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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sun signs and sex outlook.

Astrology & Sex are closely knitted to each other as it is quite often said and believed that sun signs determine the sexual desires.


Aries Raunchy Aries is one of the most passionate and impetuous of the signs. Feelings run high when ardent Aries is around. You go all out for what you want - no sitting around waiting for others to make the first move. What you like is short, sharp sex. The basic Aries energy is rapacious, self-oriented, and self-confident. When you finally fall in love, rather than in lust, the romantic and somewhat naive side of your fire nature emerges, but you will remain headstrong and passionate. No matter how romantically inclined, Aries passion is indissolubly linked to love, so you want to express your feelings in a very direct way.


TaurusBy far the most sensual of the signs, Taurus has a passionate nature and a strong sex drive. You are turned on by beautiful people and places. Your earthy, solid body exudes sensuality and arouses desire, but you hesitate to move in on a prospective lover, preferring to be asked. Despite a strong libido, you are not driven by lust. You like a stable, orderly life and are renowned for possessiveness; an active sex life is usually part of an ongoing partnership.When you fall in love, you fall heavily and finally. You are committed for life. Love is something Taurus takes very seriously indeed.


GeminiA restless seeker after new sensations, Gemini never stays still. You dance with partner after partner in an intricate sexual gavotte. Your urge for communication demands continual movement for you, sex is an intellectual activity. You may like to discuss feelings, but you don't feel a need for them. One of your greatest problems in relationships is understanding how other people feel. Indeed, you can be so insensitive to people's feelings that you unthinkingly dash their hopes of love without even noticing. To overcome this, you need to listen as well as talk. Gemini values friendship over love.


CancerCancer is the sign with a powerful urge to nurture people. Your sexual style is caring, concerned, and oriented towards sharing. You feel a need to take care of your partner. Yours is a sentimental, romantic sign. When you fall in love you want the full works: hearts, flowers, and a huge wedding. In love, your biggest problem is over-sensitivity. You are jealous and possessive. You want your partner's undivided love because it makes you feel secure. As a tactile sign, you enjoy kissing and cuddling. Snuggling up with the one you love makes you feel good. Cancer is a great holder of hands.


LeoThe natural king of the zodiac, Leo loves to be the center of attention and to be in love - which is not difficult since you are ruled by the sun and have a warm-hearted nature. As a fire sign, you are exceedingly passionate and sexually demanding. You are a confident and self-assured lover. People do tend to notice you. You are dramatic and full of vitality and bounce, like a boisterous lion cub. But, unlike a cub, you radiate an irresistible sexual power that draws everyone into fascinated orbit around you.


VirgoOn the surface, meticulous Virgo is a shy sign, but you are an entertaining companion for those who take the trouble to inquire into your deeper self in your search for perfection. You tend not to pursue the object of your desire openly. Given the right partner, you display an earthy sensuality and a strong carnal appetite. You are not a sign that gets carried away by love and sentiment. You are much too practical and analytical for that. But when you do fall in love, you are thoughtful and caring and will do all you can to serve your partner.


LibraYou need a partner to make yourself complete. For you, togetherness is what life is all about. You delight in pleasing people and because you adjust to the needs of others, your relationships are always harmonious. You are blessed with enormous charm and sexual charisma, and you don't hesitate to use it to get what you want. Libra is a sign much given to sentiment and romanticism. You do all you can to make your partner happy. You are an accomplished lover and adept at pleasing your partner. Libra is a very refined sign and has very discriminating tastes. You enjoy the finer things in life and this applies to your sexual encounters as well. Everything surrounding sex must be beautiful and harmonious. You like subtle perfumes, candles, incense, massage oils. They arouse your senses. You also like soft, sensual fabrics.


ScorpioYou are a sophisticated and highly adept lover. Scorpio rules sex, birth, death, and rebirth. You have an urge to explore dark places of life where others fear to tread. Powerfully libidinous and intensely sexy, you ignore taboos. You see sex as an opportunity to explore the mystical depths of emotion. Scorpio is a compulsive and obsessive sign. When you are in lust, you obsess about the object of your desires. When you are in love, you think about your beloved constantly. Love, lust, and libido are all important to you. You do not fall in love easily. But when you do fall, you fall hard. And you stay there. What you seek is a true soulmate. Your world is emotional, dramatic, tense, full of emotional undercurrents and the echoes of painful traumas from the past.


SagittariusFreedom-loving Sagittarius is a natural philanderer who hates to be tied down for too long. Ever-impetuous, you revel in a spontaneous, inflammatory sexual adventure with plenty of passion. You fall in love easily. Half the time it is infatuation, but you don't mind and you rarely differentiate between the two until the affair is over. You enjoy being in love. You are an unemotional sign who does not agonize over the future; you simply enjoy what is happening now with great verve and passion. One of your difficulties in love is that you always want more. You have a nagging feeling there could be something more exciting around the corner. It takes a strong love to hold you, but once committed, you are usually faithful.


