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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The eighth house as per Bepin Bihari planet signs and houses.


The Mysterious Unknown:
Longevity, Legacy, Secret
Afflictions and the Serpent Fire

The Sea of Immutability contains mysterious depths. Some of these depths are represented by the Second and Sixth houses of a natal chart. Other deep mysteries of life remain unknown. Many events occur sud­denly and without any immediate cause, while saints and sages have immense supernatural powers at their command. Such unexpected and secret dimensions of life are represented by the Eighth house of the horoscope. This house is difficult to comprehend or analyze. The sign of the zodiac which occupies it as well as the planet which rules that sign are both important, not only for determining the significance of this house, but for the chart as a whole; any planet occupying this house becomes important and harms the aspect of life it rules.
The lord of the Eighth house occupying the Ascendant produces ill health and disease. It makes the individual frustrated in life, critical of everything. He may, however, unexpectedly receive some monetary reward from the state. Occupying the Second house, it destroys the creative initiative of the individual, inducing him to earn his livelihood by surreptitious means. He may be persecuted by the government or even suffer legal punishment. Retrieval of lost property is also possible with this placement. In the Third house, the lord of the Eighth becomes detrimental to the happiness of siblings, saps one's valor, and destroys initiative. The individual is without any support in life. One's parents are chronically ill and his patrimony greatly reduced if the Eighth house lord occupies the Fourth. Unless the planet is well fortified by association with or the aspect of benefics, the lord of the Eight in the Fifth house is inauspicious for children and mental equilibrium. The individual seldom begets a child, and even if a child is born he becomes wayward and rebellious, a burden to the family. In this situation, however, there is a possibility of the individual acquiring substantial wealth, especially if he is denied children. In the Sixth house, the Eighth lord acquires special
strength: one overcomes one's enemies and acquires much wealth, but suffers the illness signified by the planet in question. In the Seventh house, the Eighth lord will make the marriage partner ill-mannered and may lead to several marriages. Even the relationship with one's business partners is soured. But if the planet is associated with Mars, the result is quite favorable. When the lord of the Eighth house occupies its own sign in the Eighth, it fortifies the life-force of the individual and gives him special skill and extraordinary intelligence for unraveling hidden matters. The marriage partner, however, will prove unfaithful, and the native himself flouts all established decorum. In the Ninth house, the lord of the Eighth makes the individual lose his parents early in life. He may lack moral integrity, coveting the wealth or spouse of others. In the Tenth house, the Eighth lord provides the individual with employment in government, but his professional efficiency is low and he is not well spoken of. His mother dies early in his life. In the Eleventh house, the native's income is from secret, unscrupulous, or illegal sources. If the lord of the Eighth house is in the Twelfth, the individual is greatly attracted toward the "secret" pleasures of life, spending money much beyond his means; he often dies ignominiously hi a foreign land and without respectable funeral rites. These results, however, are likely to be altered by the influence of benefics or other auspicious horoscopic combinations. Essentially, the planet ruling the Eighth house destroys the auspicious influences of the house it occupies, except in the other houses connected with the Sea of Immuta­bility.
The different planets occupying the Eighth house are of course affected by the zodiacal influences present there.
In general, the SUN in this house makes a person lean and thin, mentally obtuse, disliked and abandoned by his relations. But if the zodiacal sign is supportive, the solar influence here may lead to much interest in spirituality or the process of initiation.
The MOON in this house destroys the native's mental composure; the past is so "churned up" that almost every defect in character and every potential adversary and ailment comes to the fore.
MERCURY has the special characteristic of retrieving from the past those influences which strengthen the mind of the individual, as a result of which he is able to cultivate relationships which are conducive to material prosperity, eminent status, and considerable wealth. Under this impulse, the individual is able to explore mystical, virgin areas of nature which open up exceptional opportunities in life. On the physical plane, however, he begets very few children and suffers from stomach and thigh ailments.
