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Sunday, October 16, 2011



There are certain other events which are peculiar to females and which have to be predicted by the Arthava LAGNA or the sign that rises at the time of the first appearance of the menses. There are two LAGNAs both for men and women, viz., the rising sign or Janma LAGNA at the time of birth and Janma Rasi or the sign occupied by the CHANDRA. The odd signs are called cruel and the even signs are called mild. From the birth LAGNA must be ascertained the complexion, beauty and genera appearance of the woman and the 8th house from LAGNA must be consulted for her marital life and widowhood. From the 7th house from LAGNA her sexual passions, her husband's character, her fortune and her general happiness have to be found out. The 5th house from LAGNA has to be examined to find out her pregnancy, he issues, conceptions and abortions.

If the birth or CHANDRA falls in even signs she will have feminine characteristics. If they have beneficial aspects or conjunctions, the female will be beautiful, will have ornaments, and will be respected. If the LAGNA and CHANDRA fall in odd signs, she will be masculine in appearance and temper, bad character sorrowful; if these two, LAGNA and CHANDRA, are combined with or aspected by cruel planets, her character will be bad and sinful. In judging of these results, the astrologer has great difficulties and has to use much discretion in predicting the results. Take some illustrations; Karkataka is LAGNA with MANGAL there and aspected by SANI. LAGNA is even and the girl ought to be good, but the presence of MANGAL in debilitation with the aspect of SANI will make her a whore and of bad character.

There are some women, bad in morality but otherwise respectful and agreeable in behaviour. There are some others who are moral gems, but disrespectful and quarrelsome in behaviour. In the above case say CHANDRA is also in KANYA an even sign and is aspected by GURU or SUKRA. Say MAKARA is LAGNA and MANGAL and SANI are there. MAKARA is an even sign with MANGAL in exaltation and SANI in his own house. Now do the planets here give the same results as they do in Karkataka? Karkataka as LAGNA with MANGAL and GURU, with SANI and SURYA, with SUKRA and SANI, with MANGAL and SUKRA, with RAHU and SURYA; with KETU and CHANDRA will and must produce certainly different results. Suppose MESHA as LAGNA with SANI and MANGAL, SANI and RAHU, SANI and GURU, SANI and CHANDRA, and SANI and SUKRA they will produce characteristics of a different kind and the student should be very careful in his predictions.

Take Karkataka as LAGNA with GURU in it. He will be in exaltation, and if he has no evil aspects he will produce a woman of great majesty, excellent character, virtuous behaviour and generous disposition. Suppose MAKARA is LAGNA. Here both Karkataka and MAKARA are even signs and in both we have GURU the most beneficial among the planets. But in MAKARA, GURU is debilitated and as such the woman cannot be one of exceptional character. There is great difference in the signs themselves. Karkataka is a beneficial sign and when the CHANDRA is full, it will be quite auspicious. But when the CHANDRA is weak as in Amavasya, the sign will not be so powerful. MAKARA is an evil sign by nature and GURU there is bad both because MAKARA is an evil sign and also because GURU is in debilitation.

Suppose TULA becomes LAGNA with SANI in it and MESHA becomes LAGNA with SANI in it. The difference in the character and behaviour of the girl will be very great. Say a female is adulterous and objectionable but will have the knack to treat her husband with apparent love and consideration and thus give no room for complaint as a wife, then he thinks he is happy. But if the woman is adulterous and takes a defiant stand to her husband, admits her lovers in his presence an causes him great discomfort and pain, the case is different. There is some difference between the two women, although morally both are bad. Take a woman, not given to much adultery, but attached to one bad man, and tries to poison or kill her husband. Her character is certainly reprehensible and she cannot be classed with the other two. Therefore, in judging of planetary influences, great discretion must be used. Odd signs are cruel, Nararasis or masculine. Even signs are mild, feminine or Strirasis. When both CHANDRA and LAGNA fall in odd signs and evil planets occupy or aspect them; the nature of the woman will be thoroughly bad. Even among cruel or odd signs there is, and there must be great difference in producing the evil effects. MESHA, MITHUNA, SIMHA, TULA, DHANUS and KUMBHA are odd and cruel signs, but they are owned by malefic and benefic planets. MESHA is ruled by MANGAL, MITHUNA by BUDHA, SIMHA by SURYA, TULA by SUKRA; DHANUS by GURU, and KUMBHA by SANI. When the LAGNA of a girl falls in any one of then or CHANDRA occupies any one of these, her characteristics will differ.