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Friday, April 6, 2012

Locating lost items

First of all draw a prashna chart taking the time the querist posed the question either personally or by phone. Lost and Found Before locating missing objects, you first have to define what is lost, and figure out which house best represents that item. People, for instance, are defined by their relationships to you. A sibling would be represented by the 3rd house. The querent's mother by the 10th house, and, perhaps Venus in a day chart, Luna in a night chart. A son or daughter would be represented by the 5th. And so on. (The 7th house rules other people in general.) Asking the Question We have to use derivative houses in Lost & Found charts. For instance, "Where is my manuscript?" might use the 3rd house to represent the lost manuscript. "Where is Susan's manuscript?", on the other hand, would use the 9th (i.e. the 3rd of the 7th). And if someone is explicitly referred to as a friend--"Where is my friends manuscript?"--you might even place friend in the 11th, making the radical 1st house the ruler of the manuscript (the 3rd of the 11th). All this chart turning becomes very easy once you've done it a few times. • In addition to the ruler of the house in question, the Moon is, also a signifier of whatever is lost, and of all strayed beasts. • If you cast a chart for a missing person who is a complete stranger, you should use the first house to represent him. Some astrologers look at both the 1st and the 7th, and pick the house that better describes the querent (more on physical description in a later lesson). Generally, traditional horary astrologers discern physical descriptions by looking at the sign on the cusp, the ruling planet, and the ruler's dispositer, by term. • 2nd house generally rules possessions. Questions about lost wallets, keys, jewelry, and so forth are 2nd house questions. • Vehicles are are 3rd house objects. Also assign "things mislaid" to the 4th house. • If the signifier or Moon of the thing lost is oriental, or in the Ascendant, the object is East; occidental, and, west. • If the signifier or Moon is in human signs, it is in a place people frequent; if it is in "signs of small beasts," it is where you might find small animals. And so on. • If the Moon is in fiery signs, it is near heat or fire, someplace warm and dry. If it is in a watery sign, it is someplace cold and damp,or near water. And so on. • If the Moon is with the Ascendant ruler, in the same quarter of the chart, and there is no more than 30° between them, the object is in the querent's home. If they are between 30° and 70°, the object is somewhere in the neighborhood or town of the querent. If they are not in the same quadrant, the thing is far from the owner. Here are some general rules for the location of a signifier by mode and house. Modes and Locations Mode Locations Cardinal high places, rooftops, near ceilings, hills, new buildings, freshly-dug ground Fixed Hidden areas, low places, in walls, near floors, flat land. Mutable In the house, or if outside, watery or marshy places, ditches, markets. Houses and Locations House Locations Angular Where it should be; in the home; where the querent spends a lot of time; in a visible place Succedent Not in its usual place, but not far away; harder to find; maybe out of doors, in a garage or outbuilding, or in the yard. Cadent Farther away;hidden from view; lost; near a neighbor (if in the 3rd); secret places Elements and Locations Element Locattions Air High places; upstairs, upper floors; on shelves; on the roof; near the ceiling; near windows. WEST Fire Mid-upper areas; near fireplaces, chimneys, stoves and ovens;near warm dry places; sources of heat;near walls; near iron; EAST Water Low places; damp areas; near water; bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms; near water lines;rivers, lakes,oceans;NORTH Earth At/below ground level; close to the floor; near the earth; quarries; gardens; buried; near a bridge; near pavement, clay, cement; SOUTH The second house ruler The second house ruler in the horary chart rules all of your movable possessions as well as your personal net worth in cash value. It rules ALL lost articles. It is often confused with the fourth house which has rulership over non-movable possessions, such as property, land, houses, buildings, etc. Of course, if the possession is movable it can be stolen, mislaid or lost, therefore, the second house is usually the chief house ruling the item. Actually, it is the second house ruler (the planet ruling the sign on the cusp of the second house) which will always point to the direction where the lost article will be located. In addition, the second house ruler will also indicate the location where the article presently lay and offer a clear description of the article itself. When the second house ruler is in an angular house (houses 1, 4, 7 and 10) recovery of the article is easy and quick. When it is found in the houses (2, 5, 8 and 11) more time will have to be spent searching for the item.Whilst the houses (3, 6, 9 and 12) housing the second house ruler means the missing object is really lost and may be found after a long search unless it conjuncts the angular houses by a 3 degree orb. Then the missing item may be returned soon. After understanding how the five significators describe and establish the whereabouts of the missing/lost article, the second house ruler takes over. At this point in the reading of the horary chart, the second house ruler will supply the vital, additional information leading to the recovery of the item. For instance, if the planet ruling the second house is alone in its house then the article, too, is by itself. Similarly, if other planets are in the same house in the chart you may also expect the lost item to be among other things. Be sure to carefully check the other planets that are in the same house with this significator to help you identify the other objects that your lost article might be among. When the ruler of the second house is with four or five planets in the same house look for the item in a storage room or where you have a lot of your materials. If all of these planets are in Scorpio the item would most likely be in a ‘junk’ room or pile or even the garbage or dump! The following is a brief listing of the planets and items that they represent: Sun: gold, brass, objects of value, rich furnishings Moon: silver, silverware, kitchenware, items of sentimental value Mercury: papers, books, paper money Venus: copper, bronze, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes Mars: tools, machinery, iron and steel, sharp instruments Jupiter: colleges, souvenirs, holy objects Saturn: lead, zinc, work clothes, leather Uranus: auto parts, electrical appliances, electronics Neptune: glass, photographic equipment, tobacco, alcohol, medicine Pluto: junk items with no value, garbage, toiletries When the second house ruler is about to change signs (it’s at 29 degrees or more) then the article is about to be moved to another location. If it has just changed signs (it’s at 0 degrees or more of a sign) then the missing article has just been moved to a new location. Check the previous zodiac sign for descriptions of the past location and check the next sign for descriptions of the new location. The same process is used when the second house cusp is just about to change signs. If you find the house ruler applying at 29 degrees to a house cusp this is, too, is a strong indication that the article is about to be moved. Additionally, if the second house ruler has just entered a new house, the item most likely has just been moved. Always check the house for the new location and description. There is a strong correlation between extremely late or early degrees in a sign and locating a lost article near a door, window, gate or in a box or package and that the article is about to be moved. The same discovery holds true when the ruler of the second house is within two degrees of any house cusp. The element that appears on the second house cusp and the placement of the second house ruler are good general indicators of location. Air signs in the second house signify the highest parts of a room or area. Fire signs show that the object is about halfway-up in height while Water signs speak of areas low in the room or below ground level, such as a cellar. Earth signs are the element indicating a search on the ground or floor.