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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

killer instinct /competitive spirit astrology.

Astrology of combat sports.

killer instinct--ruthless determination to succeed or win.

To succeed in life, you must have the courage and tenacity to finish the job quickly and cleanly - that is the killer instinct, the root of Black Heart. Every great man/woman and every great villain has it.

Killer instinct is a tenacity and determination to hold on to even the faintest glimmer of hope till the very end and if by any means you are unsuccessful in your attempt to return back with more resources,determination and preparedness to triumph over previously undefeated elements and men.  

Astrological factors- 

Planet mars is for action .( signs Aries and Scorpio-- here Scorpio would be more appropriate as its a fixed sign)
Mercury for stamina and lung power and as significator of nervous system it would mean response to the opponent and quick thinking( playing strategies)
Saturn is significator of skeletal system and sometimes is considered for muscles as well.Its cold and calculative,disciplined and hardworking.
Signs- Aquarius,Capricorn,Scorpio,Leo and Sagittarius.
Nakshtras of Mars and Saturn.
Nakshatras in signs of mars.
Moon in nakshatras of malefics.
Mars as 3rd lord or its aspect on 3rd lord.
Malefics aspecting  on 3rd house.
Mars/ Saturn connection.
3rd house- For mental strength,fighting ability,courage ,energy and firmness.
5th house-Achievements, competitive activities.
6th house- Competitions ,enemies and rivals
8th house - Research on opponents modus operandi
10th house - athletics,material achievements,knees,livelihood etc.

Another common factors in all charts is that Jupiter is not in exalted position in any of the 10 charts of champions,that means malefic s by and large are responsible for success in sports,competitions and wars.

Let us examine the same through the charts of  Boxing champions.

Chart of Mohammed Ali - boxing champion and hall of fame boxer.
Profession first--
10 th lord with ( 7th and 8th lord) ,10th lord connected to fifth lord ( 10th lord is also lord of 5th)
11 th lord venus is also connected to 5th and 10th lord mars as its in nakshatra of Mars ( dhanistha) .6th lord in 11th also relates to earning through combat sport. Malefic in 2nd house is just another indication.7th and 8th lord conjunct 5th and 10th aspects 2nd lord ,3rd lord,ascendent lord,11th lord.

Killer instinct-- Lagna in pushya nakshatra ,3rd,5th,6th,7th,8th,10th and 11th,12th lords are connected By PAC and relation through nakshatras as well.
Saturn/mars connection .
Conclusion-- Nabasha yogas are kind of good for sports person here 7 planets in 3 signs its a soola yoga.

Chart of George Foreman-- Boxing champion.

Profession--- Lord of 10th and 3rd venus with 5th/8th  lord and ascendant lord sun,12th lord is dispositor for 10th lord here ,11th lord mer and 9th lord mars are dispositors of 6th and 7th lord. Rahu in 9th and saturn in first are in maran karaka sthaan.Lord of 2nd and 11th in 6th with lord of 9th and 4th .Lord of 6th/7th aspects lord of 12th, both the dispositors of 6th lord are in nakshatra of 12th lord moon.
Again a Nabhasha yoga here- Kedara.( seven planets in 4 Rasis.)

Killer Instinct-- Lord of 3rd ,5th,8th, 10th and ascendant in conjunction in 5th house .aspected by Rahu from 9th.Ketu is dispositor of 3rd lord here.
.Saturn mars connection, connection of 11th/2nd  with 6th and 7th lord.
Lagna- In venus nakshatra venus is lord of 3rd and 10 th here.
Moon in nakshatra of sun the ascendent lord.

Boxing Champion- Joe Louis.

Lord of ascendant with 3rd lord,Jupiter and mars are debilitated and in mutual aspect ,sat /mars connection,mars is lord of 11th and 6th ,while Saturn is lord of 8th and 9th ,Saturn is conjunct with 12th lord Venus  PAC connection between 6/8/12 lords .
Profession- 6th/11th lord in connection with 7th and 10th lord 
Nabhasa yoga- paasha here 7 planets in 5 rashis.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Palmistry ( hand of traitor)

Exaggerate mount of Venus and moon with absence of  mount of mars,a rather fat hand .A dropping line  of Head forked at termination
Is demonstrated to be characteristic of the hands of people who turn state's evidence or betray their friends or country under the influence of fear. These two exaggerate mounts reveal an inborn fear and horror of physical pain. To save  themselves they will even endanger their own family.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

FAQ'S on Mantras.

Mantra Elements and FAQ'S.

