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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bhavat bahvam.concept

There is a beautiful principle in Jyotish¹ called bhavat bahvam. Most those that are wise in Sanskrit look at this as wonder how this sentence structure is even valid, yet from a jyotish perspective it is 'code' , just a snippet to a truth that can be applied to a chart.

So this notion of bhavat bahvam is the notion of bhAva ( an astrological house, a rasi) coming into existence in another house ( obtaining a like condition or association). Some just say ' from house to house' as an efficient moniker for this principle.

Lets give examples of this.

  • Lets look at the most robust house in a chart - the 10th house ( this is due to the sun, surya being at its height in the day and this happens in the 10th house). Now lets look at the 10th from the 10th house. This is the 7th ( count 10 houses from the 10th house we arrive at the 7th house). This suggests the following. That from a career standpoint the 7th house ( of relationships) will bring power or assist ( or retard) the 10th house of careers. That is, other people and relationships will be key.
  • Now if we look at the placement of the 7th house lord, how is it doing? is it in strength, debited, etc? It will assist the viewer to note how well relationships will assist one in their career. And which of the grahas in the 7 the house?
  • What of this? The 8th house of life ( also a moksha house). What is the house of endings? ...the 12th house. So if one looks at the 12th from the 8th house, we arrive at the 7th house also. It is also the opposite ( 180°) the the 1st house ( that of beginnings of the physical body); The 7th then is the opposite, that of endings or a maraka house. This is the beauty of checks and balances here.
  • Yet the 12th house is also 'pleasures of the bed' and considered in marriage. Yet this life house , the 8th, and the 12th therefrom we arrive at the 7th house, which is ALSO the house of relationships, yes? And who to we have 'pleasures of the bed' with? Relationships of others.
  • Lets take one more... the 9th house, a most noble house of dharma. What is the 9th from the 9th house? We arrive at the 5th house. And what of the 5th house, pertaining to knowledge, learning even mantra ( as the Arudha of the 5th house ). jupiter is involved as the natural karaka of the 5th and the 9th houses and of dharma and intelligence/creativity. So we see how the 5th house is doing, its karkaka as an indication to the fruits of family and expansion of Dharma.
  • Since we are on the 5th house ( of children), Lets look at the 5th from the 5th. And where are we? Back at the 9th, the house of fortune ( fortunate to bear children), it also indicates future children - that is grandchildren, which can only happen of the 5th house produces children.
  • The 5th from the 5th also indicates higher studies into the spirit as the 5th house also indicates the intellect; the 5th of the 5th goes to higher studies, diksha.
There is one more 'rule' that is used, since we talked of karakas² ( Significators or indicators) that is, karaka bhava nasa, a karaka in its house of signification is not a good placement ( nasa or nas to be crooked or fraudulent) . Yet Sanjay Rath teaches this is not always the case - that is Sun in the 9th house is not a bad placement, nor Jupiter placed in the 2nd ( house of wealth, abundance).
My personal experience is for sun in the 9th was fine for the upliftment of dharma, fortunes, advanced studies, yet it had a negative impact on father, his health, and never seeing his grand children ( 5th from the 5th).