Under the influence of VENUS, the libido is very strong, but it does not necessarily lead to promiscuity. The individual, becoming deeply sensitive to the enduring impulses of his life-essence, often achieves exceptional status in society; his forthright utterances may provoke others but he becomes a civic leader and his religious proclivities are both intense and intrinsically honest. However, his spouse is not supportive, but causes some kind of worry to him. His death is generally at a noble place.
MARS in the Eighth house externalizes adverse past karma which has a very detrimental influence on the health of the native. Various diseases connected with the urinary tract or with blood circulation may afflict him; he may undergo surgery, and his sexuality is fiery and passionate. This combination is very harmful to the marriage partner, who may even die if Mars is severly afflicted here.
JUPITER in this position operates like a filter which permits past religious impulses to manifest only in terms of traditional belief systems. Consequently the individual becomes learned, industrious, interested in the scriptural knowledge of his traditions and the higher values of life; he practices severe penance as well as arduous rituals. Nonetheless, the emotional craving for sexual pleasure under some pretence or other drives the native into affairs with widowed partners, or with extremely "reli­gious" people who are otherwise highly respectable.
SATURN hi the Eighth house puts a powerful lid on past auspicious influences, forcing the individual to meet the everyday trials of life with no help from his past karma. Under such rigorous conditions he becomes bewildered, having been abandoned by his relations, abused and tor­mented through no apparent fault of his own, and put to physical hardships which require great stamina to bear. In some cases, finding his helpless­ness acute, he begins to seek pleasure through dissipation, though under favorable circumstances the individual may begin pursuing an arduous spiritual path which, though it may not eliminate sorrow from his life, may reveal the deeper meaning of that life and the destiny which awaits him after his period of trial.
With RAHU in this position the individual is always trying to attain his goal, but unfortunately his goal is not often clear to him. Under such conditions he is always worried about unimportant things or striving after something which seems important to him momentarily but gives no ultimate satisfaction, and to attain his assumed objective he may associate with undesirable characters who bring him a bad name. He suffers from complex ailments which are difficult to diagnose.
KETU involves the native hi "secret matters." Under this impulse he may join secret mystical societies, pursue occult studies, indulge in socially unapproved activities, or use unethical methods to attain his goals. He may even go so far as to engage in some type of cruelty, sexual abandon, or drunkenness.


When Aries occupies the Eighth house, the individual is constantly exposed to completely new sets of circumstances; he is unprepared for the patterns of life that are unfolded to him. He is driven far away from his birthplace and the society in which he spent his childhood. In the pilgrimage of his life he ascends many peaks and attains much money and status, but from every peak he views his past, and the memory of olden days disturbs his psychological balance.
When the SUN occupies this sign the individual experiences unex­pected changes in career and assumes unexpected responsibilities. The punctiliousness of the individual enables him to attain high status even in these constantly changing situations.
The MOON in this sign makes the individual psychologically strained, dissatisfied with life, unhappy and unhealthy. He is learned and able, but his actions are often foolish.
MERCURY will make the individual long-lived, regulated in his habits, intelligent, calculating and respected, but he sometimes meets with oppo­sition in life. He experiences obstructions hi his official career.
VENUS makes the individual marry several times. He is unlucky, incurs sudden severe losses, may become cruel, and does not get much satisfaction from married life. He may suffer from venereal disease or other diseases of the genito-urinary tract.
MARS occupying this sign destroys one's plans suddenly, devastating one's expectations of life so quickly that no preparatory precautions can be undertaken. The native's family life, especially his relations with his siblings, is disturbed.
JUPITER'S placement in Aries is not very helpful. It can make the individual heartless, devoid of emotional attachment, and self-seeking. He acquires much property but is not happy with married life. His spouse is unhealthy and his passion is not reciprocated. He therefore seeks satisfaction in extramarital affairs.
SATURN in this sign and house increases the longevity of the native, but his educational career, happiness from children, physical health and conjugal relationships are very much afflicted.
RAHU makes the individual vulnerable to poisons or to enmity from his spouse and the spouse's relations. The danger is so severe that his very life, as well as his wealth and property, may be threatened.
KETU makes the individual inherit property suddenly; even honor and respectability come to him suddenly, though he is generally not consid­ered very efficient. His death also takes place suddenly.


