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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Amog Shiv Kavach

Take some water in your right hand (anjali) and chant the following.
Viniyog is done to honour the rishi and the powers associated with a
chant as well as to express ypour specific prayer
Aum asya sahastra aakshar amogh kavachasya yogeeshwar rishi anushtup
chandah swayam sadashiv rudra devata hraam beejam hreem shaktih hoom
keelakam aum bhoor bhuvah swaha dig bandhah sadashiv preetarthe pathe
Rishi - the saint who created this kavach is yogeeshwar
Chanda-the style of prose is anushtup
Devta-this si a pryer to the sadashiv rudra form of shiva
Beejam-the seed mantra from which initiates the power of the chant is
Shakti— the power which accomplishes the required or aspired task-
is hreem here.
Keelak-keelam provides protection to the required power to reach its
Prayojan-what do you hope to gain, to please lord shiv
Digbandh—aum bhoor bhuvah swaha is what provides protection to the
Sadhak when he chants
This is a long kavach
Do you know how to say cow in hindi? I type it as gaaya here. Use
as the reference in pronunciation.
1Aum Namo Bhagwate Sadaashivaaya,
2 Sakal tatvaatmakaaya,
3 Sarva matra swaroopaaya,
4 Sarva Yantraadhishtthi taaya, (tth of tthaharna-stop)
5 Sarva Tantra Swaroopaaya,
6 Sarva Tatva Vidooraaya,
7 Brahma Rudra avtaarinne (note nn of fann -hood)
8 Neel Kantthaaya , (tth of tthaharna-stop)
9 Paarvati Manohar Priyaaya,
10 Som sooryaagni Lochnaaya,
11 Bhasmaadhu lit vigrahaaya,
12 Maha manni mukut Dhaarnaaya,
13 Maannikya bhooshannaaya (note nn of fann -hood)
14 Shristi Sthithi parlaya Kaal Roudraavtaaraaya, (ou in houm)
15 Dakshadhwardhwansakaaya,
16 Mahaakalbhednaaya,
17 Mooladhaarektil kaaya,
18 Tatvaateetaaya,
19 Gangaadharaaya,
20 Sarvadevaadhidevaaya,
21 Shadashrayaaya,
22 Vedaantasaaraaya,
23 trivarga saadhnaayaanek,
24 koti brahmaanda naayakaayaananta vaasuki,
25 takshak kronti shankha kuli padam,
26 Mahaapadmetyashtta, (tt of ttokari-basket)
27 Naag kul bhooshannaaya,
28 prannav swaroopaaya,
29 chidakaashaayaakaa shadiv swaroopaaya,
30 graha nakshatra maaline,
31 sakalaaya, kalankar hitaaya,
32 Sakal lokeika kartrei,
33 Sakal Lokeik saakshinnee,
34 sakal Nimaguhvaaya,
35 Sakal vedaanta paargaaya,
36 sakal Lokeik varpradaaya,
37 Sakal Lok eik Shankaraaya,
38 Shashaank shekharaaya,
39 Shaasvatnijvaasaaya,
40 Niraabhaasaaya
41 Niraamyaaya,
42 Nirmalaaya,
43 Nirlobhaaya,
44 Nirmohaaya,
45 Nirmardaaya,
46 Nishchintaaya,
47 Nirankaaraay,
48 Niraakulaaya,
49 NishKalankaaya
50 Nirgunaaya,
51 Nish kaamaaya,
52 nirooplaavaaya,
53 Nirvadyaaya,(as in vidya)
54 Nirant raaya,
55 Nish Kaarnaaya,
56 Niraat kaaya,
57 Nish prapachaaya,
58 Nih Sangaaya,
59 Nirdwandwaaya,
60 Niraadhaaya,
61 nirogaaya,
62 nish krodhaaya,
63 Nirgamaaya,
64 Nish paapaaya,
65 Nir bhayaaya,
66 Nir Vikalpaaya,
67 Nir Bhedaaya,
68 Nish Kriyaaya,
69 Nistulaaya,
70 Nih Sanshyaaya,
71 Niranjanaaya,
72 Niroop mapibhavaaya,
73 Nitya Shudha Buddhi Paripoorna,
74 Sacchidaanandaadwaaya,
75 Param Shaant swaroopaaya,
76 Tejo Roopaaya,
77 Tejo mayaaya,
78 Jay Jay Rudra Mahaa Roudra Bhadraavtaar
79 maha bhairav,
80 Kaal bhairav,
81 kalpant bhairav,
82 kapaal maalaadhar,
83 Khat Vaangakhadag Charma Paash ankushdamru kar,
84 trishoolchaap baan gadaa shakti bhinda paal tom,
85 musal mudgar paash parigh
86 bhushundee shataghno,
87 chakraadyaayudh, bheeshan kar (dyaa as in vidya)
88 sahastra mukh danshttra karaal vadan, (tt of ttokari-basket)
89 vikat attaahaas visfaarit, (tt of ttokari-basket)
90 Brahmaanda Mandal,
91 Nagendra Kundal,naagendrahaar,
92 Naagendra valaya,
93 naagendra charma dhar,
94 Mrityunjaya Trayambak,
95 Tripuraantak,Vishwa roop, virupaaksha,
96 Vishweshwar,
97 vrishabha vaahan,
98 vishwa tomukh,
99 Sarvato Raksh Raksh,
100 maam jwal jwal,
101 mahaa mrityu bhayam naashaaya, naashaaya,
102 chor bhay matsaadyot paadaya,
103 Vish sarpa bhayam shamaya shamaya,
104 Chouraan maaraya maaraya,
105 mam shatrun ucchaattaya ucchaattaya,
106 trishoolen vidaaraya vidaaraaya,
107 kuthaaren bhindhi bhindhi,
108 khangen chhindhi chhindhi, (cchi as in chhat-terrace,dhi as
is in dhona- wash)
109 khatt vaangen, vipothaya, vipothaya, (tha of thora-little)
110 musalen nish peshaya nish peshaya
111 ,baaneih santaadaya santaadaya,
112 rakshaansi bheeshaya bheeshaya shesh bhootani
113 vidraavaya vidraavaya,
114 koosh maand veitaal, mareech,
115 brahmaraakshas gannaan santraasaya santraasya,
116 maam bhayayam kuru kuru vitrast
117 maamaa shwaasyaa shwaasaya,
118 narak bhayaan maa muddh roddhar sanjeevaya, sanjeevaya (ddho
as as in buddhi -brains)
119 kshutra bhayaam maamaapyaaya yaapyaaya,
120 dukh turam maamaananyaanandya,
121 shiv kavachen maamaach chhaadaya ach chhaadaya ( as in in
mach chhar -mosquito)
122 mrityunjaya tryambak sadaashiv namaste namaste
the division is some times arbitrary and only to aid reading. Saavan
starts from 25th july best time for shiv worship. If you are able to
offer water
on a shiv ling. If you cannot, doso mentally daily.
This is a kavach, which was kept as a well-guarded secret and given
only to the best disciple who was the inheritor. Gurudev says that he
got this kavach from swami bodhtray ji. This kavach destroys all
sins, and protects from all evil no matter what the evil is. It
nullifies the sins of the past and present life and there is no
untimely death. Again a trader chanted this when his son was given
maximum 24 hrs more because of cancer, and he recovered and is well
and lives in dhanbaad. There are 1000 letters in this kavach so the
name sahastraakshar, amogh means achook ie. which never fails. The
trader then distributed copies of this kavach for an year as a thanks