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Monday, January 5, 2015

Astro palmistry as explained by Av Sundaram

Astro palmistry as explained by Av Sundaram sir from face book post i have added a drawing of hand for the benefit of all This one for Those who are interested in Astro-Palmistry.
A little bird told me "' the RASIS indicate the following in the Hand.
Mesha..the Thumb, Vrishba..the Mount of Venus.
.Mithuna..the Life line. .Karkata.the.Mount of Moon.
.Simha .the.Line of Heart. .Kanya..the Little finger..
Thula..the Girdle of Venus( below Ring& Middle fingers)
Vrishchika.. the Ring finger. Dhanus..the Head line..
Makara..the Middle finger.. Kumbha..the line of FATE.
Meena..the Fore finger..
my note. Kethu..indicates flag, a thin rope etc. i have a Flag on my Thumb,
Kethu is in Mesha for me
Wedding Ring is put on the Ring finger..Vrishchika.. the house of Sex.
In anger people show their Middle finger.(Mars ext .house)
The Thumb represents the person ..the first house.
I n Death the Mercury plays a role..the Line of Life.etc..
Further research needed..