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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The fourth house in Astrology .


General Prosperity:
Mother, Property, Vehicles,
Intelligence and Travel

The personal welfare of any individual depends upon beneficent forces arising from the depths which link his past and ultimate future. Any understanding of these influences is inherently limited, though the imme­diate environment in which the individual dwells is an indicator. His early childhood, the love and affection bestowed on him by his family, the clothes he puts on, the food he eats, the house in which he lives, the education he receives and the religious instruction he gets all contribute to his sense of well-being. The Fourth house hi a natal horoscope signifies all these factors and something more. When an individual's Divine Essence immerses itself in that Great Depth known as Hiranyagarbha, then rises again to the surface of external existence, one is confronted with many helpful and adverse forces which guide him towards his destiny, which in any given incarnation is reflected by the opposite house, the Tenth. In order to comprehend the complex forces which impinge upon an individual and condition the psycho-spiritual entity to receive such influences, it is necessary to examine the Fourth house. The nature of this house determines one's general welfare, happiness, emotional stability, and the degree of affluence operative in his life.
The Moon and Venus have special importance in this house. The Moon provides emotional stability, nurtures the individual, and helps to toake him amiable. Such an influence attracts people to him and his sociability is therefore intensified. Venus enhances his sensitivity and makes his life comfortable. Luxurious surroundings and friendly people make him happy. Jupiter in the Fourth house enables the individual to earn tespect and favor from the state. Some of the significations of this house Me "celestial food," "an ant-hill," "the development of Vedic and other sacred texts," "celestial drinks," and "the elephant in rut." These are appellations alluding to the occult and spiritual forces radiating from this house. Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu have a special importance in respect to these features of the house. As emotional storms, physical well-being, and Divine grace are all connected with this house, the benefics are especially auspicious here and the malefics especially adverse.
A special combination which gives exceptional results in this context arises when Saturn and the Sun are posited in the Fourth house, the Moon in the Ninth, and Mars in the Eleventh, in which situation the individual is said to possess "a large number of cattle and other useful animals." This implies that the above combination enables the individual to possess productive assets and luxurious possessions by concretizing the meritori­ous influences of the past.
The SUN occupying the Fourth house symbolizes the divine nature in man expressing itself in the external or physical realm. This influence has the quality of making the individual very regal, viewing his problems from such a pedestal of detachment that all difficulties seem insignificant and inconsequential. It also detaches the person from the masses. His nature becomes very selective, and no one can establish an equal partnership with him without offering something very special. Ordinary people and rela­tives are often alienated from him in consequence. People become antag­onistic towards him, and though he himself is a person of courteous behavior, measured speech, and dignified dealings, he is often faced with those who are vindictive, jealous, and undignified. But though he may be constantly surrounded by congenial people, he will never be defeated by any enemy or competitor. He will earn money, property, and power through his own efforts, and many persons will seek assistance from him. His mother may suffer from ill health, but he himself will receive honor and respect from the state.
The MOON is a soothing planet which replaces the Sun's radiance with an attractive coolness. The Moon in the Fourth house makes the individual approachable by everyone, high and low, rich and poor. A sympathetic chord resounds when we meet someone with the Moon hi the Fourth house. The depth of the ocean is in his eyes and the tranquility of his disposition can quiet the most turbulent emotions in others. Motherly affection, nice cars, pleasant travel and universal respect give a sense of contentment which makes him non-competitive with others. He is popular among his relations and loved by the opposite sex. He is affluent, but often afflicted by physical problems.
MERCURY bestows physical comforts, a large number of friends and relations, and a very sharp intelligence. Inasmuch as Mercury ranges from the highest spiritual level to the grossest physicality, a person with this planet in the Fourth house can comprehend the abstruse problems of the universe. Often he knows the secrets of nature and dabbles in black magic.
He is popular, a very absorbing conversationalist, an extensive traveler, and very considerate to others, but he may be found guilty of misappro­priating the wealth and property of his siblings, indulging in clandestine sexual affairs, and of living a double life in general. He may suffer from serious affliction in his childhood.
