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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tithi and yoga-- http://www.astrologyexamples.com/astrorules

Chapter I

Thithi and Yoga
Those that have not read my Articles on this subject may feel surprised to know that for correct predictions, Thithi, Weekday, . Star, Yoga and Karana which form the five funda­mental parts of a Panchanga (meaning Pancha Angas i·e., Five Limbs) are as important a5 other things. All of us use the star, that too under limitations, and •. most of us leave off the rest with the result we are left in lurch and the sacred science decried by our folly Or ignorance. I s it not a common say that one is born a Yoga-Purusha (fortunate person)? But few know its real significance as we had not known so far the mode of using both Yoga and. Thithi for Predictions. For the benefit of my friends, I disclose below the Golden Truths in Astrology. First I dwell on Thithi and Yoga, the rest will be dealt with later. In Sanskrit Thithi' means subtraction while Yoga means Addition. The difference in position between Moon and Sun gives thlthi while the sum-total of them gives yoga. There are 30 Thithis and 27 Yogas. Each yoga is controlled by a star in the chronological order, the first Vishakamba Yoga starting with the star Pushyami. The lord of the yoga is its stellar lord. In addition to this chief birth yoga planet the lord of the Rasi containing the birth yoga point will also become another yogi called 'Duplicate yogi'. For calculation of Thithi and Yoga please go through my Chapter I of Part I.
As for anything there is a negative for every positive, there is Avayoga· planet (Adverse) for every yoga planet and they are as follows:

Avayogi or Enemy Sani
(Triple sets of planets)
Ketu, Moon, Guru Sukra, Kuja, Sani Sun,Rahu, Budha
As per this theory there is only one enemy for each planet 'and all the 9 planets are grouped into 3 sets of 3 each. The 3 planets in each set belong to one group of common friendship. Thus when anyone of the three planets becomes a yogi the other two automatically imbibe yoga character and this is specially noticed in the case of Rahu. When Sun or Budha becomes yoga planet Rahu becomes yoga­like planet.
Effects of Lunar Day or Thithi
In addition to the laid down broad principles of judgment Thithi has a predominating influence on the life of a person. Except on fu II moon and new moon days every Thithi has at least two Rasis called 'Dagdha' or burnt ones. For details please see Chapter-I Part I. For the sake of convenience I call these Dagdha Rasis as Zero Rasis hereafter. Bhavas counted by them, their lords and planets in such Rasis lose their power, unless retrograde. That is why sometimes predictions go V'uong. Add on to the usual canons of judgments the theory of Zero Rasis and yoga and then predict. You will never faith. Effects of birth in a year, month, day, thithi, star, yoga an'd karana are cited in several books. Of them it is only yoga effect that stands to test. So I have narrated yoga effects in Chapter I Part I.
I now lay down the canons of judgment relating to thithi and yoga effects. To make the subject easy, I give my own Nomenclatures as follows:
Positive Rasis
Negative Rasis
Positive Bhavas
Negative Bhavas :
Positive Planets :
Negative Planets:
Positive Stars
Negative Stars
Own house
Zero Rasi or house of debilitation
Auspicious Bhavas (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11)
Dustana (3-6-8-12)
Lords of Positive Bhavas which are not Zero Rasis and Birth Yogi and Duplicate Yogi.
Lords of Negative Bhavas, Lords of Zero Rasis, Birth Avayogi.
Stars of Positive Planets.
Stars of Negative Planets
Just as in mathematics :
even here the same theory holds good.
Positive Planet in Positive Bh.ava or Rasi or Star
becomes positive.
Positive Planet inNegative Bhava or Rasi or Star
becomes negative.
Negative Planet in Negati 'e Bhava or Rasi or Star
becomes positive.
Negative Planet in Positive Bhava or Rasi or Star
becomes negative.
Positive Planets give favorable results while Negative cause distress.