CapricornDespite having an earthy sensuality, Capricorns can be cautious when it comes to carnal passion. You prefer to wait for the right partner. You take love seriously. You are at your most sober when young, but as you mature the lecherous goat emerges who impulsively climbs the mountain of desire. Capricorn falls in love slowly. The attraction strengthens, the mutual trust develops, and eventually you realize you are deeply in love. Once the commitment has been made, you have an unshakable loyalty to your lover. You find difficulty in openly showing affection. Sex is fine; you can let yourself go within a committed relationship. But it is in the everyday expression of affection that you can be inhibited.


AquariusAs an Aquarius, you value your independence highly and like to do things in your own unique style. Many of your sexual encounters take place somewhere in your head. Although you are interested in humanity as a whole, when it comes to one-on-one closeups, you are often at a loss. Love is something of a puzzle to you. Aquarius likes the thought of a soulmate. Someone with whom you fit, someone who makes your life perfect. Eventually, of course, you find out that soulmates are not always like this. But by then you are so deeply in love it doesn't matter anyway. When you are deeply committed, you are faithful and loyal.


PiscesA Pisces in love is lost in an ecstatic dream. And, since love and sex are one and the same for Pisces, sex is a beautiful fantasy you want to merge and blend with your partner, to become one. Seductive and romantic, your fluid nature sees no boundary between yourself and your beloved. But, all too often, the dream turns out to be merely an illusion. Each time you fall in love you believe you have found your soulmate. You give yourself body and soul to your beloved. Dreams, however, can easily turn into nightmares when you finally realize that all is not what it seemed and the illusion is shattered. You tend to live an "if only" life, dreaming endlessly of what might be and fantasizing about the perfect love affair. Not surprisingly, everyday life usually fails to measure up to your dream world, and the relationships you enter into with such hope fail to fulfill the fantastic promise that they hold in your mind. Pisces has a tendency to cling to the past, and to lovers, and never really severs the bonds. There is nothing Pisces loves more than to see an old flame and rekindle the passion, at least for a time. The thought of hurting anyone's feelings, especially someone you have loved, is more than you can bear.

Sexual acts and their behavior

Sexual acts and behavior depends on two factors:

1. Sign of native
2. Which planets are in 7th house of the horoscope.

1. If Moon or Venus is in 7th house of the horoscope then there will be a quick ejaculation during coitus.
2. If Sun is in the 7th house of the horoscope then there will be agressive sex behavior.
3. If Moon is in the 7th house of the horoscope then the native is delighted in sex but the ejaculation is quick.
4. If Mars is in 7th house of the horoscope then he will be impatient in sex which ends quickly.
5. If Mercury is in the 7th house of the horoscope then the native suffers from premature ejaculation or nervous exhaustion.
6. If Rahu is in the 7th house of the horoscope the native will behave as if he is stealing something.
  The characteristics of sexual tendencies depend upon the position of Mars in the horoscope.
If the Mars belong to:

First House
The native's married life will be full of enthusiasm, have strong sexual urges and will never be satisfied in sex. He enjoys sex life greatly and fully demonstrates his love and affection to his partner will require constant love and affection from partner.
Second House
The native will be aggressive and crude in sex matters. He / She has very burning and deep feelings for partner but does not exhibit them.
Third House
The native will be very determined to have good and healthy sex with the partner. He / She will be courageous and considerate in sex matter but fails to demonstrate.
Fourth House
The native will have extensive sexual relationship with the partner and will be lustfully inclined and selfish in the relationship. They have deep attachment with the partner.
Sixth House
The native will not be sex crazy. Sex will be a normal routine for him / her. Native will not have much regards for partner as far as sex is concerned.
Seventh House
The native will be fond of sex and too demanding in sex and may indulge in indiscreet sex life. The native will be romantic also.
Eight House
The native will have too much sex-indulgent, indiscriminate in sex and greatly attached to principles and morals of married life.
Ninth House
The native will be very moderate and considerate to partner in sex habits. The native will not regards sex as a driving force in life.
Tenth House
The native will be methodical and touchy in sex matters. The native will be fond of pronography and very concious of successful sex act.
Eleventh House
The native has craving for sex but do not show openly and easily satisfied. They attach more importance to health and have a saintly outlook, though in thoughts they are sex- crazy.
Twelth House
The native will be quick and restless in sex behaviour. Even use unnatural methods of sex. The native will be careless about partner,s feeling.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Effects of Retrograde Planets in Horoscope

If a person is born while a planet is in retrograde motion, he/she is immensely effected by the planet’s qualities.
If more than 1 planet in retrograde at the time of birth, then the planet with most number of degrees in its sign will effect the person more.
1. If a planet is retrograde in its exalted sign, it loses its power to help the native.
2. If a planet is retrograde in its debilated sign, it gains more power and helps the native in all possible ways
3. If a planet is debilated and retrograde in Navamsa chart but anywhere in Rasi chart, will be helpful
4. Natural benefics (jupiter,venus,mercury,moon) if own 4,7,10 houses from Ascendant and are retrograde, then will cause more problems in all aspects to the houses they own and also the house they’re placed in.
5. Natural malefics (Sun,Mars,Saturn) if own 4,7,10 houses from Ascendant and are retrograde, then will benefic results in all aspects to the houses they own and also the house they’re placed in.
6. Any planet owning 1,5,9 houses(they shouldn’t own 6,8,12 at the same time) if retrograde will be helpful to the person.
7. All planets(except jupiter) give results of the house they started retrograding from, but not the house they’re placed in at birth. Only Jupiter gives
results of same house in which it is placed at birth time.