Purascharana means pura charati iti, that means, that which is performed before or prior. Before the deity or prior to the mantra siddhi. We will come to the q what is mantra siddhi later. Now, what should be done before or prior to complete a purascharana.
Purascharana means repeating a mantra for a particular number of times and for a period of time. This is the first and important part of the purascharana. There are five parts / limbs to a purascharana, 1. Mantra japa (repetition of mantra) 2. Homa (fire obulation using the mantra) 3. Tarapana (water obulation using mantra) 4. Marjana (ritualistic sprinkling of water) and 5. Bhojana (feeding of Brahmins / Sadhus).
Japa – repeating the mantra for a specified number of times. This is normally n Lakh times, where n stands for the number of characters / alphabets in the mantra. If the mantra is a very big one, than, it is also accepted as 1 lakh repetition. And, at the beginning of the japa everyday, the puja should be performed to the mantra deity or the yantra for the particular mantra.
Homa – after performing the reqired number of japa. The Homa should be performed using the same mantra adding a “swaha” to it. And the number of times the homa should be performed is 1 / 10th of the Japa. Likewise, the later stages in the purascharana is 1 / 10th of the former stage. The obulation material or the material for the offering in the fire is generally Ghee (clarified butter), but sometimes, may vary according to the purpose of the pursacharana.
Tarpana – water mixed with milk or jiggery etc. is used to perform tarpana. In this, the water is taken in a spoon and it will be poured through the palm, leaving the thumb. This too should be done using the mantra and a “tarpayami” added to it.
Marjana – the water is taken in a bowl and a small piece of ginger it tied to the tip of it, through which the water is sprinkled on oneself or the yantra. The sprinkling should be done using the mantra suffixed with a “marjayami” to it.
Bhojana – number equal to 1 / 10th of the number of marjana should be fed, as the last part of the purascharana.
This completes one round of purascharana. In kali age to attain mantra siddhi one should perform four purascharana using a mantra. Manra siddhi generally means attainment of the complete control of the mantra, for using it in a way desired. But, for a sadhaka, it means the blessing of the deity. It could be felt by the peace one gains after the purascharana.
If for some reason, one is not able to perform the above other limbs, than it can be substituted with four times japa (four times of the 1 / 10th of the previous limb).

Elements of mantra
Every mantra has six elements: -
  • 'Rishi' or The Seer
  • 'Chanda or method of pronunciation.
  • 'Devta' or The Presiding Deity of mantra
  • 'Bija' or The Seed .
  • 'Shakti' or The Power
  • 'Kilaka' or The Pillar
Rishi - Seers
The intensions of the Mantra worshipper or 'Mantra Shadak' are his or her responsibility. One must thus be clear about why one picks up this tool of Mantra meditation. Good or bad Karmas are categorized according to the effect they create inside and outside the individual, who should be prepared to acknowledge responsibility for the same.

Chanda - The way the mantra is to be recited.
The raga is comparable to a western melody line - a sound or sequence of single sounds, without harmony. When chanting a Mantra, it is extremely important not to change the raga and its key, because the rate of vibration on which the sound is based on integral part of the Mantra.

Devta - Presiding Deity

The Devta is the presiding deity of the mantra. The informing powers a very personal aspect of God. It is the wisdom that comes from a higher source and is like a single beam of sunlight. One beam that is singled out and given a name so that the disciple can develop a personal relationship with and worship on aspect of God that he or she can understand and experience.

Bija - Seed of mantra
Each mantra has a Bija or seed. This represents the sound string defined by the Seers as being the repository of auditory energy sources. The form and content of the Bija have been handed down from the ages. The Bija gives the mantra in which it is used, its special power of self-generation and effects. Just as within a seed is hidden within tree, so too, the energy of the mantra is resident in the seed on which it is based. This helps the mantra to manifest itself into spiritual consciousness.

Shakti - The Power

The power, the consciousness, within the mantra is 'Shakti' - the Divine Mother, the goddess of the spoken word. The male aspect of the God is energy in a state of equilibrium; the female aspect is the dynamic energy, which manifests as Creation. This energy is the source of creation of all living beings. In the mantra this energy is present in a pure form. The potency of the mantra is realized through repetitions, until the individual chanting the same, feels the presence of God. This is a spiritual experience, which the Mantras help to bring about.

Kilaka - The Balancing force of mantra

The Kilaka is at first, the driving force, the persistence and will power that the discipline needs to pursue the Mantra. But when the power of the Mantra begins to take on a self generating 'flywheel motion', the Kilaka becomes a very fine thread joining the discipline to the mantra, to the power of the mantra, to the Guru and to the deity, until all are manifest as one.

