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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


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अर्धकायं महावीर्यं चंद्रादित्य विमर्दनम्
सिंहिकागर्भसंभूतं तं राहुं प्रणमाम्यहम् II II 
I bow to Rahu,who has a half-body, who is of extraordinary strength, who is oppressor of moon and sun, and who is born of Simhika.
अनेकरूपवर्णेश्च शतशोऽथ सहस्त्रदृक्। उत्पातरूपो जगतां पीडां पीड़ां मे तम: विविध रूप तथा वर्ण वाले, सैकड़ों तथा हजारों आंखों वाले, जगत के लिए उत्पातस्वरूप, तमोमय राहु मेरी पीड़ा का हरण करें

Rahu- The shadow planet is a mighty warrior master of disguise, deception, penetration it can envelop the thought process, instill a fear, phobia, lust or desire, forceful penetration as it carries the seeds of all these, it works on the mental plane is intuitive, focused, forceful and on the feet kind of thinker or out of the box thinker who breaks conventions and yes self interest is important.
Astrology classics name rahu as an outcast, someone who does not belong, yet he is there between the two most illustrious and luminous of planets ,Rahu is powerful  outcast if he is one and has the power to afflict and envelop, in its grip the Sun/ Moon lose their brightness and luster.
Astrologers usually dump everything that they cannot understand or comprehend on either Rahu or Saturn (shani).No doubt these two planets are deceptive they have been defined as servants and outcasts but they are the hard taskmasters, the karmic teachers who bring you to ground reality or bestow the bounties of karmic past.
Rahu has been associated with fog, smoke, and clouded thinking, but when people talk about these features they fail to interpret that all these factors are tools that rahu uses to create a space for himself. Rahu is highly focused, intuitive and intelligent. Its said all the hardware used in communication is in the domain of rahu ,so rahu is joint significator of communication along with mercury.
Rahu is highly adaptable, dexterous, adroit and enterprising, people with rahu in 2nd or 3rd or 10th can walk out of most of the tight situations with remarkable ease.   
Rahu is not about sexual lust, rahu in fact was the only planet that was not lured by nuances of Mohini( form of Vishnu ji) Rahu is desire for a better life and abject focus for the same ,it works more on intuitive plane is intelligent crafty and master of disguise but its not afraid of reaction to its actions for Rahu sat in between the two luminaries sun and moon to be pointed out after having the elixir once his purpose was over it wanted the status and got that too. For Had it been sexual lust he would have been hypnotized and allured by Mohini like the other asuras. By virtue of being above lust, he became immortal and gained the status of Planet. Rahu was cut into two pieces for trying and getting something that was not ordinary but divine.

Going back to mythical story albeit briefly -Sage Kashyapa was the father of Hiranyakashyap who was the first demon king. Sage Kashyapa`s wife Diti is the ancestral mother of asuras (demons). Simhika was the daughter of Diti and Kashyapa. Simhika got married to a demon known Viprasiddhi. They gave birth to a child known as Swarbhanu. At the time of distribution of Amrita by Goddess Mohini, Swarabhanu in the disguise of devata, took some Amrita by sitting in between Sun and Moon.

Sun and Moon identified Swarabhanu as a demon and informed Lord Vishnu (Goddess Mohini) and instantly Lord Vishnu severed the head of Swarabhanu with cosmic Sudarshan Chakra. However, few drops of Amrita have gone into his mouth, hence two parts acquired immortality. The head is called Rahu and the tail Ketu. Simhika nurtured the head of the Swarbhanu and got a snake body. The severed body of Swarbhanu was nurtured by a Brahmin named Mini. Lord Vishnu granted a serpent head to the severed body of Swarbhanu and granted a boon that he will travel above Sun. Due to this Rahu and Ketu always treat Sun and Moon as their natural enemies and causes eclipses to Moon and Sun. Rahu makes Moon to Wax and Wane on daily basis and causes lunar eclipse. Ketu set to travel on the higher circute of Sun and causes solar eclipse. 

