
purchases by partners
tenants , actions, diabolical

Generally, this house is described as the house of disease, enemies, debts, disappointments, illnesses, difficulties, intense anguish, misunderstanding and so on, but some of the classical texts also mention "cooked rice," "a fall from a boat," and "the six flavours  all of which are suggestive of certain lands of karma apportioned to the present life out of the total generated by the individual.  

Sixth house and disease

According to Brihat Parashar Hora shastra – the malefic influence on sixth lord or sixth house is not good ,as “Rog Sthane Gate Paape , Tadishi Paap”.

It means the native will be diseased , if Rahu and Saturn are placed in sixth house, the native may suffer serious and incurable disease. 

Effects of 6ths Lord in Various Houses (up to Sloka 72).
  • If 6ths Lord is in 1st House, the native will be sickly, famous, inimical to his own men, rich, honourable, adventurous and virtuous.
  • 62. If 6ths Lord is in 2nd House, the native will be adventurous, famous among his people, will live in alien countries, be happy, be a skilful speaker and be always interested in his own work.
  • 63. If 6ths Lord is in 3rd House, the native will be given to anger, be bereft of courage, inimical to all of his co-born and will have disobedient servants.
  • 64. If 6ths Lord is in 4th House, the native will be devoid maternal happiness, be intelligent, be a tale bearer, be jealous, evil-minded and very rich.
  • 65. If 6ths Lord is in 5th House, the native will have fluctuating finances. He will incur enmity with his sons and friends. He will be happy, selfish and kind.
  • 66. If 6ths Lord is in 6th House, the native will have enmity with the group of his kinsmen, but be friendly to others and will enjoy mediocre happiness in matters, like wealth.
  • 67. If 6ths Lord is in 7th House, the native will be deprived of happiness through wedlock. He will be famous, virtuous, honourable, adventurous and wealthy.
  • 68. If 6ths Lord is in 8th House, the native will be sickly, inimical, will desire others wealth, be interested in others wives and be impure.
  • 69. If 6ths Lord is in 9th House, the native will trade in wood and stones (Pashan also means poison) and will have fluctuating professional fortunes.
  • 70. If 6ths Lord is in 10th House, the native will be well known among his men, will not be respectfully disposed to his father and will be happy in foreign countries. He will be a gifted speaker.
  • 71. If 6ths Lord is in 11th House, the native will gain wealth through his enemies, be virtuous, adventurous and will be somewhat bereft of progenic happiness.
  • 72. If 6ths Lord is in 12th House, the native will always spend on vices, be hostile to learned people and will torture living beings.

Planets in sixth house---- As taken from Bepin Bihari book.

  • SUN produces a very deep-rooted impact. It destroys all impediments to the flowering of the native's innermost uniqueness. When the solar rays sparkle and strengthen the soul principle in man, no other conditioning can obstruct its clear impulses. The inner man must have his way; external conditions must adjust to inner ones, and thus they dissipate and fall asunder. From an ordinary point of view, this may seem to be a destruction of physical and social barriers. The Sun in the Sixth house enables the individual to achieve victory over his enemies, a successful termination of litigation and disputes, and effective solutions to financial difficulties. However, there may be kidney troubles or other such ailments, especially of the navel region. Psychological maturity and self-reliance are acquired along with a feeling of personal isolation. At times, even the government is unhelpful and antagonistic. The native may decide to live away from his homeland. With this combination, a very enigmatic situation arises: people at large express tremendous goodwill and sympathy for the individual, but they cannot establish empathy with him. Thus he may sometimes find himself on the psychoanalyst's couch unless his natal chart is basically strong.

  • MOON in the Sixth house, the individual is dogged with persistent difficulties. Often his person is endangered and he is mixed up with criminals and anti-social elements; he suffers great financial difficulties and is even involved in public litigation. His physical health may not be strong, but there will be great mental expansion, intellectual development and moral stamina. Even during periods of acute physical and financial difficulty the native will succeed in securing help from providential sources. Such an individual will contribute much to social progress and command great respectability, but personally he will have much to complain of.