11th house and our desires

The house under discussion now is the 11th house which signifies
our hopes and dreams. All mortals look forward to a happy and
prosperous life, where they love and cherish, enjoy success and
appreciation and have a close family that they can call their very
own. A life just lived is the breeding ground for all sorts of
Vedic astrology relates to the concept of birth and rebirth, the
reason for this recurrence is that mortals can only become
detached and ready for enlightenment once all the desires are
satisfied. So it is most important that realization of hopes and
dreams occur as soon as possible. For some there are more
fulfillments than disappointment and for others just the opposite. A close and keen analysis of the horoscope shows what sort of life
a person will have, will there be happiness, wealth, love and
parenthood? These are only some of the life aspects, Vedic
astrology can actually give a complete picture but astrologers are
timid artists who would not like to put a deep color to the figure on
the canvass. They only sketch and it is for you to put the required
amount of color and complete the painting to your desire.
The 11th house, also corresponds to the sign Aquarius which
corresponds to an air sign, is a Kama, or desire, house. Aquarius is
a sign belonging to Saturn, it is strange that when Saturn denotes
all kinds of detachment, our hopes and dreams are in his sign! So
obviously the great malefic also has a role to play in this realm and
everything about him is not about contraction. Perhaps it is the fact
that to have something, one has to give up on some other thing,
that everything can not be had at the same time.
Let us now see what the implications are when different planets are
located in the 11th house.
Sun – As a malefic in an “upachaya” house or a growing house, it
produces excellent results in terms of success and materialistic
benefits. There is no doubt that the person will be wealthy and fulfill
his/her goals and ambitions in life. It is most likely that the person
will also be highly principled, virtuous and of great integrity and
reaches a high position. Opportunities are in plenty, and
investments and speculations will be profitable. As the 11th is a
“growing” house, the person’s authority, confidence, and power
expands with age and time.
Moon – This is a fine signature and has a far reaching effect on the
person’s life. But the Moon should be without blemish, then the
person will have the most serious and far-reaching goals and
desires, which are likely to become a reality in lifetime. The person
will enjoy association of many powerful friends, especially females.
The bright Moon in the house of gains and profits is one of the best
placements for wealth. The person will never lose sight of his life-
long dreams, and his actions will be consistent with that purpose.
Mars – As a malefic the significations of Mars flourish in the 11th
house, so do most matters governed by this house. The person will
be doubtless, powerful, courageous, and highly ambitious.
Opportunities in life will be in plentiful and a wealthy life style is
assured. There will be a good social life and there will be powerful
and influential friends. Matters related to the 5th house may be
harmed and there may be abortions, miscarriages, difficulties with
children, disturbed love affairs and a rash or hot temperament.
Mercury – As a natural benefic this planet holds the key to great
successes in life provided it is without any malefic aspect. There
will be wealth, and success in financial undertakings. Mercury
governs trade and the person will readily fulfill his/her desires and
goals in this area. This is an excellent placement for intelligence
and the mind. The person will therefore be brilliant, knowledgeable
and learned. There will be beneficial association with intelligent and
refined friends. If Mercury is afflicted, it loses its benefic status
the results are reversed.
Jupiter – This is one of the finest placements of Jupiter. This is a
very beneficial signature as a planet of wealth in a house of wealth.
There is success in all undertakings. It is as if the person has the
capacity to turn anything to gold. Therefore, the person will fulfill
major desires as well as his everyday efforts. He/she will be
destined to be fortunate in the sphere of friends, groups, and social
activities. The persons in association will be knowledgeable,
spiritual or wealthy friends. He/she will mostly associate with people
above his social or financial status and intellectual level. This is a
fine placement for love and romance and successful progeny.
Venus – This is again a fine placement as Venus is a wealth lord
and the 11th house is a wealth house. The person is very fortunate
in fulfilling goals and ambitions. Luck favors always and there is
opportunity. Gain of wealth is often effortless and easy. Success in
any financial speculations is a high probability. He/she will have
many friends, especially females, and will enjoy a great social life.
Comforts of life will never be in wanting and life will be luxurious.
The person will also benefit from and enjoy a loving relationship
with his eldest sibling. By virtue of the beneficial aspect Venus
casts onto the 5th house, the person will be highly intelligent and
learned and contentment from love relationships is a high
Saturn – As a malefic Saturn is greatly enhanced by its placement
in the 11th house. Therefore the person is long-lived, mature, wise,
and powerful. Leadership qualities will generate a high status in life.
People will look up to and
will have many influential, powerful, or spiritual friends. The person
is likely to have rather far-reaching goals and ambitions, and also
has the luck and fortitude to realize these dreams. Speculative
deals may also give good result but with caution only but matters
related to elder sibling, children or love relations may suffer. Saturn
is not a planet of emotions so all areas in that realm may not get