Taurus in the Eighth house burdens the native with an unsympathetic spouse who uses the marriage as a means of personal advancement, though for better or worse this spouse is responsible or instrumental in making the native important. He becomes a worshipper of the female power in nature; i.e. he worships the shakti. If his goals in life are material, he will indulge excessively in the satisfaction of his carnal passions, including extramarital or other illicit affairs.
The SUN occupying this sign makes the individual restless, always thinking of acquiring more money, more pleasure, higher status, and children. He experiences a sudden rise in life, the sudden and unexpected birth of a child, a sudden fall from high position, and a rather sudden death as well.
The MOON in this position produces coolness even amidst turmoil. Longevity is enhanced, in spite of confrontations with difficult physical and psychological situations. The native's rise in status and renown will be enduring, though his arrogance, however subtle, will be noted by those around him. He will receive a substantial legacy or property acquired by others.
MERCURY will destroy the native's vital energy, though he will wantonly seek pleasures of the senses and the satisfaction of his passion. He will suffer from several ailments.
VENUS in this sign will make the person famous, long-lived and amiable, but he will be plagued with rectal or genito-urinary complaints and with an overly lascivious spouse.
MARS in this position will shape an individual motivated by a powerful inward impulse. His life will be constant movement; his passion for living, for exploration, for renown, for monetary reward and for sexual conquest will be insatiable. He will, however, be unable to enjoy the fruits of his conquests blissfully.
JUPITER will create contradictions in the person's character. Behind a veil of respectability the native's sexual curiosity and desire to enjoy the pleasures of life will be strong, though he will feel guilt in satisfying those desires. He will not enjoy a happy home life and, though he sometimes seems to be a great moralist, Ms life has not grown in a balanced way. He will be sickly but long-lived.
SATURN in this position draws the individual towards spiritual studies, giving nun great insight into the personality of others and premonitions of coming events. He receives help and guidance from unknown sources; life moves in an unpredictable manner.
RAHU can make the person psychologically unhealthy, fussy about everything, and never satisfied. He will be long-lived but indigent, and very few people will admire him.
KETU will arouse supernatural powers in the native, and his intuitive understanding of relationships will be surprising. He will acquire much fame.


With Gemini in the Eighth house, one is unable to control or regulate the powerful impulses of one's karmic past, as a result of which the native moves in directions motivated by his subconscious. His mind is often torn between several conflicting ideals. He knows that his motivations are selfish and narrow-minded, but he also possesses a profundity of vision which shows him the shallowness of his own life. Intellectually, he will be quite sound, and his intellect will often lead him to spirituality.
The SUN hi this sign energizes the intellect in such a way that the selfishness of the person is tremendously emphasized. Feelings of egotism cultivated in past lives surface with intense force, making the native clever but unmoral, deceitful, and manipulative. Serious bouts of fever sap his vital energy and his health suffers.
The MOON leads the individual into numerous sexual affairs which remain devoid of satisfaction. It destroys the natural goodness with which the person is born, inculcating in him many secret vices. His father suffers an untimely death, but his mother is long-lived. The native himself undergoes operations connected with the reproductive organs. He seldom listens to good advice.
MERCURY in this sign will not be damaging, though the social life of the native will not be all it could be. His life will be a pit of secrecy, and he may receive some legacy. There may be much renown and status as well.
VENUS will disturb the sexual balance of the individual. His relationships will be predominantly carnal, his spouse may be promiscuous, and he himself will become ever more engrossed in sensuality. He will be extremely skillful in camouflaging his sexual affairs.
MARS has a tremendous influence in this sign and house, creating a whirlwind of past karmic forces drawing both good and bad to the surface. The intellect and sociability of the native are greatly accentuated, but he is vulnerable to surgical operations and accidents. His words often become violent, but he attains wealth and a sumptuous legacy.
JUPITER in this sign arouses egotism, allowing the individual to justify his every action. His luxurious habits, idealism, and secret maneuvers will bring much wealth and power to him, though his morals will be doubtful.