Viniyog of a Mantra
Lets say you are not doing a complete Anushthaan, you are doing just some Prayog... in Prayog the procedure is again clearly defined by the person given that Prayog, that means Guru, it can be using a Yantra with specific Mantra and Tantra for 11, 21, 45... any no of fixed days. Prayog is a specialized way, empowered by a Guru, works primarily for his disciples. Others have minimum effect (yes this is the truth, try it). Or you just want the normal benefit from a Mantra, even in that case, it is a well known fact that the bare minimum required for working any Tantra or Mantra or Yantra is the knowledge of its Viniyog which compromises --
(1) Mantra Name
(2) Rishi (Creator of Mantra, Seer who first attained or mastered the Mantra)
(3) Chhand (Meter of Mantra or pattern of pronunciation)
(4) Devataa (Name of deity)
(5) Beejam (main seed for power source of Mantra)
(6) Shakti (you can say main power enhancer, like to mature the seed)
(7) Keelak (the unlocking password)
(8) Abheesht Arth  (your purpose of chanting)
Although after that Nyaas (Energizing body ports and finger by - Rishi Nyaas + Kar Nyas + Hridyaadi Nyaas) + Dhyaan (deity image to concentrate on Third Eye) + Mudraa (Posture to invite and please deity) are also required before real Mantra Jap... (Real Mantra Jap is useful only if you are gaining Mantra Chetana = knowing + repeating the meaning of Mantra, sticking to deity image on third eye with devotion... ie (Mantra, Mantra Arth aur Devataa Se Ekee-karan karke dhyaan).
Still even without their knowledge or knowledge of Keelak also you can use a Mantra provided you have at least first 6 part of Viniyog. (for Keelak there is a special way of unlocking a Mantra, call it a master key like given in book Mantra Rahasya or their is one another little longer way also). And their is a way to substitute Nyaas and Dhyaan also. But for a Beej Mantra... it responds to a the causal body of Deity. It is like very basic and raw form of energy. Procedure is totally different.
To be a Rishi of some Mantra - To be a Rishi you will have to know the complete compatibility of all the 50 alphabets "Varn Maalaa" (all Devanaagaree letters) which has Swars (Vowels) like aa, ee, oo.. etc, one that don't use tongue and Vyanjans (Consonants) like ka, kha, cha.. etc, one that initiate by molding tongue. There is hidden energy of various deities in various sounds, some match while some don't... it all depends on the element they correspond to. Like mixing water with air will not be a very good idea... All this is given in somewhat detail in the book Mantra Rahasya" but to be honest even that is just the beginning... because the Shaastra says "jisey naad ka poorn gyaan ho jaataa hai use Brahm kaa gyaan ho jaataa hai" (one who has complete knowledge of sound gets knowledge of god/supreme/creator).
Modern science says that there is no matter, only energy... well Indian scholars always knew the same but they considered sound to be the base of Shakti (energy) in physical plane (hence its said in Mantra Rahasya : Brahmaand Mantra-maya hai, (universe is made of sound) that changes forms and it has its Maryaadaa (rules). In higher planes the Bhaav (feeling) and then Arth (meaning) and then Prakaash (subtle light, even higher  frequency).

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ketu ( Dragon tail) in various houses and its effects as per William lily.

Ketu in houses as per william Lily.

Dragon tail ( ketu) signifies the wasting and destruction of the thing being signified by the house and especially if it relates to gain ,

  • In first it signifies expenses and loss of gain to the native.
  • In second  destruction ,and loss of money and substance.
  • In 3rd Loss by means of brethren,sisters ,neighbors etc.
  • In 4th damage that one shall sustain by ones grandfather,father in law,inheritances,the native may change houses very often.
  • In 5th Damage from or by reason of children.
  • In 6th Losses by servants or small cattle.
  • In 7th Loss by women,companions or open enemies.
  • In 8th Loss on natives spouse money,goods etc.
  • In 9th Loss of Religious men and on account of religion.
  • In 10 th Loss by or in preferment's,honors etc.
  • In 11th Loss by his friends or for their sakes.
  • In 12th Damage sustained by great cattle or by means of hidden enemies. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Difference between, Kavach,Stotra and Mantra

Kavach ,Stotra and Mantra some vital required information.

