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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

diseases in life

According to the scriptures the universe was born of the body of the Kaal Purush or Aadi Purush. From the mind of the Divine was born Moon, from his eyes was born sun, life energy from ears, beauty from air and fire from mouth. From his navel was born the universe, sky from his head, earth from his feet and all directions from his ears.
The Divine assumed the form of Hiranyagarbh and established true values on earth and created the five elements - air, water, earth, fire and ether. From the planets and stars was born the science of determining the future. From the seasons were born the festivals and the various Yagnas.
From the soul of the Divine, man and all other creatures were born. When a person goes against natural laws of planets and stars then diseases are born. Birth and death are two ends of life. The cycle starts with birth and ends with death. The Lord of Death is Yamraj who is the son of Sun. Another son is Saturn who represents sorrows in life.
From sorrows, pain, ignorance, anger, fear, lust are born hundreds of diseases. To destroy these ailments Lord Shiva assumed the form of Mahamrityunjay. Lord Rudra represents both joys and sorrows in life. As Rudra he curses and punishes for one’s sins and in the form of Rudra he blesses one with joys and longevity.
Comforts in human life are signified by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is also the significator of knowledge. This planet is related to the memory centre in the human brain. It also signifies divine consciousness. If it aspects a planet that might be the cause of ailments one becomes free of the diseases. The Guru of demons or passions i.e. Venus forms the background for development of Samskars. He makes an individual indulge in pleasures and thus keeps the world moving in a vicious cycle. Mercury encourages these tendencies of Venus. Mars along with Venus makes a person indulge in sins. Under the influence of Venus even Saturn forgets its duty to punish a person for his sins. One gains wealth and prosperity as a result of the good deeds of the past birth and this effect is manifested by Jupiter. And it is Venus that induces a person to spend his money for pleasure. Due to the knowledge bestowed by Jupiter one develops a good memory of science and also the power of eloquence. Eloquence is ruled by the planet mercury. Thus eloquence, mercury and Jupiter are related. It is in fact stated in the texts that mercury is the illegitimate son of Jupiter. This is why Mercury feels inimical towards Jupiter. But he is friendly towards Venus. Mercury was born when the moon copulated with the wife of Jupiter. If mercury is in the ninth house, in Sagittarius or with Jupiter in the horoscope one becomes indebted towards one’s parents. A wise person has control over his tongue and he is able to ward off the influence of Venus. But Maya (delusion) represented by Moon makes the mind, represented by Mercury, pervert. This is why evil continues to exist in the world. If Saturn had not been so easily swayed by Venus then it would have destroyed all evil and made every person a Sanyasi. Even Lord Shiva was compelled by the pleadings of Rati to revive Kaamdev after he had turned him to ashes by the fierce power of his Third Eye. The link between knowledge (Jupiter),Maya (Moon) and pleasures (Venus) is Mercury. The universe has been created by limiting (effect of mercury) the infinite represented by Jupiter. Jupiter takes care of one’s physique according to one’s past good deeds and the control one has over one’s tongue.
But Mercury if situated in the ninth, in Sagittarius or with Jupiter creates the problem of Pitra Rinn (indebtedness to the parents). If such a combination is present in the horoscope then the course of life of a person is not determined by the ordinary rules of Astrology. Determining the Pitra Rinn and paying it off is the only way through which such a person can be free from his problems in life.
Jupiter is the significator of the sky element and of diseases like obesity, ailments of the stomach, cough etc. If situated in the sixth house Jupiter makes one suffer from eye problems. Venus represents wealth and Jupiter represents knowledge. It is stated in the ancient text Vishnnu Bhrigu that where there is Lakshmi, there will not be knowledge and where there is knowledge there will not be wealth. This is what happens normally in the world. Hence when Venus is in the ninth, in Sagittarius or with Jupiter then too one is burdened by Pitra Rinn. The individual has to suffer the consequences of the sins of his ancestors. The rules of Karma state that a person has not only to experience the effect of deeds of past lives rather he also has to experience effect of the deeds of his ancestors. In the twelfth house Venus is very auspicious and if situated in the twelfth sign Pisces then the individual indulges a lot in pleasures. If Jupiter too is in this house or with the Lord of the twelfth house then one suffers from severe constipation. Association with Saturn worsens the situation. Jupiter creates trouble for the house in which it is situated. For example, if situated in ascendant Aries the individual suffers from problems in the feet specially if Mars is in the twelfth house or Pisces. If Jupiter is aspected by Saturn or Jupiter and Saturn are together in the ascendent then the individual suffers from frequent wounds in the feet and there might even be loss of the lower limbs.
