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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sh Priityangra devi stotra ,to ward of all Abhichara and black magic

The marvelous statue of Prathyangira thevy on this video established at Sri Durgai Amman Temple, Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia.

|| Sri Prathyangira maala mantra ||

Om nama krsna vaa'sase
Sadha sahasra kodi singhaasane
Sahasra vathane asdaatha sabuje maha bale
Maha bala balaakrame ajithe abaraajithe 
Thevy Maha prathyangire prathyangirase
An'ya para karma vith thuvamsini
Para mantro chaadini
Para mantro saathini
Sarva bootha thamani
Ge'am Sa'um prem greem grom 
Maam sarva ubathra vepya'ha
Sarva aapathyo raksha raksha
Raam greem Sreem grom 
Sarva thevanaam mugam stambaya stambaya
Sarva viknam chinthi chinthi
Sarva thushdaan bakshaya bakshaya
Vakhtralaya jvaala jikve karaalavathane
Sarva yenthraani skodaya skodaya ;throdaya throdaya
Prathyasura samuthraan vithraavaya vithraavaya
Sam ravoothra moorthe 
Maha Prathyangire, Maha Vithye, shaanthim kuru kuru
Mama sakthron bakshaya bakshaya
Om kraam kreem krum Jambe jambe 
Mohe mohe Stambe stambe
Om kreem um'bat swaha
Om kreem eem gla'um sreem sa'um
Aim u'm krsna vasane
Sadha sahasra simma vathane
Ashdaatha sabuje maha bale
Sadha paraakrama poojithe
Ajithe abaraajithe thevy prathyangire
Para saiv'ya para karma vith'thuvamsini
Para manthra para yanthra para thanthra uch'chagini
Para vithya grasa gare sarva bootha thamani
Sham gla'um sa'um eem greem glim glaam iyek'kyegi
Prathyangire chitha chith'roobe 
Sarva upathra vepya'ha
Sarva graga thoshepya'ha
Sarva logepya'ha 
Prathyangire maam raksha raksha
Graam greem groom gra'im ra'um knaha
Shaam sheem shoom sha'im sha'um cha'ha
Glaam gleem gloom gla'im gla'um gla'ha
Prathyangire para bramha mahishi
Parama kaarunike 'ehi
Mama sarire aaveshaya aaveshaya
Mama grathaye skura skura
Mamaam shep praskura praskura
Sarva thoshtaanaam vaasham
Mugam vatham stambaya stambaya
Jikvaam keelaya keelaya 
Uth'thim vinaashaya vinaashaya
Prathyangire maha kundalini chandrakala vathamsini
Vethaala vaagane prathyangire kabaala maala thaarini
Thrisoola pathraangushabaana 
Baanasana paanipaathra buritham
Mama sathru sronitham biba biba
Mama sathrun maam samkaathaya kaathaya
Mama sathrun thaadaya thaadaya 
Mama vairijanaan thaga thaga
Mama vithvesha kaarinam 
See'krameba bakshaya bakshaya
Sri Prathyangire bakthakaarunike
See'krame vathayaam kuru kuru
Sathyo jvara jaakya mukthim kuru kuru
Vethaala bramma raaksha saathim jagi jagi
Mama sathrun thaadaya thaadaya 
Praa'rabtha sanjitha priyamaanaan thaga thaga
Thooshagaan shakthyotheertha 
Roga yukthaan kuru kuru
Prathyangire,praana sakthi maye
Mama vairi jana pranaan gana gana
Marthaya marthaya naashaya naashaya
Om sreem greem gleem sa'um gla'um
Prathyangire maha maaye 
Thevy thevy mama vaanjitham kuru kuru
Maam raksha raksha Prathyangire swaha ||