sufficient leeway towards contentment, but wealth and power is
Rahu – As a malefic the node in the 11th house is an excellent
placement bestowing wealth, profits, and gains. There will be
respect from community members, and the person is fortunate to
have wealthy, powerful, and influential friends. There will be many
opportunities for financial gain. The person will have strong goals
and ambitions, and is likely to fulfill them. There may be difficulties
in the relationship with the eldest sibling. However the person will
have few children, or difficulties with them. This is because if Rahu
is in the 11th, while Ketu occupies the 5th.
Ketu – The person will be successful in his undertakings and
fortunate in gaining wealth. There will be strong acumen in
business matters and intuition will hold true mostly. However the
person should be careful of what company he/she keeps as the
possibility of unconventional or strange friends cannot be ruled out.
There may also be difficulties with them. This signature also
indicates that the person has many fine qualities and that he/she is
learned and wealthy.
The predictions given above are true generally but will vary
according to the planets rulerships, strengths and condition.
Debilitation of the same in the 11th will not give favorable result and
life may become besieged with obstacles, disappointments and
insatiable desires.
The judgments in regard to the 11th house must be made with care
and after considering all the aspects, both benefic and malefic. The
11th and 5th connection has great impact in the life of all mortals.
Astrology can be a very good guide to a better life provided you are
open to its projections rather than just its predictions. Over the
years, astrology has evolved in various ways through the opinion of
amateurs as well as learned persons. Astrology is part of the Vedas
and as such is an experience based on scientific calculations. It has
many dimensions and they are not confined to any particular plane.
The possible reasons for maladjustments between planets are so
many that it is a very subtle issue.
The ascendant lord is said to be strong, when the first house lord is
in the 11th house. This is a favorable signature, which enhances
positive traits in the personality of the native. The person is popular
with many friends. Good gains are indicated. He/she is more
concerned about the personal life.
The person with this signature is popular and meticulous. He or she
may have had indifferent health in childhood. Wealth may be
acquired through many-a-means by lending money as a banker,
usury or through elder brothers. If this house or house lord is
afflicted, there is the risk of losing money through these means.
The lady luck smiles on the person (bhagayudaya) after the
This individual will have good fortunes for his brother. Brother
especially elder one may start a new business or venture, which
proves to be profitable. The person himself achieves success in the
matters related to finance, in case the lord of the house is in fixed
An egoistic person by nature; but there may be a tendency for
depression. Happiness from elder co-borns is well indicated by this
signature. Health may be indifferent. A charitable bent of mind is
assured. One is articulate and virtuous. This is not a signature that
assures a successful businessman. Secret disease may trouble
The person lends a helping hand to others, happy disposition and
does not face misfortunes. One is a good achiever in academic life.
If the lord is posited in inimical sign, then the progeny may become
hostile. Otherwise, if there is the association with a benefic, then
the association with progeny will prove to be advantageous. This is
a fine connection if the planets are clean and clear.
This is the signature of a person who loves adventures. The
conduct is righteous. However, children may not be a really source
of joy. This is not a favorable signature and indicates obstacles in
fulfilling of dreams and ambitions.
The spouse is beautiful, good-natured as well as devoted. Marriage
may be gainful. The person is blessed with more daughters. There
is rise in luck after marriage. He/she has the signature of good
gains from women and foreign connection.
There are good indications of endowments of gains in life of the
individual. Ill health at early age may be a problem. This may mean
destruction of hopes and sorrow in some signatures. The person
may suffer on account of ear disease.
An individual of good conduct enjoys steady advancement in life, a
devoted person to the elders. This is overall a good signature.
He/she has the signature of high honors as well as financial profits.
Gains through father are well indicated. The person enjoys success
in the path of spiritualism too. However, for Gemini ascendant, this
signature is detrimental for prosperity.
The person with this signature is normally a happy and contented
person. The individual earns wealth and is respected by all. He is
committed to vocation. He/she enjoys a sound financial position
and is blessed with a son.
The significations of 11th house flourish and make the native
prosperous. The person benefits from all kind of endeavors. Growth
is continuous and he/she enjoys happy domestic life and a good
home. Friend circle is wide. He/she may have great affinity for
comforts and luxuries of life. The elder sibling is affluent and enjoys
good longevity.
This not a very favorable signature, so one may incur losses. The
individual with this signature may be brought up by others. Difficulty
in begetting a child is indicated. Friends are few, but opponents are
in abundance. A wealthy man but gets less happiness from
progeny. Extravagant brothers may create trouble.
A good connection between planets can mean a great life, even a
malefic Mars can connect with Moon and make one generous,
wealthy and enthusiastic. The reverse makes life miserable with
bad reputation, depressive mentality and accident prone. Such is
the subtlety of astrology information.