SATURN in this position will destroy the individual's material suste­nance and support. It may bestow a long life, but a life which is often full of intense sorrow and serious diseases. The native may be abandoned by almost all his relations and have serious difficulties in his career.
RAHU can make the native very talkative or, if afflicted, a gossip-monger. He will also be very inscrutable.
KETU in this position will makes it necessary for the native to draw upon all this planet's innnate spirituality in order to avoid drunkenness, an early death or general dissipation.


Cancer in the Eighth house implies an extensive area of the unknown which needs to be worked out in the individual's life. In order to transform the ego from one level of consciousness to another, many experiences are needed, which require that diverse forces from the realm of the unknown be directed to the individual. This impulse vitally energizes his conscious­ness and aspirations. He will never reveal to others these tremendous changes and movements taking place in his psyche.
With the SUN in this sign, the individual receives a legacy, as well as a kind of spiritual illumination and a vision of the universal force pervad­ing all. Such experiences often come in a flash, but linger on for a long time, gradually transforming his attitude and expectations from life. On the external level, this solar influence is not very perceptible, except perhaps as a tendency toward fever.
The MOON in this sign makes a remarkable impact. Deep learning, extraordinary intelligence, and a religious background fire the imagina­tion of the native to such an extent that he loses his self-centeredness and acquires tremendous power for compassionate action. His wisdom is converted into humility. He attains a respectable status in life but suffers from throat and bronchial ailments; he may leave a secret legacy for his children. Essentially, such a person sacrifices himself for others.
MERCURY produces a craftiness which may lead the individual to elope with someone else's spouse, thereby gaining pleasure, wealth, and social status. However, he is not free from illness and may not live to a great age.
VENUS in this sign also leads to secret affairs and an intensely lustful life, but the respectability of the native is somehow saved. He acquires much money, legacies, and a good social position.
MARS is conducive to serious emotional upheavals. These may result in lustful outbursts or the undertaking of arduous religious observances leading to initiation of some kind. There will be strain with the father and ailments of the blood. The native must be very careful of serious accidents.
JUPITER in this sign, being exalted, sheds any possible adverse tendencies and bestows an unsullied spirituality. The individual suffers much for his mother, to whom he is greatly attached. He enjoys an affluent life, pleasures of the bed, eminence in family relations, and acquisition of property. He may suffer from some congenital ailment, though it should not create any serious difficulties in his lifestyle. He is generally long-lived and inherits a handsome legacy.
SATURN in this position precipitates a very disconcerting effect: whatever the individual desires will be denied to him. He will suffer from inscrutable pain which he cannot share with anyone, and from ailments which defy every medication. His creativity will be frustrated, his legiti­mate share in family property may be denied, and his advances for partnership will be thwarted. Unless he moves to the realm of the spiritual, where material relationships are very insignificant, his life will be miser­able.
RAHU in this sign will inspire the individual towards spiritual detach­ment, but he will be stigmatized for his beliefs. He may be vulnerable to poisoning, either as a suicide attempt in one of his depressive moods or as a willful attempt at murder by his enemies.
KETU creates an imbalance of mind, making the individual suffer from some kind of obsession.


Leo is an intensely spiritual sign which raises the individual's con­sciousness. This may occur either as the result of intense frustration with the world of materiality or as the result of past forces which impel the individual to establish conscious relationship with the Serpent Fire. In either case there is a feeling of worldly disenchantment, and the individual either dries up emotionally or becomes united with the universal con­sciousness, whereby the glory of individual achievements pales into insignificance.
The SUN in this sign provides a very powerful impulse which accen­tuates the zodiacal influence. The native has a matter-of-fact appreciation of worldly conditions and is moved by an impulse which leads him to the realization of his desired objectives.
The MOON disturbs the link between the individual and his eternal self; in fact, this relationship seems a meaningless illusion. The native moves towards sensual gratifications, disparaging well-established or socially approved channels. He becomes "burned out" in the process. His peace of mind is disturbed and he falls victim to ailments which incapac­itate him in some ways.
Very disturbing experiences manifest under the influence of MER­CURY. It bestows wealth, renown, and a good intellect, but irresistible passions combined with anxiety regarding those passions throw the individual out of gear. He may become something of a social pariah, though his reputation and his position are usually saved through some fortuitous circumstance.
