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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Child sex abuse an astrological analysis.

Child sex abuse is a very serious offence and the act is heinous and condemnable.More stringent laws should be brought in to punish the offenders with rigorous sentences.

What Is Child Sexual Abuse?
At the extreme end of the spectrum, sexual abuse includes sexual intercourse or its deviations. Yet all offences that involve sexually touching a child, as well as non-touching offences and sexual exploitation, are just as harmful and devastating to a child’s well-being.
Touching sexual offences  include:
·         Fondling;
·         Making a child touch an adult’s sexual organs; and
·         Penetrating a child’s vagina or anus no matter how slight with a penis or any object that doesn't have a valid medical purpose.
Non-touching sexual offences include:
·         Engaging in indecent exposure or exhibitionism;
·         Exposing children to pornographic material;
·         Deliberately exposing a child to the act of sexual intercourse; and
·         Masturbating in front of a child.
Sexual exploitation can include:
·         Engaging a child or soliciting a child for the purposes of prostitution; and
·         Using a child to film, photograph or model pornography.

These definitions are broad. In most states, the legal definition of child molestation is an act of a person—adult or child—who forces, coerces or threatens a child to have any form of sexual contact or to engage in any type of sexual activity at the perpetrator’s direction.
Astrological  Indicators .
House and lord of 1st  house or ascendant lord representing the physical body.
House 3rd and lord for neighbours ,casual acquaintances,cousins etc..
House six ,house of enmity ,uncles etc,it also represents diabolical action and harm to physical body.
House 8th signifying external genitalia and other sexual practices including forced sex.
12 th house for bondage and sexual pleasures 
Planet Mars for action,moon and mercury for emotional trauma ,Saturn for uncles and cold thinking ,Rahu for perverse thinking.
Weak jupiter and venus .

The native of the chart was subjected to repeated sexual abuse in 1969 and then by step father from feb 1976 to july 1976 
Mercury is lord of ascendent placed in sixth ,with close conjunction of jupiter and mars ,jupiter is lord of 7th and 10th ,badhak and suffering from kendraadipati dosha ,mars is lord of sixth and sixth from sixth 11th house .All the three planets are in jyestha nakshatra there by magnifying the influence of mercury .The second spouse of mother can be seen from  4th house its lord is mercury  in house number 6 in own nakshatra.First time sexual abuse happened in Moon -mercury dasha in 1969,second time the abuse was by step father from feb 1976- july 1976 dasha sequence was Mars- Mercury.The kota chakra transit analysis shows the jupiter in stambha but on the way out rahu and ketu on the way in.The other significators moon is afflicted ,venus in paap kartari yoga. eighth lord saturn connects 4th house of second spouse of mother indicating ,while rahu aspects 8th house by 5th aspect indicating an event related to 8th house through 4th lord mercury .