Kavachas give you protection. Stotras are basically essence of the vedic
concepts presented in such a way that can be used by everyone without any ritual
taboos. The rigid mantric procedures and guidelines do not apply to stotras.

Kavachas should be chanted with some sort of ritual purity. Actually kavachas
are mandatory before chanting mantra or doing any saadhana A kavach usually comprises of digbandh ( To deactivate 10 directions against negative energy or impact, Viniyog ( A sankalp of taking some water in your palm and releasing the same on completion of verse which tells about rishi,chandh,keelan,utkeelan,bija and shakti of the Kavach. Nayaas ( both angg nayas ( body parts) and karr( Hand ) Nayas.
A kavach may comprise of several mantras and  bija mantras
When intense saadhanas are done, the nervous system may undergo severe strain due to the forceful awakening of the kundalini energy through the nervous system till
brain. This can sometimes cause people to lose their mental balance. Chanting
of kavachas
 Generally, one who regularly chants kavacha of deities is protected and will experience miraculous escape during life-threatening circumstances.

 Stotra , kavachas and mantras  have a common purpose - that of securing the
Grace of Deities to the aspirant.
You can chant them at your convenience. But, while chanting kavachas and mantras you
should be more careful with the pronunciations. There might be printing errors
in the works which you should get corrected by experts in your area.

But stotras are not bound by such rigid rules. It is like a child's calling
a close relative....though the child may call without clarity, the elders will
know whom the child is calling....like that even if there is a slight mistake in
chanting simple slokhas and stotras, the side effects will not be severe,
because it is almost like a child addressing its elders in the family. That is
why sages have given stotras out of their kindness for the use of everyone.
Mantras are potent Sound syllables that create vibration and resonance ,they are used to invoke the deity to seek different desires from power ,siddhhis to moksha or final emancipation .
Mantras are sounds, syllables, words or groups of words that are repeated with the goal of creating a positive transformation within the person
According to the vaidika scriptures on Mantra Shastra (Science of Mantras) sublime vibrations of Shabda (eternal sound) and Nada (cosmic vibration) is the originator of everything that exists in nature. It is indeed the source of the omnipresent manifestation of the supreme consciousness - the Para Brahm. Therefore, Shabda and Nada are regarded as the reflections of Brahm. The anahat swar ( the "Unmade Sound,soundless sound , "sound" of the universe, the primal sound of energy itself.) induced by these vibrations is said to be the generator of perpetual energy in the universe. Thus Mantra Yoga maintains that everything in nature, all objects, whether they be animate or inanimate, are composed of sound vibrations. All physical objects are composed of sound and each physical object, be it an insect, a rock, a building, a planet, or a human being, resonates their own particular harmonic note.
 A kavach is a necessity for creating the desired protective ambience and environment for sadhak,individual or mantrik.

Mantras are very potent source of astral energy and only a few of them can be recited  without due procedures rituals and protection of kavach .Some examples of exception are Om, Om namo shivaye ,Om Ganeshaya namah and Hare rama Hare Krishna. Etc.

Lord shiva had locked lots of mantras due their incessant use by Asurs ( demons) in seeking boons and powers from deities , in case of keelat mantras a procedure of utkeelan( unlocking) is necessary.
Mantras require specific procedures and thus they should not be adopted and recited  in casual  way.

A mantra has the following six parts:
1. It has a rishi who had self-realization for the first time through this mantra, and who gave this mantra to the world. He is the seer for this mantra. Sage Vishwamitra, for example, is the rishi for the Gayatri mantra.
2. The mantra has a metre, which governs the inflection of the voice.
3. The mantra has a particular devata or supernatural being, higher or lower, as its informing power. This devata is the presiding deity of the mantra.
4. The mantra has a bija or seed. The seed is a significant word, or series of words, which gives a special power to the mantra. The bija is the essence of the mantra.
5. Every mantra has a shakti. The shakti is the energy of the form of the mantra, that is, of the vibration forms set up by its sounds. These carry the individual to the devata that is worshipped.
6. The mantra has a kilaka, pillar or pin. This plugs the mantra chaitanya, consciousness, that is hidden in the mantra. As soon as the plug is removed by constant and prolonged repetition of the name, the chaitanya that is hidden is revealed. The devotee gets darshan of the ishta devata.

The Name of a deity

The Name of the deity which is to be worshipped. Usually Shri or Om is prefixed to the deity’s Name. [Refer ‘Prefixing Shri or Om to the Name’.]

The favour asked for

Whatever is to be asked of the deity.