VENUS is a lucky planet in this sign and house. Though the individual may suffer in childhood and die unexpectedly in the prime of life, yet he will acquire a legacy, much wealth, high social status and very intelligent children during the short duration of his existence. His spouse, however, will become a problem at some point.
MARS in Leo is eminently in its own fiery element. It destroys everything unwanted in life and actively seeks spiritual experiences. The soul has elected to sacrifice material pleasure for spiritual realization. This may happen through denial of marital happiness, absence of social asso­ciations, loss of family inheritance, or abandonment from one's siblings. The native must stand completely on his own. Accidents, surgery, prob­lems with the blood or diseases connected with the genito-urinary tract are the worldly trials which impel the native towards his Higher Self.
JUPITER in this position loses its protective quality and operates by expanding whatever comes within its sphere of influence. In so doing, however, it is aware of a need to expand the native's spiritual awareness as well. Thus it contributes to an unhappy marriage, or to an infatuation with someone who can never become an enduring partner. Marital com­patibility in general is poor, and sexual attractions soon lose their potency. The relationship with the father is soured, and the mother's feeling towards the native are upset. Ultimately the disenchanted worldly self stands face to face with the Higher Self — but it may be too late to begin the present life afresh.
SATURN is extremely powerful in this position, destroying all sense of a separate personality. It produces excruciating pain which may be absolved through an understanding of esoteric philosophy but which, in the absence of spirituality, leads the individual into underhanded business dealings or professions. He may even become an unethical politician.
RAHU makes the native a law unto himself; at worst he may become a smuggler or drug dealer who is always surrounded by chicanery. He may lead a very dirty life.
KETU in this sign arouses deep pain which finally leads to the native's psychological unfoldment; he will succeed in his trials. He will be tempted by the glamour of modern life, and his nerves will be shaken. He will be plagued by diseases difficult to diagnose or treat. At last, however, his consciousness will merge with the universal consciousness. His end will be sudden.


Virgo, which contains within itself the different kinds of perfection, brings the individual face to face with immense possibilities which he can realize if he undergoes appropriate psychological adjustment and physical purification. In the Eighth house, Virgo renders the individual almost possessed by the idea of his destiny. Whenever he strives for altruistic or social goals, the native achieves extraordinary results, though in private life he suffers physical pain and psychological frustration.
The SUN hi this sign often leads the native to separation from his spouse and compels him to lead a difficult life. Having a powerful libido, his passion is a problem for him.
The MOON hi this sign bestows wealth, intelligence, and even a legacy, but it also renders the individual vulnerable to extramarital affairs. His health suffers, and in order to live out a full span he must reinforce the Moon's strength.
MERCURY in this sign considerably strengthens the mind of the individual, bestowing mental power and the ability to make mature decisions. As a result, the native becomes skillful in secret negotiations and manipulating the family circle. Sexual morality is not a strong point. The native's children, who are generally few in number, may find their growth and development hindered.
VENUS leads to poor health and scandal due to extramarital liaisons which damage the native's career prospects and family harmony.
Under the impact of MARS, the impulsiveness of the individual and a powerful egotism may destroy social relationships. Mars brings a substantial inheritance and legacy, but the danger of infection to the liver is great; the native may become involved in accidents, and death may be sudden.
JUPITER in this position produces wealth, a powerful literary gift, involvement in extramarital relationships, and landed property. The indi­vidual suffers from chronic ailments but dies at an advanced age.
With SATURN in this sign the individual acquires renown in foreign countries; his skill and power are recognized. He may, however, suffer from muscular deficiencies, and his old age is often very sorrowful.
RAHU may lead the individual into vice. If afflicted, it may tempt the native to associate with low characters who earn their money dishonestly.
KETU turns the individual towards spirituality. He attains much power both mentally and socially, but suffers heart-wrenching personal experi­ences. Finally, he develops a sense of detachment from all material things.