1st: The person may have weak constitution and lack vitality. Health
may not be good. Endeavors undertaken may not yield much
success. Phlegmatic ailments such as breathing problems and lung
disorders may affect the health. The person may have little
confidence or low self-esteem. Happiness in conjugal life is not well
indicated. He may be of spiritual nature.

2nd: The person may be religious, tactful and sweet of speech.
Expenses on auspicious deeds are indicated. He would be
endowed with happiness. On the contrary, if 12th lord is afflicted, he
may use foul language and may indulge in gossips and quarreling.
This signature disturbs the happiness in domestic life. Expenses
are high.

3rd: This signature indicates the person is highly individualistic and
may possess a strong sense of intuition. He or she would be
steadfast and triumphant in accomplishments. He may be self-
centered and efforts may not bring success if 12th lord is weak. He
may be devoid of fraternal bliss. This is not a good signature for

4th: This signature is favorable for gaining education in foreign land
as well as for foreign residence. There may be many changes of
residence. In case there is association of a malefic planet, the
native may incur losses in respect of land, conveyances and
houses. In extreme cases, he may suffer constant harassment from

5th: The astrological signature is indicative of little happiness from
children. This signature denotes little peace of mind. The native
may suffer from tensions. Education may be disturbed. Success in
speculative activities is not well indicated. It is bad for matters
related to love.

6th: This signature is favorable for gaining success in matters
related to litigation also. Trik lord in 6th house gives rise to harsha
yoga, which is favorable for gaining material wealth if there is
association of benefic planets. The person may be happy,
prosperous and enjoys long life as well as comforts. However if
12th lord is weak, this may not be in effect and the person may lose
temper easily and incur enmity with own men. Feelings of jealousy
may also empower the person.

7th: This signature may indicate spouse from a different cast and
creed. There may be less conjugal happiness. The native may be
weak in health and strength. He may not be very well educated. He
may associate himself with the world of spiritualism in later life.

8th: The placement of Moksha lord in Moksha house indicates
strong spiritual nature. The native may have interest in occult
subjects. The person may get gains through legacies and enjoys
comfortable life. However, there may not be much success in life
due to lack of resources. Longevity may be less.

9th: If 12th lord is strong, then the native may experience fortunes
from/through father. There may be success in acquiring property in
foreign land. The person will be honest, generous and large
hearted. In case, there is association of a malefic planet, there may
be more concern about achieving selfish gains. The person may be
inimical even to spouse, friends and preceptor. Luck may not favor
and there may be no easy solutions to problems.

10th: This person may face troubles on account of superiors or
government. He may be persecuted from persons in authority. So,
he may experience difficulties in profession. Journeys may be
tedious. He may not enjoy happiness or physical comforts from
children. There may be expenditure through royal persons.

11th: The native may experience difficulties in fulfilling desires.
There is an indication for financial losses. There may be few
opportunities in life or few profits/gain. Relationship with eldest
sibling may not be very harmonious. Debts or expenses on
account of friends are a possibility also. This signature is
unfavorable for investments and progeny bliss.

12th: The person may spend money on religious and righteous
purposes. There will be material comforts in lifetime. It is good for
material prosperity but bad for health. The native may be restless
and fond of traveling. However, this signature indicates
unhappiness from progeny. This signature is good for people living
away from homeland.

Any subject within astrology is full of ‘ifs and buts’, however the
prime issue that appears to be the forefront must be kept in mind-
then one can know the pot holes and become careful. Otherwise
The horoscope can limp along the lines of its potentially danger
ground often taking wrong turns, facing karmic punishments and
ending up as victims of temptation and miss-judged

As our desires are multifaceted, the insights into future are also
multi directional.

12th house – loss, seperation and effects of Rahu – Ketu

The discussions relating to the 12th house is somber and grave. It is not a house that relates to our materialistic side of life directly, it relates to the inner growth and liberation.
Matters related to this house are profound and its predictions can be quite unfathomable by logic and mundane understanding.
The 12th house is the house of loss, however it can indicate earnings
from foreign land as well as expenditure in foreign land. It is an inauspicious house, a dusthana and indicates decay, decrease, wastage, expenditure among many other negative possibilities.
While the 12th house is judged as an inauspicious house but matters connected to it lead to liberation, so it cannot be all bad.

There are indications in the horoscope, which relate how the person is inclined. A spiritually inclined person gains through the 12th house.
This is the house of sorrow and disappointments, it indicates our limitations.