Jupiter in the ascendent in Aries also makes the digestion weak. If Jupiter is in ascendent in Taurus or Leo and Mercury is in fifth house then the individual suffers from skin problems. Similarly if Jupiter is in ascendent in Taurus or Leo and Mercury is in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th house aspected or with malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu then too one suffers from skin diseases. Sex power is weakened if Jupiter is in Capricorn or Aquarius in the ascendent. If Jupiter is in Aquarius then one suffers from child related problems. Jupiter in Capricorn in the twelfth brings constipation. Jupiter in Gemini in ascendent makes one suffer in childhood.
If the ascendent is Virgo or Libra and Jupiter is posited there then the individual is cunning. The family of the individual has to suffer a lot. If Jupiter is situated in ascendent and Sun, Mars aspect it then one suffers from blood disorders. If Jupiter, Sun and Ketu are together in any house except the fifth one suffers from blood disorders and digestion problems. If Guru and Rahu are together in the ascendent or the Lord of ascendent is in eighth house then one suffers from Hydrocele. If Jupiter, Sun or Ketu are together then one suffers from Thyroid problem. If Jupiter is in ascendent and Mars in the seventh house then one suffers from madness. If Jupiter, Venus and Mars are together then the Pancreas gland is affected. If Jupiter is in the second house and aspected by Mercury then the individual loses all his wealth in getting medical treatment. Those born in Aries or Virgo ascendent generally have this experience. If Jupiter is in second house in Libra the person becomes immoral. One also has no happiness from children and one is not married to the right person. If Jupiter is in Virgo in the second house one becomes poor. If Rahu has any influence over this Jupiter one suffers from stomach related problems. If Jupiter is in second house in Leo then too one suffers from this problem. If Jupiter is in second house in Scorpio and Mars and Rahu are in eighth house then one suffers from ailments of the anus. Jupiter is auspicious if situated in Sagittarius. But if this Jupiter is in second house then one suffers from digestive problems. But if Jupiter is in Capricorn in the second house then one is long lived. In the second house Jupiter in Aquarius makes one suffer from anal diseases. The problem is aggravated if Rahu, Mars and Saturn influence Scorpio or the eighth house.
In the third house Jupiter makes that house the cause of a person’s death. Such an individual could earn wealth by illegal means or violence. But if aspected by Mercury one becomes poor. If Jupiter in the third is with Saturn or Mars one has to even go to jail. If Jupiter is in third house in Libra one suffers from back problems. Also if Sun and Mars aspect the seventh house then one suffers from kidney problems and pain in back. In the third house Jupiter in Virgo curtails one’s life. If Saturn aspects Jupiter in third or fourth house one has extra marital relations. A strong Jupiter in the third makes one immoral. On the other hand Jupiter in an inimical sign in the third makes one moral. If Jupiter in the fourth is influenced by Saturn then one suffers from various physical ailments.
If Jupiter is in the sixth and influenced by Mars one suffers from kidney problems. In this house Jupiter in Scorpio makes one wounded by enemies. In the sixth in Cancer Jupiter makes one suffer from back problems. In Gemini in the sixth house Jupiter makes one never suffer from eye problems. But one is ever in danger of attacks from enemies. If Jupiter is in Leo in sixth one’s death might be caused by enemies. The situation becomes grave if there is influence of Rahu, Mars and Saturn. One then also has to suffer from fear of poison and snakes. If Saturn aspects such a Jupiter one’s death could be caused by drinking poison or snake bite. In this house the same effect is caused by Jupiter in Capricorn. In the sixth house Jupiter in Aquarius causes sexually transmitted diseases.
If Jupiter is in seventh in Scorpio or Capricorn then one suffers from cancer, piles, sores etc. If this combination is in Aries then one has to suffer from fear from the state side. One also gains a tendency to steal and defraud others. If Jupiter is in seventh in Taurus or Libra one spends a lot on prostitutes. But if Jupiter is in signs of Mercury one is very moral. If Jupiter is in Gemini then one becomes uninterested in the world and a Sanyaasi. If Saturn and moon are together in any house then this tendency becomes even stronger.
If Jupiter is in eighth then the diseases caused by Jupiter leads one to death. One can die due to problems of nerve failure, pain, ears, murder, diarrhoea, blood disorders, accidents, state punishment or overeating depending on the sign that is in the eighth house.
if Jupiter is in ninth house one earns through one’s own efforts. Such a individual is a self made man. There are problems in life which leave scars on the body. Jupiter in the tenth makes one immoral.
Jupiter in eleventh removes problems of life. In this house almost all planets give good results. But if this house is influenced by malefic planets then many problems could be created.
One could commit suicide if Jupiter is in twelfth house in Aries or Jupiter conjoins Mars in twelfth house. This combination could also lead to poisoning and pain in the body. If Jupiter is in Scorpio in this house one is adopted and one has to leave one’s home.
Jupiter helps one get the good results of good deeds of past lives. Of course the effect of bad deeds also manifest. Venus induces passions and makes the good effects of past deeds weak. It makes one move towards evil. Good deeds in past lives lead to pleasures. And too many pleasures could lead to ailments.