With Libra in the Eighth the individual is bom with creative vision. He receives from the unknown depth a quality of sensitivity which greatly enhances both pleasure and pain. He is basically honest, religious and helpful, but his intentions are greatly impeded by his family and by external conditions. He wishes to enjoy the secret pleasures of life, and is unable to do so to his heart's content. Social obligations, moral pressures, and physical limitations keep his desires secret, though when expressed in poetry they embody a mystic sentiment.
The SUN in this sign impels the individual to operate on a low material level, but the Innate mystic vision within him may enable him to become a leader of society. If he becomes a military general he will lead a victorious army. If he is an administrator he will be tersely efficient. He will be very wealthy and carry secrets of state in his heart.
With the MOON in this sign the individual acquires a sense of beauty and orderliness which will make him extremely popular. He will have tremendous appeal to the opposite sex. His children will be remarkable, and he will often get unexpected lifts in life.
MERCURY will afflict the individual with sexual weakness, though to compensate there will be other qualities such as sharp intellect, laudable academic achievement, and well-cultivated social associations. He will be attached to his mother and spouse and will live a life of luxury.
VENUS will help the individual receive much unearned wealth. He will be a source of envy to his siblings and colleagues.
MARS will bestow warmth and passion to the native's life and drive him to seek hidden pleasure in undesirable quarters. He may receive money from an inheritance.
JUPITER will also make the individual vulnerable to the affliction of secret pleasures and sorrows, as well as to diseases like diabetes.
SATURN will make the native powerful, in social demand. He will draw his sources of inspiration from abroad and die of a lingering illness in a foreign land.
RAHU will encourage the individual to indulge in antisocial activities and lead a very secluded life.
KETU may subject the native to sexual aberrations and to the possi­bility of disfiguring diseases if seriously afflicted.


Scorpio in the Eighth house makes the life of the native sad in several ways. The individual under its impact will prefer to live a secluded life, pursuing his own interests. He may be interested in occult subjects and esoteric philosophy. As his approach will generally be from a practical standpoint, success is not always assured.
The SUN in this sign leads the native to some unhappiness arising primarily from his failure to achieve his desired goal. Surgery and humiliation will cause some kind of problem which is difficult to identify.
The MOON will impel the native toward secret liaisons, and his family may have to bear the humiliation and misfortune he causes.
With MERCURY in this sign, the individual may be occupied in a secret and perilous business. Peace of mind will be absent, and the individual may develop degenerative diseases in old age.
VENUS in this position will create much sexual disturbance, inducing the individual to seek illicit liaisons. His associates will be persons engaged in gratifying their sensual desires.
MARS in this sign is powerful, producing courage in the individual which enables him to accept any challenging task. He will receive much wealth by way of the lottery or a legacy, but will suffer from blood loss and perhaps die suddenly.
JUPITER in this position will make the individual a pleasure seeker. He will be able to acquire much property and will die after a prolonged illness.
SATURN will enable the individual to maintain a great deal of secrecy about himself. He will prefer to be known only through his actions. He will attain fame and status unexpectedly, but will die a saddened individ­ual.
RAHU impels the individual to seek material goals, though without inculcating social sanctions.
KETU shapes an occultist engaged in arduous esoteric practices.


Sagittarius in the Eighth house enables the individual to receive impulses from the unknown — as if they were in actuality known to him and he merely waits for them to descend. He takes changes in stride without showing any trace of their impact on his psyche. He likes change — and each new development exposes a new aspect of life. As his life unfolds, the glories of nature are increasingly his to enjoy. He is no prude: given the opportunity to indulge himself, he is unlikely to abstain. Nevertheless, he has a very detached view of life and its entanglements.
The SUN in this sign will bring any latent cruelty to the surface. The native's temper can erupt without the slightest provocation. He will destroy his family property and will not enjoy his mother's affection. His death will probably be due to fever. If the planetary combinations are favorable for the blossoming of spirituality, he will have a special poten­tial for receiving extraordinary powers from unknown sources.
The MOON in this sign makes the individual suffer on account of his siblings. Though he will have career problems, he will be an ardent student of the occult and can easily acquire supernatural powers. He is always engaged in helping others, but his own life is full of sorrow and he is subject to many ailments. He is likely to be injured on a battlefield or by an explosive.