On the other level, it shows our passions, pleasures and comforts and luxuries. The 12th represents the past, where our karmic deeds of the past have brought us. It shows how we are bound by our own actions in the past births. This house represents our subconscious.
The profundity of this house goes much beyond the level of materialism and pleasures and desires of life. The pleasures of this house are detached and when they relate to the very physical level, may indicate just pleasures of the flesh where there is not much attachment.
In a nutshell the twelfth House is known as the house of expenditure or the house of detachment. It represents our Material Expenditure and Losses. It also represents our karmic and spiritual debts in this life. It is the house of Salvation or Moksha. The twelfth house also represents our secret pleasures and sex. In the body it represents the feet.
The karakas or significator to this house are many and they are:
Saturn – Sorrows
Mars – Confinement
Venus – Material desires
Jupiter – Jnana (knowledge)
Rahu – Foreign Travel
Ketu – Moksha or liberation.

Now let us see some astrological signature attributed by this house.
Effect of the 12th House in different Rashis
Aries – The person may suffer from fear of enemies. There may
also be high expenditure due to sickness. The person may also
keep a number of pets or animals.

Taurus – The person may have to face many opponents. Life may
also suffer on account of enemies.

Gemini – There may be earnings through animals. There remains a
chance that the person may feel hostility to the government or

Cancer – This is a mixed signature. There is the possibility that
powerful people turn hostile but the person has the power to
counteract the effects.

Leo – The person has power over enemies. The person may also
have many pets and enjoy them dearly.

Virgo – There remains the possibility of friends turning into foes.
Libra – This is not a favorable signature and often the progeny
aspect is badly hit. The relations with off-springs suffer.

Scorpio – there is possibility for fear from enemies. There is no end
of powerful enemies.

Sagittarius – Good gains through friends and relations is well
indicated by this signature.

Capricorn – This is not a favorable signature and there may be loss
in combat. The person falls prey to all kinds of confrontational

Aquarius – there may be many obstacles and obstructions in life.
This is not a favorable signature.

Pisces – there is turbulence in family or known circles. Disputes
appear but ultimately matters are not so unfavorable.

There is another very important aspect that the 12th house holds for those who are connected with
foreign land. This house indicates life in foreign land. Those who aspire to make a life abroad must have a strong 12th house and its lord. The two other houses that are also considered while judging possibility of good life in foreign land are the 7th house and the 9th house. With all these three houses indicating likewise, life can be assured to be successful in foreign land. In this connection, Rahu’s aspect on the 12th house can also act as a catalyst.

Talking about Rahu, both Rahu and Ketu have changed their transit position very recently. So ineffect all the four major slow planets have changed their transit position starting with Jupiter in the fag end of the month of October, then Saturn on the 1st of November and finally Rahu- Ketu on the 9th of November.
Rahu has moved to Aquarius a sign belonging to Saturn. Rahu energy is aligned with Saturn group of planets and one must never forget that Rahu instills a sense of dissatisfaction where it transits; it is just as mysterious as Ketu. Rahu instills a sense of dissatisfaction where it transits; it is just as mysterious as Ketu. So be on your guard as you will also feel a sense of desire for instant gratification of the significances where your Aquarius is located.
Many a time we find that astrologers either discard Rahu as a malefic only capable of bringing unfavorable result, or they are silent about it. Rahu’s transit in different houses can be beneficial with respect to the significances of the house and the sign.
However it is generally believed that Rahu’s transit in Jupiter’s sign may not bring auspicious result. Consider, an Aries Ascendant, aspiring to become rich, this transit of Rahu in the 11th house will surely bring favorable inflow! However astrology is a maze of ‘ifs, buts and howevers’ so do not be too impatient to come to a firm ground in prediction; it is the promise that holds the true essence of astrology. Rahu-Ketu pair, they are our Karmic planets and the
more attention we pay to them, the easier it becomes to understand our natal promise.

The strength to hope is governed by Jupiter. In astrology Jupiter is
regarded as the greatest benefic, the planet that helps the creation
to survive. Jupiter is the significator of optimism which is in other
words ‘our strength to hope’. It is also the planet that governs
marriage, children and wealth among other things. Jupiter is the
Divine grace which can fulfill all human needs, even without our

The strength to go on with perseverance is governed by Saturn;
this is also a great power. The strength to hope is there in many but
to keep that hope alive and work towards it with an unwavering
mind is the critical factor that is the most important successor to
hope and optimism- an area of Saturn power, not many have it. The
reason is the nature of Saturn, this planet always makes us pass
through tests, if and when we pass those tests, perseverance
appears to us and we work diligently without seeking for rewards in
the usual sense of the term.

A strong 12th house and powerful 12th lord especially if it is a
benefic will mean that the person is a tower and can detach or rise
above from mundane values of self gratification.

When we consider the 12th house, we also consider sexual matters
and pleasures of the bed. This house signifies these matters and
very often a person may be quite detached about attaching
emotional values to sex life. This is a tricky aspect and can trigger
all kinds of speculation in the mind of the partner. Here some
amount of control and conservatism is important otherwise there
can be much sorrow especially if the 12th house is afflicted.
In terms of the emotional bond between two people whose souls
have connected, the connection between planets ruling the area of
physical union can be judged by their planet connections. I give
below some of them.