(Rahu and Ketu)
(a) The Nodes of the Moon, viz., Rahu and Ketu, are not physical bodies but the points of intersection of the apparent lunar and solar orbital paths. Rahu is the ascending Node, Ketu descending. According to Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, Chapter 47 verses 34-39.5:
(1) Rahu is exalted in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio.
(2) Rahu owns Aquarius and Ketu Scorpio. Parashar says that some scholars are of the opinion that Rahu owns Virgo and Ketu Pisces. We can interpret this statement to mean that when Rahu is in Virgo and Ketu in Pisces, the Nodes will be taken to be well placed and should be disposed to give good results.
(3) Gemini is the mooltrikona sign of Rahu, and Sagittarius of Ketu.
(4) Thus, Rahu in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius shall be considered well placed. Similarly, Ketu in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces should be considered well placed. This also shows that Rahu is well placed in the signs of Mercury, and Ketu is happy in the signs of Jupiter. Since Rahu is like Saturn and since Saturn and Mercury are friendly to each other this is quite natural. Similarly, since Ketu is like Mars and Mars and Jupiter are naturally friendly to each other, the relationship of Ketu with Jupiter is also understandable.
(b) Rahu in Scorpio and Pisces, and, Ketu in Taurus and Virgo should not be considered well placed. According to the Lai Kitab Rahu will give unfavourable results in the houses owned by Jupiter; and, Ketu will give adverse results in the houses owned by Mercury. Here the behaviour of Ketu is similar to Mars, since Mars too gives adverse results in the signs of Mercury; but it cannot be so said for Rahu since Saturn and Rahu are similar but Saturn gives good results in the signs of Jupiter.
(c) Jatakabharnam in Chapter on Cancellation of Combinations for Adversity verse 4 states that Rahu in the III, VI or XI house with the aspect of a naturally beneficial planet removes all indications of adversity in a birth chart. According to verse 8 of this Chapter, Rahu placed in Aries, Taurus or Cancer in the ascendant in a birth chart has similar effect. According to Jatakabharnam Chapter on Cancellation of Combinations for Adversity verse 9 Ketu in the VI or XI house in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces shall be beneficial.
(d) Rahu in the III, VI, XI, an angular or a triangular house will give positive general signification results. The results will be negative if it is placed in the VIII or XII house without association with or aspect of a naturally beneficial planet. The placement of Rahu in the VIII or XII house from the ascendant is not always found to give adverse results but it is a pointer to a possibility and should always alert the astrologer to go deeper and satisfy himself with respect to the results that Rahu may give.
(e) Ketu in the III, VI, XI, an angular or a triangular house will give positive general signification results. The results will be negative if it is placed in the VIII or XII house without association with or aspect of a naturally beneficial planet. When Ketu is placed in the II, VIII or the XII house, it may cause problems to the family of the individual or may make the individual lose his liberty in its major-period. As in the case of Rahu, the location of Ketu in the II, VIII or XII house may not always give adverse results, but a deeper analysis of such a Ketu is called for.
(f) The Nodes in their beneficial signs (exaltation, ownership, Virgo for Rahu and Pisces for Ketu, or mooltrikona) will give positive general signification results in their major-periods.
(g) In Chapter 34 verse 16 of Brihat Parashar hora Shastra the sage has described the predominant results that a Node is expected to give. He says that a Node will give results of the house that it occupies. The Node will also give results of a planet with which it is associated. The Laghu Parashari in Chapter on Definitions verse 13 also makes the same statement. It is observed that a Node gives results of (i) the house that it occupies, (ii) the owner of the house that it occupies and (iii) the planet that it is associated with, or is in sambandha with.
(h) A dispositor is the owner of the sign that a planet or Node occupies.
According to Uttar Kalamrita Chapter 6 verse 21, the quantum of the result in the period of a Node will depend on the strength of the dispositor of the Node. It will also depend on the strength of the planet with which the Node is, if at all, in sambandha.
(i) According to Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, Chapter 50 verse 64, the period of a planet that owns a sign from which Rahu is placed in the tenth house will take the individual on a pilgrimage.
(j) According to Phal Deepika Chapter 20 verse 39, Rahu will take on the qualities and nature of the planet with which it is in association. It gives results according to the planet with which it is associated. Since Rahu by its inherent nature is malefic, it will vitiate the associating planet. The associated planet will take on the adverse qualities of Rahu. When Rahu and Jupiter are in association, if Jupiter is favorable in the chart it loses its ability to be good, and Rahu becomes favorable. A planet associated with Rahu will give adverse results at the end of its period. This principle may be extended to all planetary sambandhas with Rahu.
(k) According to Phalit Vikas of Ram Yatna Ojha, Rahu or Ketu alone in a house damages it. Phal Deepika qualifies it further. According to Chapter 20 verse 53, a Node when located in a sign of a naturally beneficial planet or in a favorable house will give good results in its sub-period if it is not in sambandha with any planet. Favourable houses for Rahu or Ketu have been stated above. In such a situation, the sub-period of a Yogakaraka planet in the major-period of a Node will be good. A Yogakaraka planet has been defined ahead (I) A Node, well placed in a triangle-free of the malefic influence of a naturally malefic planet, will invariably give excellent results in its sub-period in the major period of a naturally beneficial planet. The sub-period of a naturally beneficial planet in the major-period of such a Node will also be highly favorable.
(m) When a Node has sambandha with a planet, and both the planet and the Node have the relationship with a house, the Node will give the expected result relating to that house in its period, in preference over the planet.
(n) The nature of a Node will depend on the nature of the house that it occupies. This is the predominant consideration. A Node occupying the VIII or XII house is in normal circumstances unable to give good results. The nature will also depend on the nature of the dispositor and the sambandha that the Node may have with a planet.
(o) A Node in the II or VII house is generally considered dangerous, but according to Uttar Kalamrita, Chapter 6 verse 15, a Node so placed, when associated with or receiving aspect from the owner of the I, V or IX house, shall give long life and wealth.
(p) Rahu is a maraka planet for an individual born in Scorpio or Capricorn ascendant.
(q) The location of a Node in its sign of debilitation or in the VIII or XII house will make it give negative general signification results.
(r) At the time of analyzing the period of a Node, the analysis of its depositor should also be done.
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Thursday, October 26, 2017