Pallav (salutation)

Pallav refers to the last or the decorative part of the mantra. Pallav also means to collect, the description of the benefit derived, etc. Often the ‘namaha’ in a mantra expresses salutation to the deity. That is the pallav. The words in the mantra are also known as pallav.

The meaning of some words which appear at the end of a mantra: ‘Often several words like namaha, svaha, svadha, vashat, voushat, hum and phat are joined to the bijas. These words either depict the mental state of a seeker at the time of chanting the mantra or whatever one wishes to achieve with their usage.

Their implied meanings are as follows :

·         Namaha : The serene and peaceful state of the antahkaran appeasing the deity of the mantra by surrendering to it.
·         Svaha : Destruction of harmful energy, for instance curing a disease and doing good to others, appeasing the deity of the mantra with offerings.
·         Svadha : Self-contentment, strengthening oneself
·         Vashat : A spiritual emotion of destroying the enemy
·         Voushat : To create conflicts or opposition among enemies,to acquire power and wealth
·         Hum : Anger and courage, to frighten one’s enemy
Phat : A spiritual emotion of attacking the enemy, to drive the enemy away

·         Kilak means a wedge or a clue to a mystical puzzle. The Guru gives the kilak of the mantra. Consequently the energy of the mantra is manifested. Kilak means the description, proximity, speed and method of pronunciation, the rhythm of recitation of the mantra (alap), etc. Sometimes the kilak assumes the form of a prior notice. When a sage creates a mantra along with a precondition that ‘without the pronunciation of a particular word prior to the mantra, the practice of the mantra will not be fruitful’, then the mere chanting of the mantra does not prove to be of any avail. Such a word is termed as a kilak of a mantra, that is a wedge or a clue to a mystical puzzle. Only when the mantra is chanted along with it does it prove to be fruitful. Understanding that word, and chanting along with it or destroying the relationship of that word with the mantra is called nishkilan or utkilan. However, only spiritually evolved persons can give guidance to this effect. One comes across ‘Shrimat Hanuman kilakam’ in Shriramaraksha verse (stotra).

·         Movement of the saman vital energy (pranvayu) is essential to activate the kundalini (spiritual energy). Nadibandha (blocking the channels) is performed to achieve it. The energy used to perform nadibandha is also called kilak. Kilak means the expulsion of the saman vital energy from which energy is generated. Nadibandha also occurs if a mantra is chanted appropriately.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Robin williams case of acute depression leading to suicide from point of view of astrology.

Robin Williams suicide an astrological introspection.

Depressive illnesses are disorders of the brain. Brain-imaging technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), have shown that the brains of people who have depression look different than those of people without depression. The parts of the brain involved in mood, thinking, sleep, appetite, and behavior appear different. But these images do not reveal why the depression has occurred. They also cannot be used to diagnose depression.
Some types of depression tend to run in families. However, depression can occur in people without family histories of depression too. Scientists are studying certain genes that may make some people more prone to depression.

Depression -- Symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Depression?

For major depression, you may experience a sad or depressed mood, or an inability to feel pleasure, plus five or more of the following symptoms, for at least a two-week period
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, or hopelessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities, including sex
  • Difficulty concentrating and complaints of poor memory
  • Insomnia or oversleeping
  • Appetite changes, which may include weight gain or loss
  • Fatigue, lack of energy
  • Thoughts of suicide or death
  • Slow speech; slow movements
6-7. DEATH BY HANGING ETC. ( Saravali)
If the Moon in Capricorn, or Aquarius be hemmed between benefics, death will be due to 
hanging, fire, or fall, which is doubtless according to Chanakya. The same effect will come to 
pass, if the 5th and 9th Houses are occupied by malefics in aspect to malefics. If the drekkana 
of the 8th House be one of Pasa, Sarpa and Nigala, death will be reticent. 

Jataka Parijatham 5 84 death due to hanging       8rd lord + saturn + rahu / ketu in 8th / 6th / 12th

73 Jataka Parijatham 5 84 death due to hanging   3rd lord + saturn + rahu / ketu in 8th / 6th / 12th

Astrological combination of  suicide.

If the lord of Lagna be in the 2nd alongwith the
lords of 3rd and the 11th, and the lord of 8th be in the
8th, the native will die by committing suicide. The
reason is that in these dispositions, the 8th house and
its lord and the lord of Lagna fall under the influence
of planets who make the native himself responsible
for taking his own life. In other words his own arms
represented by the lords of the 3rd and the 11th

become the instruments causing his death. 