VENUS is the planet most desirable for both worldly and spiritual blessings. An attractive spouse, fine cars, intelligent children, a palatial mansion and respectable society are among the auspicious results of Venus in the Fourth house. Young people, especially women, are attracted to such an individual. He has an artistic temperament, is highly intuitive, and can easily pick up on the feelings and thoughts of others. His company is always joyous and he is skilled in the erotic arts.
MARS precipitates the impact of past karmic deeds, especially those of an adverse nature. Ordinarily, Mars is a planet of selfishness, greed, and rash action, which, in the long run, catch up with the individual in the form of physical or psychological problems. Occupying the Fourth house, Mars creates impatience, impulsiveness, and self-centeredness, unless it receives auspicious aspects or is in exaltation or its own sign. As a result, the individual is considered cruel, inflexible, and covetous by nature. Under such circumstances, Mars may produce affliction for the mother, loss of property, dependence on manual labor to earn one's livelihood, and constant movement from one place to another. Generally, such a person is not born into a respectable family, is abandoned by his siblings, favors bad company, and involves himself in tawdry sexual affairs. He earns his living by serving bad people.
With JUPITER in this house, very evolved souls are bora. Such individuals have generally learned good lessons hi a previous life and have thereby earned meritorious rewards. Thus the individual is born into a very respectable family, receives much recognition from the state, and is placed in happy surroundings with a luxurious house, an excellent car, abundant family and friends, and a respectable means of livelihood. He is spiritually inclined, respecting the saints and seers, is himself well-versed in sacred scriptures, and is capable of overcoming his personal difficulties by ethical means. He is happy in disposition and earns wealth and property as a result of government support.
Unless SATURN is exalted in the Fourth, the native may be disturbed, suffering from karmic retribution. Such a person may be humiliated by "te common people, dishonored in his profession, and afflicted by many physical ailments. He is a pessimist, keeping bad company and indulging in relationships with undesirable characters. He may become indigent, and lose his wealth and position. Even his mother may abandon him. His mind is always in conflict, unhappy and lacking spirituality. He will not listen to rational or helpful advice and may thus be humiliated by his spouse, his children, or even his employees.
When RAHU is in this house, the individual is not quite so unlucky. Almost everything hi his immediate environment is the result of past karmic forces which nothing can stave off, and such forces may bring conditions that test his mettle. He suffers separation from his mother, his siblings may turn against him even when he is helpful to them, and he may not receive his due in his profession. Nevertheless his affluence, penchant for spiritual study and general persistence, along with his insight into the workings of nature, may in time produce wealth, and he may win an enviable status in life and a reputation which outlasts him. In adverse circumstances, however, he may sometimes show suicidal tendencies. In the end, he will certainly achieve the object of his desire.
KETU hi the Fourth house has the potential to make the individual psychic, provided it is in favorable association with the Moon and aspected by spiritual planets. But this is the exception rather than the general rule. Keru often renders the mind unbalanced, disturbing the individual's social relationships and making his personal life miserable. Ketu makes itself felt in the psychology of an individual rather than on the material conditions of his life. Ketu is not especially detrimental to the acquisition of wealth if it receives aspects or is in association with powerful planets. In Scorpio or Leo it produces favorable conditions for material happiness as well as friendly relationships with one's associates. Whatever happens as a result of Rahu or Ketu in the Fourth house is of very deep significance; they often cast their influence on all the other planets.
The placement of the planets in different signs affects the nature of their influence. Any sign in the Fourth house is a force in the birth chart, linking the physical and psychological atmosphere around the person with various planets, which become either ineffective or very important de­pending on their conditions. The main effect of Fourth house planets is to bring forth karmic potential from the past for the purpose of achieving present goals, while the sign involved shows the psychic atmosphere in which the planets must operate. What is expressed in an external form is the combined final effect of these interactions. This point should be kept in view while examining planetary influences and signs affecting the Fourth house, though of course this principle applies to all houses.