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Friday, September 30, 2016

Astrology of murderers.

Murderer from astrological prospective .
Murderers and astrology .
Combinations of murderers in vedic astrology.

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Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being without justification or valid excuse, especially the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought. This state of mind may, depending upon the jurisdiction, distinguish murder from other forms of unlawful homicide, such as manslaughter. Manslaughter is a killing committed in the absence of malice, brought about by reasonable provocation, or diminished capacityInvoluntary manslaughter, where it is recognized, is a killing that lacks all but the most attenuated guilty intent (mens rea), recklessness.


Astrological pointers-

Moon the mind subjected to malefic influence .
4th house lord under malefic influence
3rd house/Lord  for action and upper limbs and for causing trouble for others.
Mars the planet of action and violence
Mercury as planet of intelligence adversely affected.
Rahu the burning desire to realise come what may.
5thhouse/lord discrimination of good and bad,wisdom,intelligence  etc.
6th house /lord for cruel deed ,wicked act and sin.
7th house lord - loosing temper,straying from the path
8th house/lord- killing a living being, mutilation of a limb, decapitation,murdering, beheading, Sinful deeds.
12th house/lord- sinful deeds, sin, scandals, fraud, treachery, intrigue, deception, boot-legging, smuggling, murder,assassination, blackmailing, arson, rape, loot, kidnap
Mars/ jupiter connection always hints at some sort aberration in thinking if not a mental/psychological disorder.
kemdrum yoga - no planet in either side of moon.
Natural significator of 3rd mars,4th moon,6th mars/Saturn,8th Saturn,12th Saturn.

Charts data taken from astro data bank.

Example charts-Gentil didier raped and killed 5 year old girl

Ascendent lord in 12th ,though in own house indicates possible wicked nature  ,moon is subject to adverse malefic influence from Rahu and saturn ,it happens to be lord of 6th of enmity and cruel acts,the 5th/8th  lord mercury is in RKA and is conjunct mars the planet of action and violence . Lord of 7th sun in Maritain sign of scorpio indicates a indicates a violent nature.. Ascendant receives the aspect of rahu . The presence of 4 planets in 11th house ,brings in the obsessive realisation of desire ,here the native raped and killed a 6 year girl .
Some notable points -  Ascendant lord in 12th from itself ,ascendent under the aspect of rahu.
Moon and 4th lord both under serious malefic influence .
5th lord again in RKA with violent lord of 3rd and 10th Mars,so the power of discretion between wrong and right is adversely affected.
Mars/ jupiter connection always hints at some sort aberration in thinking if not a mental/psychological disorder.
Dasha sequence at the time he committed a crime in july 1988- Saturn- Mercury - Jupiter

Saturn is lord of physical self- Mercury of intelligence and discretion as 5th lord  and of voilent ,cruel acts like beheading ,murder etc of 8th as well. Jupiter is lord of 2nd and as lord of 11th ( realisation of desire ) here brutal sexual act of rape ,Rape victims also have 5th /8th connection.

example chart 2-Georges guy 

Lagna and lord in RKA .
Jupiter again under aspect of mars .
Moon is weak and in exchange with 4th and 11th lord mars .
Moon is in kemdrum yoga.
4th house lord in RKA .
6th /8th lord conjunct in 9th.
5th lord under influence of Rahu/mars.
He raped and killed seven women between 92-97 Dasha Md Rahu- Sat,Rahu- Mer,Rahu -Ketu ,Rahu - Venus over the period.

Example 3- John wayne serial killer.

Lagna lord Conjuct saturn
Jupiter/Mars connection again
8th lord in RKA and in relation with 4th ,3rd and 6th lords.
Exchange between 3rd/4th and 7th/12th  lords.
Moon totally weak .
4th house and lord under malefic influence
5th house and lord also under malefic influence.
6th /8th connection through aspect and relation.

Example -- James earl ray murderer of Martin luther king

Exchange between 5th /10th and 7th/8th lord .
Mars/saturn connection.
Jupiter mars relation ,mars aspects jupiter in navamsa
4th and 5th lord both under malefic aspect.( Saturn and Rahu)
6th /8th connection through aspect .( jupiter aspects saturn)
5th house under RKA and occupied by 7th and 8th lord.
Dasha sequence at the time of Murder- Mer- Mer-Mer  ,Mercury is lord of 3rd/12th  placed in 8th ,the house of following actions- 8th house/lord- killing a living being, mutilation of a limb, decapitation,murdering, beheading, Sinful deeds.