MERCURY in this sign will bring much renown to the native and he will be engaged in transforming contemporary thinking in one way or another. His life will be dedicated to a kind of religious awakening. He may die early, almost in the prime of life.
With VENUS in this position, the individual will be a versatile genius. He will be able to explore the unknown depths of many branches of learning where sensitivity, insight, intuitive understanding and deep reli­gious feelings are needed. He will be wealthy and behave almost like a teacher or "priest of the kings."
MARS occupying this sign makes the individual greatly courageous despite setbacks in his personal career. His married life may fail. His colleagues may let him down. Foreigners may create difficulties for him. But finally he will transcend all these difficulties. He will earn much renown abroad. His occupation in life will be spectacular. He will sud­denly shoot up in glory and light. He will die suddenly as well.
When JUPITER occupies this sign, the meritorious deeds of the individual's past lives will appear before him to harmonize his life and to encourage him to proceed further on his destined path. For this purpose they will produce for him a very congenial atmosphere. His intellect will also be sharpened. His trials will come from the attractions of luxurious conditions present in his life. He will have to exercise extreme control over himself in order to overcome the allure of sex and money.
SATURN'S impact will make it impossible for the native to fall prey to the dazzle of modem society. Physically he will be weak and afflicted by constitutional defects. His profession will be sufficiently straightfor­ward as not to produce any serious worldly temptations. His philosophical attitude will develop his spirituality.
RAHU may produce inscrutable ailments difficult to diagnose. The individual will often be depressed.
KETU will make the individual a true occultist, capable of delving deeply into esoteric philosophy and possessing extraordinary perfection in controlling nature's secret powers.


Capricorn in the Eighth house makes the individual learned and religious. The basic impulse of this sign makes him receptive to those forces of nature which raise the individual from the level of personal considerations to a concern for society in general. However, under certain planetary combinations selfishness may become acute and the native is confined to his own narrow mental cell.
With the SUN in this sign, the individual is ripe for occult training and the control of nature's secret powers. Nothing worldly attracts the indi­vidual under this impulse, so the physical world is transcended and the native is free to devote himself to occult preparations. Society does not give him any recognition; he may be humiliated, his actions and attitudes misunderstood. But these trials simply make him ever more receptive to the illuminations from the unknown which irradiate his mind and being. Thus the Sun in this position presents physical restrictions and difficulties which enable the native to gain spiritual power.
The MOON in this sign creates some psychological problems by presenting material temptations. The individual will be intensely inter­ested in the mystical side of life, but his interest will be primarily guided by the desire to acquire personal glory. He will succeed in attaining his goals, perhaps so suddenly that he himself will be surprised. He will receive wealth and property from his parents, as well as inspiration.
MERCURY in this sign has a special significance. The individual will become so headstrong as to be absolutely inflexible, which will create problems in his career. He will accept these setbacks as God's will, regarding them as the fruit of his own past deeds. As a result of this attitude, he will not attempt any great changes in his life. Opponents will take advantage of his so-called principles to strike him down and bring about his downfall. These battles will finally impel him to withdraw into a seclusion which leads to deep meditation and contemplation.
VENUS will shape an individual who is attracted to the pleasures of the senses and their gratification. He will acquire much wealth and his renown will spread far and wide. His health, however, will suffer due to his indulgences.
MARS will bestow upon the individual so much spiritual strength and moral courage that he will be able to transcend all the physical and moral hurdles of life. It will enable him to dive deep into the unknown to explore and bring to the surface the mystic laws of nature. This impulse can make the individual very rich, even a world leader.
JUPITER in this position emphasizes the individual's personal comfort and sensual gratification. In spite of a respectable and spiritual spouse, the native will be involved in illicit affairs with older partners and in the accumulation of property. He may receive money earned by others; his father will live long.
SATURN in this sign complicates the native's personal life. Marriage may be frustrating, with the partner suffering from some physical inca­pacity. Everyday life may be so complex that the native has no time of his own. With all avenues of creativity blocked, he feels extremely stifled.