The above cited formula will suffice to judge the effects correctly. For clearer understanding I cite the following corol­laries with illustrations.
General Enunciation
(1) Yoga planets though attaining negative character still retain theiryoga character.
(2) Yoga planets or those that are in their stars give beneficial effects while Avayoga ones give malefic results.
(3) Yoga planet must be in positive Rasi. Bhava or star while Avayogi must be in negative Rasi, Bhava or Star or Eclipsed.
(4) If 6, 8;.and 12 Bhavas are Zero Rasis good results arise, viz, noenemy, no debt and no loss,
(5) Positive planets in negative Rasis give tolerable good results when retrograde.
(6) Negative planets should not be retrograde as they become morepowerful to do evil.
(7)Rahu and Kethu are natural negatives. When they are in Zero-Rasis they become extremely good. Of them Rahu is exceptionally good.
(8) Weigh your judgment from the position and condi­tion of the stellar lord.
(9) Negative planets in Zero-Rasi or negative Rasi or Bhava are good but become bad it they are retrograde.
(10) Of the 2 Rasis owned by a planet (except sun and moon who own only one Rasi) that Bhava which is Zero-Rasi' suffers and not the other. If that planet is powerfully and positively situated it does more harm to the Zero- Rasi- Bhava but may give good of the other Bhava, If on the other hand such a planet be negatively placed or eclipsed the effect of the Zero Rasi-Bhava becomes good while the other goes . bad.

(11) Planets in conjunction with or a~ppcted by Yoga or Avayogaplanet imbibe their character also in addition to their own.
(12) Duplicate yogi in the star of birth yogi or vice-versa confershigh yoga.
(13) Avayogi in enemy's star is good.
Illustrated Theories
A detailed discussion on the principles. involved in the theory of Thithi and Yoga effects is made hereunder citing examples. Schedule of charts appended hereto and in all the discussion their serial numbers only will be quoted. Readers will please verify from the respective charts:
Theory (1 to 7)
(1) Positive planet in positive Shava and positive Rasi -good
(2) " in positive Bhava but negative Rasi
-Reduced good
(3) " in negative Bhave or negative Rasi or
Eclipsed but not Retrograde ·-bad
(4) " If under 3 abova it be Retrograde -a little better
(5) " in positive Star -good
(6) ,. in negative Star -bad
(7) " though in negative Bhava Or Rasi if it
is in its own star -good after hurdles
Chart: 1-Sun, lord of 9 (Father) though in 7th with many good planets has neither lifted his fates status nor conferred paternal good to the native for the very reason of being in Zero-Rasi. Guru, lord of 1 and 4, with all best traits could not give him full satisfaction of education or bodily strength as he is Zero-Rasi.

Chart: 3-Budha, lord of 2 and 11 though in 5 killed his elder brother and disturbed his finance being in Zero-Rasi.
Chart: 6-Guru, lord of 9 is in Aridra (Rahu's star) and Sani, lord of 11 though in 11 being in Shathabhisha (Rahu's star) both proved very bad during their Dashas.
Chart: 33-Guru, lord of 1 and 4 in 5, being in Aswini (Ketu star) showed his bad during his Guru Dasha though not to a great extent as both belong to one group.
Chart: 12-Sukra, lord of Lagna in 11, though in Zero-Rasi gave some good effects amidst some bad as he is in his own star (Pubba).
Kethu is in anuradha (Sani's star who is yogi). So Ketu Dasha was good.
Theory (8 to 13)
(8) Negative planet in positive Bhava and positive Rasi
not being eclipsed causes -bad
(9) " in positive Bhava but negative Rasi or set gives -good
(10) " in negative Bhava -good
(11) " in all negative positions and set gives excellent results.
(12) " in positive star -bad
(13) " in negative star -very good
Chart: 1-Budha, lord of 7 and 10 (both Zero-Rasis) is in 7th (Zero-Rasi). He was married in a high family and his profession was also tolerably good.
Chart: 7-Moon, lord of 10 (Zero-Rasi), is in 8th and in his own star (Rohini). So his profession is of good rank.
Chart: 34-Budha, lord of 7 and 10 (both Zero-Rasi) is in 3rd (bad Bhava). His wife and profession have been very good.

