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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jyotish and the Ishatadevata Part 2

Let me start with a great invocation for purity and to insure the ego ( my ego) is left behind with this post… this information comes from others that I have had the good fortune to learn from. I stand on their shoulders as a beneficiary of their knowledge that is being passed on for the good of those that read this.

Om apavitrah pavitrovaa sarvauvasthaam gatopivaa
yahsmareth pundareekoaksham bahynabhyantarah 
This says, if one is pure or impure, whether all places are permeated by purity or impurity, whoever opens himself/herself up to the lotus-eyed Lord ( some say the expanded vision of unbounded awareness, the Infinite Purusha) one gains inner and outer purity. 
Namaste Satyakama's ( lovers of the Truth),
This is the final installation on the discussion around the Ishta and the Atmakaraka. 

This post is specifically about the Atmakaraka (AK), the Atman or Soul/Self some call jiva, and karaka, or indicator or signifcator. This Atmakarka is found in everyone’s birth chart and is discussed in other earlier Jyotish Ishtadevata posts.

The point here is we come back to this loka ( Bhu Loka) to this earth based upon our past actions, desires, and vasana’s that we collect. The principle in Jyotish is 3 fold:

  • From one’s chart, a qualified Jyotisha can ‘see’ how long one may stay around this plane of existence after death ( that is, the mind-stuff and the soul) before going to the next incarnation;
  • The chart will indicate which plane of existence the Atman resided in e.g.before its return back to earth. That is did one spend time in Brahma-loka, with the Gandharvas, Apsaras, or perhaps naraka loka, etc.
  • The chart ( kundali or rasi) for this life will indicate the Atmakaraka. Recall Atmakaraka (AK) is the ~king of the chart. Each graha too, has a name and is subordinate or supports the Atmakaraka and plays a role i.e. Amatya Karaka, Matri Karaka, etc. There are 8 chara karaka’s, where the Atmakaraka is indicated by the graha with the highest degree in a sign ( say Mercury, 29.5 degrees, in Aries, and all the graha’s in any sign are in a lower position, say Saturn, 21degrees Taurus).
Now, what does the Atmakarakaka indicate? And what's indicated if placed in a particular house ( bhava)? Let’s outline the 8 Chara-karakas and what they indicate for the native for this incarnation.

With the following graha's as the Atmakaraka, the native needs to:
Sun (Surya) –learn humility and to overcome pride and self importance.
Moon ( Chandra, Soma) – learn the meaning of compassion, and the concern for others, as part of his/her spiritual progress.
Mars (Mangala) – learn the meaning of ahimsa ( non-violence) as part of ones spiritual progress.
Mercury (Buddha) - learn to speak with truth (sat-vak), speak to uplift others and meaningful speech.
Jupiter (Brihaspati or Guru) – assume the role of protector. Learn to respect their own guru’s/teacher’s and the traditions. Key is responsibility.
Venus ( Sukra)- Control the physical passions of excess.
Saturn (Sani) –eliminate giving pain, grief or sorrow to others (compassion)
Rahu – with Rahu , one may be inflicted with deception, or being cheated , yet the native cannot inflict deception to others. Being straight forward in personal dealings and forthright.
Ketu – Ketu does not become an Atmakaraka – He is the significator of Moksha, and is beyond the realm of these actions above.

Now, if the Atmakaraka is found in the following bhava’s ( houses) the following is indicated, possible, or the potential is there:
1st House – Nobility , high attainments. The Lagna is a most auspicious house, the home of satya-pitha. The Sun ( Surya) is the karaka of the 1st house, and is a most auspicious Atmakaraka too. One with a Sun atmakaraka, the material world may be a challenge as one is pointed to the true purpose of ones incarnation, Self Realization, pending other conditions in the rasi chart.
2nd house – renunciation, spiritual pursuits are paramount. Lets say Saturn is there; is the karkaka of the 12th (moksha) house and indicates the path of the sadhu, sanyas, or great charity. With the influence of Venus and Ketu , one would be in yogic practices, or tapasya will be taken up.
3rd house – one may have many high social contacts ( government, business, etc). This position of the Atmakaraka has the potential of producing success, wealth and popularity.
4th house – This house works with the 10th from the AK’s position, or the Lagna, and suggests the native’s work/career/actions as an essential contribution to ones dharma in this life. That is, performance actions that support his/her dharma for this incarnation.
5th house – indicates a very truthful person, and follows ones dharma judiciously. This also produces the potential/possibility for sadhana, to meet and serve spiritualists/sadhus/gurus. Pending the strength of the Sun ( that natural karaka of the atman), blessings from guru, God, father and great people of the earth is possible.
6th house - challenges exist for the native from past actions. One may feel the constant pinch from Sani and not know why. That is, grief, minimum fruit from their actions, etc.
7th house – one will enjoy a good spousal relationship , as the 7th is owns relationships. This produces a compassionate individual with good intent.
8th house – results are similar to the 6th house position. The native may confront issues which are hard to solve or that are not easily traced back to the source point, due to coming from past actions one may not remember. It will be key to keep a truthful behavior during this life.
9th house – all blessings can exist for the native with the Atma in the 9th – house of bhagya (fortune). Yet this fortune is one of spiritual pursuits. If the sun influences the AK here, a raj-yoga is produced. If Brihaspiti (Jupiter) is strong in its influence, the potential of producing a guru is possible. What is interesting, the fortunes discussed, the native is not much for material possessions as an attachment. He/she is not compelled to collect and amass items, as there is little charm or hold on him/her.
10th house – happiness from home, family has been earned. Assets of property accrue. The strength and delivery of this promise or potential is indicated by Chandra ( karaka for mother, home, etc).
11th house – the house of courage and capability. The natives potential for intelligence, firmness ( resolved to accomplish the task at hand), and problem solving is indicated. If Mars ( courage karaka) is strong, a raj-yoga is indicated , and adds more weight to the native’s qualities of this AK position.
12th house – The native is blessed by Laksmi-devi ( or punya, merit for fortunes). If others influence this position ( Brihaspiti, Sukra and/or Buddha), the blessings of Sri Saraswati, then knowledge is bestowed upon the native.

We have now covered the part of the Atmakaraka for ones birth chart. From my parampara ( or tradition) it’s the first responsibility of the Jyotisha to point these items out to the native, to help one along the path. Perhaps in some way I have helped a few of you that have read/pondered and considered this information.

All glory to Him who breathes out the Ved.