RAHU in this sign will make the person detached from anything personal, making his life an open book to the world. He will receive unexpected and unearned money and wealth, but will also have to accept painful psychological experiences.
KETU in this position makes the individual an unprincipled seeker of pleasure. Unexpected changes in life and frequent removals or journeys will be part of his destiny.


Aquarius hi the Eighth house, if unaffected by any other planetary influence, often drives the individual away from his home, wandering from place to place and maintaining himself either by begging or by appropriating what belongs to others. Renouncing what rightly belongs to him, he may toil for a cause which leaves him indigent. The individual will be driven through the world in the quest to achieve something which is not easily attainable.
The SUN in this sign will bring a legacy and occult interests to the native. Death will occur in old age through fever.
The MOON in this position will bring the native into contact with learned spiritual teachers who may awaken his immense creative poten­tial. The individual will have poor health, suffering from weakness of the nerves and muscles; he will be easily susceptible to changes in the weather. He will receive material and spiritual gifts from the state as well as from elderly persons.
MERCURY in this sign will create difficulties for the native, arising from siblings and colleagues. His marriage will be strained in some way, denying him a comfortable home life. His father will suffer, but the individual may gain an inheritance from him, howsoever little it may be.
VENUS will leave the individual bereft of family pleasures. His friends and associates will be unhelpful and self-seeking. He will suffer from heart trouble and have clandestine affairs with widowed or older partners.
MARS will also create difficulties: the native's professional life will be in jeopardy, his children will have unexpected health problems, his father may die suddenly, and he himself may be involved in accidents necessitating surgery.
JUPITER in this sign will produce a spiritual individual who will understand the esoteric significance of religious rituals. He will be im­mensely lucky as far as spiritual life is concerned; he will be a teacher commanding a large number of disciples. He may enter into a liaison with a married partner in order to achieve sexual fulfillment; he will inherit much wealth and power. His longevity, however, may be harmed: he will be bom to complete some specific piece of work for society, and, having completed it, he will depart.
SATURN may bring unexpected loss of honor and money. The native's children often give him much sorrow, and he himself may suffer from diseases associated with old age.
RAHU in this sign draws the native towards the darker side of materiality and, at worst, towards an ignoble end.
KETU will arouse supernormal consciousness, establishing direct contact with the inhabitants of other worlds.


Pisces in the Eighth house may bring death from stomach ailments, fever, drowning, blood impurities, or during surgery. It is a sign which makes the individual spiritually inclined, but he suffers disappointment from his children. He inherits money from his father, but generally has to work hard in order to gain and maintain status.
The SUN in this sign accentuates the spiritual interests of the native. He suffers from eye trouble or problems in the navel region.
The MOON makes the individual interested in the "hidden pleasures" of life. He suffers from kidney trouble but receives a legacy.
Under the impact of MERCURY, the individual loses what should ordinarily have belonged to him by way of inheritance. Bronchial disor­ders may at times be troublesome, though he will live long.
VENUS in this sign brings money and an unexpected rise in status. The native's children will be helpful and will bring comfort to him. He may receive unexpected legacies and an inflow of money. In old age, he will lead a pious life.
MARS will encourage the individual to indulge in "forbidden plea­sures." He will talk of morality and ethics, but personally will lead an immoral life. He may be covetous of other people's wealth and spouses.
JUPITER will make the individual susceptible to obesity. Though he may have lascivious tendencies, yet he will be religious. He will receive legacies and live to a fairly old age.
SATURN will destroy marital felicity and may drive the individual to the verge of separation and divorce. He will attain high status in society but feel mentally unsatisfied. He will gam no pleasure from children. He may have to use illegal means to gain some legacy which should rightfully have come to him. His creativity and social life will be much restricted and he will feel stifled, though he may not be in a position to express his difficulties to others.
With RAHU here, the native will surreptitiously acquire wealth be­longing to others. He will feel very insecure, haunted by an unknown fear. He will live long, though suffering from many kinds of karmic diseases.
KETU in this sign will make the native enlightened, philosophical, and detached.