Chart: 27-Sani, lotd of 2 (Finance) though in 12 has given him heavy finance. Why? As lord of Zero-Rasi (2nd) he is in Dustana as well in the star of Sukra, lord of 5 (another Zero-Rasi). Similarly Sukra is situated in Sani's star.
Chart: 18-Kuja. as lord of 10 (positive Bhava) is in 1 debilitated and also in Pushyami (Avayogi star). So in Kuja Dasha he did not feel happy with profession.
Chart: 24-Guru, as lord of 3 and 6 (Dustanas) which are also Zero-Rasis being in Anuradha (Avayogi star) raised him during Guru Dasha to the status of head of Department. Mere Rasi prediction shows all bad.
Chart: 23-Sukra, as lord of 7 (Zero-Rasi) and lord of 12 (Dustana) is debilitated. So his Sukra Dasha was good.
Chart: 7-Guru, lord of 3 (Zero-Rasi) and 6 is in Aswini (Avayogi star) lifted him up to good position.
Chart: 10-Kuja, lord of 6 (Zero Rasi) in aswini (Kethu) star-an enemy's star gave good during Kuja Dasha. As lord of 11 caused heavy expenditure and loss also.
A planet (positive better, negative not bad) in Yoga star gives good.
Chart: 32-Sani, lord of Lagna, in Dhanista (Yoga star) lifted him up in Sani Dasha to the .rank of Rs. 1000 p.m.
Chart: 33-Rahu in lagna is in Uttarashada (yoga planet's star). So his Rahu Dasha was Yogaic.
Chart: 27-Ketu in 9 should have affected his father Or prosperity but being in Hastha (Yoga star) he does immense good.
Chart: 10-Sukra, lord of 5, is in Punarvasu (Yoga star).
It is Sukra Dasha that started his Yoga as a civil service officer (M.C.S.).
Chart: 12-Ketu in Anuradha (star of Birth Yogi) gave good to family in Ketu Dasha being in 2 (house of family).
Positive planet in enemy's star is bad, but negative planet in enemy's star is good.
Chart: 4-Budha, lord of 2 and 11, is not only in 6th but is also in Dhanista (Kuja's star) an enemy's star, During Budha Dasha he lost heavily by enemy actions,
A planet of the Yogi-group gives good while that of Avayogi group causeS evil.
Chart: 29- Sani. lots of Lagna, in 9 al1d in Swati star, should have gone bad. But note that its lord Rahu is of Yogi­group of Budha. So it is only in his Sani Dasha that he attained Gazetted Rank.
A planet in conjunction with or aspected by Yogi becomes good while with Avayogi becomes bad.
Chart: 8-Kuja in 12 no doubt gave bad to the native during Kuja Dasha but due to his association with Yoga Rahu alongside he also caused some Yoga.
Chart: 4-Budha with Avayogi Rahu caused heavy distress in Budha Dasha.
Chart: 29-Rahu is in Purvabhadra Guru's star who in turn .is with Yoga Budha. Simultaneously the same Rahu is aspected by Avayogi Kuja. During Rahu Dasha he experienced both good and bad.
Chart: 6-Sani, lord of 11 is with Yogi moon. During Sani Dasha he had some beneficial 'effects. But moon being his enemy it did not stay long.
Yogi in Negative Bhava or Rasi-Not much good. Chart-1-Yoga Rahu being in 8 could not give solid Yoga in his Dasha.
Yogi, though owning Negative Rasi or Bhava gives some good at feast.
Chart-3- Guru owns 2 Zero-Rasis and yet he has given him Yoga but of a low order because he is Yogi.
Chart-16-Guru (Yogi) even here owns 2 Zero-Rasis. As he is exalted in Lagna he has retained his high Yoga effect
during Guru Dasha,
Duplicate Yogi also acts as Birth Yogi.
Chart-22-Guru being Duplicate Yogi the Native became the Head of a Department in Guru Dasha by his Retrogression through in Zero-Rasi.
Avayogi in the positive star is Bad.
Chart-18-Avayoga Sani is in Rohini (positive star) in 11 (a positive Bhava also), So his Sani Dasha ended his life.
Avayogi in Negative Bhava, Rasi or star or Eclipsed becomes good.
Chart-1-Sukra (Avayogi) is in 6 in the Star of moon (Lord of 8). So Sukra becomes good.
Chart-2-Avayogi Guru is in 8, debilitated and in the Star of Lord of 6. So her Guru Dasha has been Yogaic. Rasi chart does not say so.
Chart-17-Avayogi Budha is in 8th and in his Own star. He was coroneted in Budha Dasha.
Chart-10-AvaVogi Sun is the owner of 3 and Zero-Rasi.
In Ravi Dasha he was progressing. Further he is in the star of Duplicate. Yogi (Budha).