  • MARS in the Sixth house is considered helpful; it has a great destructive force which enables the individual to transcend all sorts of difficulties. Even if the individual somehow, somewhere, gets involved in criminal proceedings, he emerges unscathed; afflicted by physical sufferings, he may experience a sudden cure. People in general may find him tight-fisted, but he will not be encumbered by debt. Mars in the Sixth induces a great deal of physical activity; events may happen so fast and from such unexpected quarters that the native may find himself in a whirlwind, both physically and mentally. In the process, he will develop fortitude, adapt­ability, and leadership. There is often a feeling of martyrdom in such a person; he may bleed physically and psychologically. His life experiences may make him rigid and opinionated.

  • MERCURY hi the Sixth completely upsets the physical and social life of the individual. He experiences so many inner or subjective changes that his outer or physical relationships are subject to severe turbulence. His mind is so stirred up that there is no social or psychological stability for him. Such a person may be catapulted from abject poverty to regal splendor, but he cannot hold onto anything. There may be physical difficulties, sexual experimentation, and marital incompatibility leading to separation, divorce, or sexual abuse. But through all these vicissitudes, significant psychological transformation and a widening of awareness and great insight into life can be experienced with Mercury in the Sixth house.

  • JUPITER. It bestows renown and financial assets, but the personal life of the native is full of turmoil. He may not enjoy the satisfaction of a harmonious married life. Finan­cially he needs additional support to achieve stability; expenditures ex­ceed income. Generosity of heart, an expansive temperament, and the desire for status will propel the individual into various social activities. He will invariably suffer from undefined cravings which may give him popularity, creativity and social status, but a deep-rooted sense of inferi­ority will be innate in him.

  • VENUS creates problems when placed in the Sixth. Although the individual under its influence learns to unfold his capacities by associating himself with different types of people, these associations create social and personal difficulties for him. Often his marital life is in jeopardy, he becomes involved in bad business and debt, and at times suffers from venereal disease. He has no control over his expenditures. He learns his spiritual lessons with great difficulty but develops a sense of detachment after much physical, financial and moral suffering.

  • SATURN in the Sixth house produces sexual problems for the individual  Sex will be a very unorthodox kind of experience for this native, but out of it there may arise a realization of his spiritual nature. Deprivation of a normal sex life and a tendency towards bizarre or unusual relationships enable him to secure special gifts from unexpected and unknown quarters which remove many of his personal difficulties. He may not always succeed in relating these two events, but both are impelled by Saturn. Such an individual is not necessarily attracted towards an unusual expression of sexuality, but the problem of sex affects his mental body vitally, and in some peculiar manner reveals to him the mysterious aspects of human motivation. For better or worse, his personal life is vitally affected by these experiences. He suffers from some physical ailment without expressing his pain to others; his doctors may not succeed in treating him easily. In spite of such personal anguish and sorrow, the individual with Saturn in the Sixth house enjoys great renown and social esteem.

  • RAHU produces great sustaining power when placed in the Sixth house. Every physical impediment is mysteriously removed, success in temporal endeavours is assured, and diplomatic skill is developed to a considerable extent. The individual may not have much idealism in his life and may even keep undesirable company. He will feel the allure of unethical, disrespectful or forbidden activities.

  • KETU in this position affects the mental principle in man and enables him to develop the powers of abstract thinking. Deeper levels of contemplation  often leading to the higher realms where one solves the abstruse problems of one's inner life, may result from such a combination. The individual under this planetary influence may achieve a remarkable conceptualization of abstract principles and a formulation of universal laws, but the problems of life are likely to mar his thinking. The final days of such an individual are often sorrowful, full of physical suffering and a realization of the futility of human endeavour  He experiences enormous difficulties in his life, and considerable humiliation during major periods of his earthly existence.