Ketu is a very subtle energy and as the exact opposite of Rahu,
Both Rahu and Ketu are feared as, malefics and it is quite true also.
These two energies do more harm than good if left uncontrolled in
their instigations.

Coming back to the energy of Ketu, Ketu in the 12th house is an
excellent placement for the spiritual upliftment of the person. This
otherwise troublesome energy in the 12th house gives good
discriminative ability and an interest in spiritual evolution. However
there are some negative points as well – expenditure may be for
unexpected and unknown sources. There may be a lack of or little
sexual pleasure.

Astrology is a science that helps you to think and finally help to
open the eye of the mind. So stay calm if you find unfavorable
signature and address the issue again and again, till you come to a
satisfying answer from within. There is almost always some good in
the bad and vice versa.

Let us now see some combinations in the 12th house that may
trouble our life.

- An afflicted 12th house may indicate cruel temperament.
- If the lord of the 12th house is aspected by lord of the 7th
house, and when both are strong, the person’s wealth may
get destroyed by spouse.
- An afflicted Jupiter in the 12th house may cause sexually
transmitted diseases.
- Malefics in the 12th house may mean eye troubles.
- Lord of the 12th in 12th may indicate lack of stamina.

Mars – Venus Connection:
When this connection is established, it brings a level of passion that
could sustain a relationship in the early stages. A more profound
way is slowly found out as the relationship progresses. This is often
symbolic of married love expressed in a physical form.

Mars – Mars Connection:
When this connection is established, there is a touch of physical
approach to life in general. There is more in action than in thought.
Mars brings people together quickly and in a sweeping victorious
manner; it is not a planet that assures of sustenance.

Mars – Saturn Connection:
This connection can bring in pure and raw passion in the
relationship. In the initial stages the relationship is very intense
the people thus connected must inculcate the finer aspects of
human nature to make this a harmonious and steady relationship.

Astrology considers a relationship to have evolved through the
karmic connection when nodes are involved or Sun/Moon also. In
such a case there remains a story of some unfinished lesson to be
learned or some unfinished duty to be completed by the partners in
this birth. Physical passions are insatiable mostly when nodes are
involved, especially Rahu.

The healthy and smooth dynamics of relationships depict a happy
individual. Whether they are personal or professional relationships;
they assure happiness and contentment.

Let us now see how to keep this mechanism easy smooth and
harmonious. There are some planets that create disharmony when
strategically located. One such affliction has been discussed time
and again. The Mars affliction or when your Mars is located in the
1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of your horoscope. This is known as
Manglik affliction or Kuja Dosha. This affliction gets negated only by
spiritual intervention. Hanumaan Kavach and Hanumaan worship is
the most effective remedy. However favorable aspect of Jupiter can
lessen the malefic effects but it cannot negate it.

FAQs about combust planets and their effects

1. If the Sun is a functional benefic planet, is the combust planet always considered weak?
Let us first understand the combustion as a concept. Whenever a planet comes very near to the Sun, it is divested of its brightness (luster). The said state is called combustion. While in the state of combustion, the planets lack power to protect and promote the significations/houses ruled by them. If such a planet is weak on other accounts too, the significations ruled by them do not even take birth. The planets are said to be combust when they are within the below mentioned degrees on either side of the Sun. The planets are considered combust when they have following longitudinal difference with the Sun on either side:
Moon 12 degrees
Mars 17 degrees
Mercury 14 deg
Venus 10 deg
Jupiter 11 deg
Saturn 15 deg

When both the Sun and the combust planet are functional benefic planets and are closely conjunct, we have to see their two roles distinctively. Firstly, as the lords of the two auspicious houses they rule. The significations of both of these houses will flourish and will be connected to each other except the short run transit malefic influences which will stress the combust planet comparatively more than the Sun. Secondly, the role of a combust planet. The combust planet is considered as a weak planet but in case the Sun and planet(s) involved are functional benefic planets, the weakness of the combust planet(s) is operative only at the time of natal or transit afflictions.
2. Can we call the combust planet “Weak”?
Yes. The weakness due to combustion gives high and low tides in life and need astral strength for the planets to enable them to fight natal and / or transit afflictions.
3. We understand that when combust, a planet will transfer its significations to the Sun. Right? Does that mean that if, say, the lord of the sixth gets combust, the Sun will take on its qualities of dispute, conflict, and injury, even if their orb of conjunction is more than 6 degrees?
If a functional malefic planet closely influences any other planet or the Sun, a functional malefic planet will certainly color the significations of the planet under its influence, negatively.
4. Is there ever a time when the transit influence continues for a longer duration?
Generally, the maximum limit of transit influences is around four months when Rahu/Ketu axis is stationary.
5. As for the Sun, to what extent the influence of the combust planet helps as the combust planet will be weak and not in a position to help the Sun?
When both the Sun and the combust planet are functional benefic planets and are closely conjunct, one should see their role as the lords of the two houses they rule. The significations of both of these houses will flourish and will be connected to each other except the short run transit malefic influences which will stress the combust planet comparatively more than the Sun.
6. In a situation, where the dispositor of the Sun is combust, the Sun indirectly hurting itself by causing combustion to its own dispositor, would there be more weakness to both dispositor of the Sun and Sun itself, if Sun was a functional malefic planet for the ascendant in question?
That is right.

