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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Planets ,profession and education.

Planets  education and professions.

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Professions related to planets
Government service, chanting of hymns, gambling, wool, medicine, metalwork, gold, father, kings, fire arms, fire, poisons, and forests.
The Sun denotes employment in the State Service, administration or management. It indicates people having much authority and power. The Sun indicates medicines and medical profession too. Mars/Ketu connected to sun /10th lord can be related to medicine. Jupiter influence likewise will cause chanting of mantras or priestly activities. Connected to 4th house it can be supplier of timbers or dealing in furniture. Satyacharye says in his work that the Sun rules over business in grass or straw, medical profession, embassy, trade in pearl and gold. If it is connected with Mars, or Ketu, the profession may be related to fire arms, electricity, radio etc.

Education stream
Political science, Medicine, Stats and Physics etc. Insurance or business actuary.
Being a feminine planet' It indicates earning through women also. This includes the cinema line where actors have to move with women. Connections with other female planets like Venus, combination with Mercury also has the same effect ‘Cooks, nurse' Launderer are also ruled by the Moon'. Jataka Parijata says that one may be a musician playing on instruments, or one may be an agriculturist' One may be a cloth merchant, or he may be in the service of a queen'
The Moon is a watery planet. It rues over all kinds of liquids, fresh water, milk and things produced from water'. Moon rules over agriculture, things produced in water, women, and interest on money. It signifies changes and travels also. Persons employed in shipping /fishing boats ,trawlers etc.
Western Astrology
Nurses, midwives, dealers of liquids, public conveyance handler’s, leaders, social reform personalities, sailors, fishermen, professions dependent on water element .
Fine arts, music, Theater, Para medical, Chemistry etc.

Defense and police personnel, Brick kiln owners, It Signifies fires, firemen, warriors, military operations, blood, gold, copper, surgeons, gages, dentists, fire places, engineers, butchers, engines, iron and steel, chemists, dentists, druggists etc. People dealing in iron and steel or working in the kitchenware also ruled by Mars. Mars and Mercury can denote mechanical engineering; Mars and Sun can denote military hospitals. As per satyacharya - buildings made of brick, masonry, oral discussions, argumentations, disputations, bold ventures; fire, administration of government, and murderous deeds are ruled by Mars'.

Medicine/surgery, engineering, geology, mechanical engineering, logic, defense studies etc.
Educated men, accountants, school teachers, secretaries, book-sellers, clerks, postmen, messengers, engineers, radio, wireless, telegraph, post, letters, typing, press, paper, cotton,
representative, secretary, agent, clerk, astrologer, trade of foreign goods, import-export, thread, mercury, tin, accounts, auditing, able lawyer, expert, commissioners, ambassadors
etc., are dl ruled by Mercury. Mercury represents Mathematics. It indicates lecturing too.
Mercury represents learning, writing, arts, sculpture, medical profession, expertise, minister ship' message, wit, cleverness, duality, fame, astrology, wisdom, chanting Vedas,
Priesthood, birds, fame, Literature, poetry, scriptures etc. Satyacharya says that Sculpture, astrology, recitation and composition of poetry, research work, dealing in cloths, and
Catching birds and animals are also ruled by Mercury.
Western astrology
Authors, accountants, educationists, communicators, publishers ,book sellers, postmen, businessmen ,traders ,technicians etc.

Mathematics, accounts, journalism and astrology.

It rules over the power of reasoning, clear thinking, law and sciences. Western astrologers say that it rules over financial dealing, shipping business and foreign affairs.
Jupiter indicates advocates, professors, priests, judges, ministers, administrators, divines, bankers, those working in revenue departments, palaces, law-courts, treasury, wealth,
court, temples, religion, place of justice, treasures, banker, writers, mathematics, economics, religious lore, sastras, preaching, religious education, donation,  physician, grammarian, turmeric, gold, valuable things etc. Jupiter is for knowledge. It denotes professors, philosophers preceptors, gurus etc.
Literature, philosophy, management, psychology.
Satyacharya says that Venus represents gold, precious stones, vehicles, women, cheating, curd, ghee, cow and perfumes. It rules over ornaments, adornments precious Stones, jaggery, young woman, music, cinema, cows.
It can give employment connected with vehicles, transport, railway ‘shipping etc. color, singers, cinema, drama, silk, perfumes, agriculture, silver, white things, diamond, diseases of women, assessment, careful judgment by weighing pros and cons, panchayat, jury, X-ray, glass, draughtsman, etc.
Western astrology

Fashion/jewelry designing, theater, music, painting ,hotel management/hospitality, computer graphics  etc
Miners, merchants of coal and other commodities ruled by it, plumbers, watchmen, etc.
Saturn indicates hard labour. Saturn denotes stone, mine ores, petrol, oil, coal, iron etc.
Saturn represents leather and hides ,agriculturists, farmers, miner, mason,
sweeper, sexton, tanner, estate agent, dyer, plumber, cobbler, scavenger, potter, coal merchants, dealing in commodities ascribed to Saturn, jailers, watchmen, those who work at night, those who work underground etc.
Saturn indicates service, positions of responsibility, and things within the earth, ores, oil, wells, coal, tin, lead, blue things, iron factory, poor homes, pension, bone, orthopedics, chronic ailments and hospitals for their treatment and so on.

Labour laws, geology ,engineering  etc
It is considered to be strong in the tenth house, it is closely connected with inventions, politics, science, magic, and bad habits like drinking, gambling, treachery, poisonous drugs, sorcery,
Witchcraft mountains, caves, buffaloes, jails, etc.
computer hardware ,cameras ,communication ,social media , it has connection with machinery photography printing etc.
Research ,pilot ,space engineer ,Air hostess, computer and photography  hardware’s
occult sciences, philosophy, plotting, intriguing and quarrels It  enhances the qualities of well placed /exalted planet it is with and is called dwajh( flag)
Linguistics, meteorologists etc