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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

sex drive and astrology.

Couple in love Stock Photo - 11131247gay couples kissing.Vector cartoons Stock Photo - 17375867

Moon the manas or mind and mars the planet for action together account for sex drive. Mercury can bring in variety ,venus beauty and attraction , Saturn restraint or coldness,Rahu treading into unknown,ketu can mean giving up on sex. Jupiter means prudence and Sun is but sustainer.

As per sexologists world over sex is all about mind , now mind is nothing but moon as per astrology.

Moon signs and approach to sex.

zodiac sign aries the ram Moon in aries - Strong fantasies and desire to have sex most of the waking or working hours.Lovemaking can be intense and experimental.

zodiac sign taurus the bull  Moon in taurus-- Likes things to be predictable and is not very imaginative on sex.

 zodiac sign gemini the twins   Moon in Gemini-- Mental stimulation is required ,like variety and new techniques but often scatter their energy. love making can be an adventure to them.

 zodiac sign cancer the crab  Moon in cancer--- Emotional and flexible can often end being a submissive or too submissive in love making.
  zodiac sign leo the lion Moon in leo----  Like being on top of everything so no matter what would  choose the position which controls the movement and gratification.
 zodiac sign virgo the virgin    Moon in virgo--- Modest and caring with eye for detail ,they care and share willingly.
 zodiac sign libra the scales Moon in libra--- Concentrate too much on balance and harmony and often end up loosing the steam .
zodiac sign scorpio the scorpion    Moon in scorpio--- Everything is like a challenge for them and sometimes they tend to forget that a gladiator needs to replenish himself for testing times or will finish six feet under.

zodiac sign sagittarius the archer    Moon in sagittarius-- Generous ,sociable and with immense stamina they can serve it for you.
 zodiac sign caprciorn the seagoat    Moon in capricorn--- Roving eye makes a roving mind ,they are high on work ethics and low on love loyalty for they keep floating like a butterfly.

zodiac sign aquarius the water bearer  Moon in aquarius- very receptive ,imaginative and unorthodox the sign to look for as related to sex.

 zodiac sign pisces the fishes  Moon in pisces---  Often reclusive they tend to cocoon themselves now and then.