Different Combination for Sudden Unnatural Deaths
      Death by suicide:
1.    If the ascendant/8th house, their lords and Sun are afflicted by Mars/Saturn/Ketu.
2.    If the Sun, Moon, Mercury [soul, mind and thinking] are afflicted by Rahu and Ketu or nodes.
3.    Association of Mars and Saturn.
     Death by weapon:
1.    If Moon, Mars and Saturn in 8th house.
2.    If Mars in 6th/12th and Saturn in 8th house.
     Death by assassination:
1.    Naural malefic in 8th house afflicted badly with Mars either by association or by conjunction.
2.    Moon and Mars either aspects 8th house or situated in it.
    If Saturn in ascendant with no benefice aspects and the Sun/Rahu/Waning Moon combine the     native is either stabbed or shot dead.
      If the Sun and Mars exchanges signs and quadrant to the 8th lord the native may be        sentenced to death by the Government.
     Rahu in 6th/8th/12th may cause death through conspiracy.
     If the 9th house is occupied with malefic, death is painful due to disease, accident, murder or     suicide.
     If the ascendant and 8th lords are weak and Mars is in conjunction with 6th lord, the native may be killed in war.

Examining the chart for afflictions of houses and planets related to mental faculties.

In this chart lord of 4th and 5th ( Mind- peace of mind and wisdom is posited in 12th house under aspect from lord of 6th and 3rd,mercury the natural karka of intelligence is hemmed in malefics and under aspect from 6th lord ,dispositors of mercury are mars and saturn.Mars and saturn are in mutual aspect here mars is owner of both the maraka houses (2nd and 7th),lord of 8th and ascendent  venus is conjunct ketu ( nakshatra Purv phalguni of venus) 5th house has Moon/rahu conjunction in sign aquarius denoting the expansion of ideas and emotions no doubt his comedy went overboard during his club comedian days .
Lets examine the chart for psychological problems like depression etc

  • Lord of ascendent is afflicted and hemmed.
  • Lord of 4th and 5th badly placed in 12th .
  • Moon as karak of mind afflicted.
  • Mercury as karak of intelligence is hemmed in malefics and under aspect from lord of 6th conjunct gulik and sun.
  • Mercury is lord of 64 navamsa and 22nd drekana.
  • Ascendent is aspected by Rahu.
  • Saturn in 12th 
  • In navamsa you have a saturn/moon combination again in 12th ( sat+moon is often responsible of melancholy and depression)
  • He was addicted to psychotic drugs /narcotics  and alchohol  ( sat under aspect from 6th lord ,moon rahu abd mars in rahu's nakshatra,sat/mars in mutual aspect.
As per vedic astrology readings, the planets Rahu, Mars and Saturn are the real culprits in regard to the problem of drug abuse. These planets also obstruct in drug addiction rehab and the native may not get proper help for drug addiction treatment. If any of these planets is having negative relationship with first, second or sixth house of the horoscope; and at the same time the second house is also troubled – the chances of the person being addicted to drugs are very strong.


On suicide-- Dasha sequence at death- Ketu - mer ,ketu is conjunct lord of ascendent and lord of 8th ,mer is lord of 12th and 9th conjunct gulik and Sun lord of 11 th.Ketu is 7th from moon and mer is 6th from moon. mer is lord of 64th navamsa and lord of 22nd drekana as well.The 3rd and 6th lord jupiter is nakshatra of mercury the AD lord here ,while ketu with ascendent and 8th lord venus .So in a fit of depression he ended his own life by his own hands . 
Transits- Sat+Mars in asc , (Sun,jup.mer ven over natal sun and mer) lhere sun is lord of 11th in natal mer 9th and 12 th jupiter 3rd and 6th ,venus asc and 8th.
Rahu over natal saturn, Ketu over natal  jupiter.

Moon over natal moon and rahu 

Kota chakra at the time of williams death- See both the nodes in garbh sthaan ,kota swami( lord of durg) saturn outside fort lord is supposed to be inside .Ford guard mars is in the interior fort guard is supposed to be outside, all natural benific's are on the way ( trying to get in) it was an impulsive decision followed to its end during a bout of  depression.You see lord of 3rd/6 Hands/courage and lord of ascendent/8th in pushya nakshatra of saturn. Ketu was in revati ,sun and mer in ashlesha again nakshatra of mercury the joint lord of 22nd drekana and 64th navamsa. Association of 3rd/6/1st/8th house lords led him to take his own life by hanging.Please refer to to combination of death by hanging for better clarity. may he rest in peace.