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Monday, March 5, 2012

Rinn mochan mangal stotra.

Run mochan mangal stotra.

Translated by P. R. Ramachander
The planet Mars is the son of the goddess Earth. He was born of the three drops of sweat of Lord Shiva which fell on the earth. The earth goddess was requested to bring him up and thus became his mother. Apart from helping in marriage and clearing of debts, he also helps us to lead a healthy life. Recitation of this stotra is propitious on Tuesdays.
Mangalo bhoomi puthrascha runahartha dana pradha,
Sthirasanomaha kaya sarva karma virodhaka., 1
He who grants good life, he who is the son of the earth,
He who wipes away debt, he who blesses with wealth,
He who has a stable seat, he who a gross body,
And he helps in carrying out all duties.
Lohitho, lohithakshascha Samagaanam krupakara,
Dharathmaja kujo, bhoumo, bhoothidho, bhoominandana., 2
He who is reddish. He who is red eyed,
He who is merciful to those who sing Sama Veda,
He who is son of earth, He who is mars,
He who is born of earth, he who is kind to all,
And he who gives happiness to planet earth.
Angarako yamaschaiva sarvarogapaharka,
Vrushte kartha aapahartha cha sarva kama phala pradha., 3
He who is like a burning ember, he who is the one who controls,
He who cures all diseases, He who causes or stops rain,
And he who helps us fulfills all our wishes.
Yethani kuja namani nithyam ya sradhaya padeth,
Runam na jayathethasya danam seegramavapunuyath., 4
He who reads daily these names of mars with devotion,
Is never bothered by debts and earns money quickly.
Darani garbha sambhootham, vidhyut kanthi sama prabham,
Kumaram shakthi hasthamchamangalam pranamamyaham., 5
I salute that Mangala who is born out of earth,
Who is like a streak of lightning,
Who is a lad and who carries Shakthi.
Sthothram angarakasyethathpadaneeyam sada nrubhi,
Na thesham bhoumaja peeda swalpapi bhavathi kwachith., 6
To the king like person who reads this prayer of Mars always
The bad effects of the son of earth, will not affect even a little.
Angaraka maha bhaga Bhagawan baktha vathsalam,
Thwam namami mamasesham runamasu vinasaya., 7
Oh God who burns like ember, who is a great God,
Who is very merciful to his devotees, my salutations to you,
And I request, please destroy all my loans completely.
Runa rogadhi daridryam ye chanye hyapamruthyuve,
Bhaya klesa manasthapa nasyanthu mama sarvadha., 8
Please always destroy debts, diseases, poverty,
Untimely death, fear, sufferings and mental turmoil .
Athi vakra duraradhya bhoga muktha jithathmana,
Thushto dadhasi samrajyam rushto harasi thath kshanath., 9
You are crooked, difficult to worship,
You grant salvation to those enjoy,
And also to those who control their senses,
And if you are pleased you grant a kingdom,
And if you are angry take it back immediately.
Virinchi sakra vishnunaam manushyanam thu kaa katha,
Thenathwam sarva sathvena graham rajo maha bala., 10
You have done like this to Brahma, Indra and Vishnu,
And is there a need to tell about human beings,
And due to this you are the king of planets and very strong,
And you would give everything to those who pray to you.
Puthran dehi danam dehi thwamasmi saranagatha,
Runa daridrya dukhena shathrunaam cha bhayath thatha., 11
Please give me son, please give me wealth,
I am surrendering to you only and so please,
Remove debts, poverty, sorrow and fear from enemies.
Yebhir dwadasabhi slokai ya sthouthi cha darasutham,
Mahatheem sriyamapnothi hyaparo danadho yuva., 12
He who worships the son of earth by these twelve verses,
Would get lot of wealth and would live like the god of wealth.