In response to a Facebook post on Freewill as quoted post of self-styled Sadguru.

Barry Rosen on facebook

Found this quote from Sadhguru on the web about predictions and astrology:

"Anyway, the choice is this: either you try to live your life by predictions or you have the capability to make a plan and fulfill the plan. All those minds which are incapable of a plan will look for a prediction. The stars that you see in the sky are far away, so very far away that they have nothing to do with you. Just one star has a big influence on you – the Sun. And its satellite, the Moon, also has some influence upon you. This planet has an even greater influence upon you. But above all, what is within you has the biggest influence upon you. All those who are incapable of committing themselves to a plan and fulfilling it, want a prediction. The advantage with predictions is, you can keep changing them. But if a plan has to work, you have to pay enormous attention in creating one. Then you have to stick to it.
I only hope all predictions go wrong for you. Then it means your life is happening wonderfully. Otherwise, you are going by the script that was written by some fool. In India, for twenty-five rupees, or fifty cents, they will write your life. Let your life not be so bad. It does not matter what the hell happens, let something other than the prediction happen to you. Is that okay? May your predictions and dreams not come true. Because a prediction is just a compromised dream.

My Two cents-

I presume that the sadguru as he calls himself is presumably someone who calls himself by this name just to put across the message that he is an enlightened soul.These clever sermonizers in saffron robes keep changing their stance to suit the audience they are addressing. Freewill or will is the limited sphere that is different for every individual and it depends on the time, circumstances, effort, and opportunity. Bhagvad Gita teaches that to make the constant effort is what we should do but the outcome is not in our control. If the kaal or time is in favor then the fruits of labor may be good but if the time is not conducive the result may be a failure. I believe that the destiny allows you more leverage towards success when the destiny favors you. There are numerous examples quoted and stories that support the planning and execution part, remember the story of the king and the spider, well the often defeated king had planned, plotted and executed earlier also and failed because the time was just not in his favor. But once his time changed he could draw inspiration from a mere spider to regather his spirits and resources one last time that probably was the time when his stars and destiny stood up as support for him to reclaim the lost kingdom, pride, and glory. These scoundrels with saffron robes live lavishly and maintain a business on use of cleverly executed words that often rebutt the belief on which they have raised the foundation of their enterprise. But then again the very fact that they are in limelight rests on the fact their time is good and even their foolishness is purchased as philosophical discourses on how to lead a good life. Remember the Demigods of India, who are either behind the bars or were in trouble with the law due to their nefarious activities, until the time was supporting them they lived as demi-Gods above everything once the destiny played its trump card they landed where they rightfully belonged. So when their time was adverse all the planning, plotting and execution just did not work.

Friday, October 13, 2017

The senses of the body ,elements,dhatus, drekana and body parts.

Health and astrology.
Image result for Medicine


Pancha Jnanendriya
Sense Faculty
Pancha Karmendriya
Organs of Action

Excretory Organs/Excretion
Location in the Body
Action in the Body
Head, senses, nervous system
Environment, mental space.
Chest and heart. Respiratory and circulatory systems.
Movement, breathing.
Navel and digestive system.
Digestion, hunger and thirst.
Lower abdomen, hips, urogenital region.
Water systems – lymph, blood, urine.
The legs.
Bones, muscles, skin, nails.



The Sun

Asthi or bone

The Moon

Raktha or blood


Majja or muscle


Twak or skin


Vasa or fat

Sukla (sperm and ovum)

Vasmasa (nervous material)

Diseases as per prashana marga Drekanas

Parts of the body
Right side ruled by
Left side ruled by
Above neck
Below neck and above waist
Below waist
Lagna (un-expired portion)
Lagna (expired portion)
Sexual organs
VII (expired portion)
VII (unexpired portion)


Pancha Jnanendriya
Sense Faculty
Pancha Karmendriya
Organs of Action