Chart-5-Avayogi Ketu is in Zero-Rasi and further in the star of Ravi (Zero-Rasi owner and lord of 3). His maximum attainment was in Ketu Dasha. drawing Rs. 1000 p.m.
Chart-14-Avayogi moon is the lord of 3 and Zero-Rasi and is debilitated and further in Yoga in Sani star and also with Yoga Sani. All these confer a very high Yoga during !!loon Dasha when his pay isRs. 500 to 10GO grade.
Chart-35--Avayoga Sani being in Shatab hisha (Rahu star) gave Gazette Rank during Sani Dasha only.
Chart-11-Avayoga Sani is in Dhanista (Kuja's star) and thus in the star of the lord of Zero-Rasi and 12th Bhava. In Sani Dasha she had her best days.
Chart-8-Avayogi Sukra is in Ketu star. So good.
Chart-27-Avayogi Budha is in 8 and in Ketu star. He is having a high Yoga of Rs. 500 p.m. in Budha Dasha. You cannot read so in Rasi chart alone.
Avayogi in the stal of Birth Yogi or Duplicate Yogi gives Yoga after hurdles.
Chart: 14-Avayogi Moon in the star of Birth Yogi Saturn and himself a Duplicate Yogi has given high Yoga during Moon Dastla.
Chart: 23-His Ketu Dasha ran well as Avayogi Ketu being in Dhanista has gone to Yoga Kuja's star.
Chart: 31-Avayogi Kuja is in Sravana (the star of Dupli­cate Yogi). His Kuja Das'ld is excellent. He draws Rs 1000 p.m.
Avayogi as lord of Zero-Rasi-good.
Chart: 14-Avayogi Moon owning Zero-Rasi became good. Chart: 25-Avayogi Guru owning Zero-Rosis his Guru Dasha was good.
Chart: 10-Avayogi Sun being Zero-Rasi Owner was good.
Avayogi getting worse increases the prosperity, vice-versa. Chart: 26-Here Avayogi Kuja is in 8, is the lord of 9th Zero-Rasi, and in the star of San; who is lord of 6 and Zero­ Rasi So during Kuja Dasha he is elevated and happy in all ways of a far higher order.
Avayogi jn his enemy's star gives good results .
Chart: 12-Avayogi Moon in Jyesta (The star of Budha, enemy of Moon). So his profession is good
Chart: 18-Avayogi Sani in Rohini (enemy's star). So his Sani Dasha was good enough.
Rahu and Kew in Zero-Rasi or in the star of the lord of Zero-Rasi give favorable results.
Chart : 12-Ketu Dasha was good as he is in Zero- Rasi. Chart: 5-Ketu Dasha was excellent as he is both in Zero­ Rasi and in the star of Zero- Rasi lord Sun
Chart-8-His Rahu Dasha is the best part in life as Rahu is n Zero- Rasi.
Chart: 13--His Rahu Dasha was, good, Rahu being in Zero-Rasi.
Chart: 25- Rahu Dasha was good as Rahu is in Zero­ Rasi,
Chart: 11-Rahu in 9th in Zero-Ras;' In Rahu Dasha her father prospered
Rahu and Ketu even with Avayogi or in his star give good. Chart-24-Rahu in 10th is both in Sani's star (Pushyami) and with Sani. In Rahu Dasha he scored M· C. S. and became a civil service officer. I\;ote Sani here is Avayogi. This rule is an exception to Rahu and Ketu as they are natural Negatives.
Rahu in the star of Ketu is good and not Ketu in Rahu star as in the latter caSe he goes to his enemy's star.
A Retrograde planet in Negative Ras; is protected from falling down.
Chart-8- Kuja lord of 2 and 7, in 12 and in Zero Rasi should have smashed his Finance, Family and wife had he not
been Retrograde.
Chart-22-As Guru, lord of 9, is in Zero Rasi he should have affected his prosperity. Instead he was a powerful high officer in Guru Dasha as Guru is Retrograde.
The effect of a planet gets modified by the condition, situation, conjunction or Aspect of its stellar lord.
Chart-15-Sukra, lord of 4 and 9, is with 'Avayogi Kuja and also in moon's star and that moon is further accepted by Avayogi Kuja. In her Sukra Dasha both her parents lost their Finance, Name and Wealth one were practically reduced to penury. See how her sun's Dasha has remodeled. Sun in Aswini (Ketu Star) should have spoiled her Ravi Dasha On the other hand it was in her Ravi Dasha that the entire family
prospered. See this stellar lord Ketu is with Budha (Birth Yogi) Hence the modified good effect.
Chart-26-Both Sun and Moon being in Ketu stars the two Dashas should have spoiled the Native's prospects, but they were the best periods. Ketu is not only in 6 but in Zero-Rasi.
Astrology Examples by Jaipal Singh Datta