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Friday, March 15, 2013

Shani and Rahu

Shani and Rahu

Shani Dev

There is a Sanskrit saying, “Rahu vat Shani, Ketu vat Mangal.” Rahu acts like Saturn and Ketu acts like Mars.
 But the nodes also take on the flavor of planets influencing them or in whose nakshatra (constellation) they occupy. 
We have two powerful natural malefics posited in Libra. This can bring about great transformation, but at a price. Saturn is the planet of discipline, responsibility, toil and obstruction. Rahu is the shadow planet of desire, ambition, and questing. Your experience of Saturn is amplified with a focus on achievement by creative means, if necessary. Ketu has similar qualities to Rahu, but can take on a more spiritual dimension, while Rahu engages in the outer world primarily.
Rahu  can see through the plan, it has intuitive and analytical qualities of deriving the outcome of most of the carefully set up plans and features , it has stealth like qualities and likes to remain unnoticed and on low profile but it’s an  intelligent spy that is aware of  his right  and uses his ability of disguise and illusion to hilt to achieve its end. Contrary to popular belief while on quest its even immune to hypnotic beauty of Mohini (the celestial maiden form of Lord Vishnu).But its sense of triumph was short lived as it had to pay the price of few drops of elixir with a body severed into two therefore the fruits it provides for are also have a short life .
Rahu is instrumental in strengthening one's power and converting even an enemy into a friend. In Buddhism Rahu is one of the krodhadevatas (lit: Anger divinities. i.e., a divinity having the attributes of anger and the like).
The astrological text Lal Kitab makes an interesting point that if Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in a chart, they can together be treated as Rahu. This relates to the fact that Rahu acts as a bridge between Jupiter, the preceptor of the gods, and Venus, the preceptor of the demons.
If rahu is deception, stealth, intelligence, intuition ,Shani is righteous, judgmental, slow cold and ,unforgiving . While Rahu personifies everything hidden , Shani  delves on what is revealed the character or persona. While Rahu is an urge a desire to seek its right, Saturn is for looking inwards and renouncing. Saturn was born out of a shadow ,while rahu is shadow itself.
Now the question  is shani vat Rahu.- There is a Sanskrit saying, “Rahu vat Shani, Ketu vat Mangal.” Rahu acts like Saturn and Ketu acts like Mars. The nodes also take on the flavor of planets influencing them or in whose nakshatra (constellation) they occupy.
How can a planet intelligent enough to sense the deception of devas in partaking elixir remain under the cold and judgmental Shani. In laal kitaab Rahu is taken as agent of Saturn . An agent who is aware of his rights and can use the guise of deception ,stealth  even in servitude and with imminent dangers ,that is why rahu is associated with occupation and things  fraught with danger ,poisons and gases .
Rahu is an odd genius an outcast feared for his insights, analysis and an urge for supremacy, immortality and power, so it urges, triggers and incites the individual desires to fight for the moment of glory however short-lived  it may be. Shani on the other hand  was responsible of sun going into eclipse the moment it set its eyes on Sun , the aspects of shani are in fact are phoenix like it burns the emotional and physical garbage around the soul to arise out the ashes just like phoenix and soar to new heights. Rahu on the other hand is your vaam panthi friend working out on all potent mantras in cremation grounds when the entire world is asleep and unaware, but the moon in the night is the first witness followed by the first lustrous ray of the Sun. With the Light of Sun the awareness creeps in and slowly and gradually the news is a headline.
Rahu has been attributed to be like shani because its an urge ,a desire for supremacy mostly denied by supreme forces thereby often leading to frustrations , depressions and even the suicidical  tendencies. Rahu is a focused hunter on hunt for supremacy and almost nothing can deviate it from its near fatal love to hunt for supremacy and immortality.
Conclusion- Though at times its like Saturn but then  Rahu has multidimensional  persona of its own it’s a master of disguise and can think and act like the planets it associates with ,the lord of zodiac sign housing  Rahu ,the aspecting planets and like the Nakshatra lord of nakshatra housing Rahu. With options available the master of guise and deception is like your 007 flick hero with multitude of gadgets and tools to mesmerize and terrify the enemies to submission.