Will love materialise into marriage ? based on 5th and 7th houses

Many people will get attracted to opposite sex or fall in love and many of them wish to marry their love . But will it materialise for all ?
The simplest way to know is by krishnamurthi paddathi (K.P), in which significators and sublords decide if a particular issue will materialise or not.
For love marriages, one of the 5th house significator should be the sublord of 7th house.
Cast the horoscope of the native in question and see who is the sublord of 7th cusp.
Now see who all are significators of 5th house.
Each house can have 4 types of significators

Primary significators will be those planets who are placed in the constellations owned by the occupants of 5th house
secondary significators will be those planets which occupy the 5th house
3rd order significators will be those planets who are placed on the constellations owned by 5th lord
4th order significator will be the owner of 5th house itself.
Now total significators can be of any number. One of them must be sublord of 7th cusp.
If that happens to be primary significator, then love will definitely materialise into marriage at some point of time.
If its 4th order significator, the chances are weak.
If a planet is repeated in all orders of significators, and it is sublord of 7th cusp then this planet has the maximum authority to give love-marriage either during its bhukti or during a bhukti of any other planet placed in any constellation owned by it.

Also note 6th, 1st and 10th house significators as they deny marriage and 4th house significator implies seperation from lover.
6th house significator should not be sublord of 7th house. Else it will cause seperation/divorce and legal issues in marriage.

How to confirm if a person can get married to a certain person ?
Take Horoscopes of both persons A and B.
Ruling planets in A’s chart must match sublords of 2nd, 7th and 11th cusps in B’s chart.
Similarly Ruling planets in B’s chart must match sublords of 2nd, 7th and 11th cusps in A’s chart.
Ruling Planets :
are owner of lagna(ascendant), owner of moon sign, owner of constellation in which moon is placed, owner of the weekday, sublord of the 1st cusp.
If atleast 2 ruling planets match with 2 out of 3 sublords of 2nd, 7th, 11th cusps and is vimsottari dasas are favourable for both then we can conclude that both will get married.

If ruling planets match to sublords of only 1st, 5th and 11th cusps but not to 2nd and 7th, then love will end without marriage.
if no 2nd house sublord is connect to any ruling planets, but 7th sublord is connected, then both will have physical relation but no marriage.
This subject of ruling planets and sublords can be applied to all relations including parents, kids, siblings etc.

Sadesathi – 7.5 years of saturn – misconceptions and worries

One of the most terrible periods, according to the believers in astrology, is the dreaded 7-1/2 years of Saturn transit called “Sadesati” in North India and “Elinatishani” in South India. When the transiting Saturn transits the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from one’s Rasi, i.e., where one’s Moon is placed in the birth chart, it is called Sadesati. ( Saturn takes 30 years to make one round of the zodiac hence 2-1/2 years in each sign multiplied by 3 = 7-1/2 years).
While it is true that during this 7-1/2 years Saturn transit period people do experience some tensions and troubles, it is nothing to be scared about. On an average every man has to go through at least 2 sadesatis during his life time. The results of the sadesati transit vary considerably from person to person depending on the planetary configurations in one’s birth chart. Even while giving some troubles and tensions, it does not deny you success. For example when Mrs. Indira Gandhi became a Cabinet Minister for Information and Broadcasting in 1964, she was going through her Sadesati! In January 1966 when she became Prime Minister she was still going through her Sadesati!! There are thousands of people who not only got away scot-free during sadesati, but actually prospered during it.
All kinds of dreadful results are forecast by the astrologers to scare the people and apart from living under fear, people spend a lot of money quite unnecessarily on all kinds of remedies. Actually the pundits love Saturn, Mangal, Rahu and Ketu, the fearsome four names in Indian astrology, as they have given more money to them by way of remedies than the benefic like jupiter or sun!
There are plenty of remedies for sadesati, the most effective being the daily reciting of Hanuman Chalisa or the Dasaratha Shani stotra.
Saturn, which according to Hindu mythology is the son of Sun God, is an excellent planet. No other planet can give what Saturn can. In fact having a well placed saturn in ones chart is one of the best things to hope for! When Mrs. Indira Gandhi re-elected PM, she was going through the mahadasa of Saturn. When Amitab Bacchan was at his peak, he was also going through Saturn mahadasa. Unfortunately people and the pundits ignore the positive side of Saturn and project it only as an evil planet.
Also need to look at one’s Ashtakavarga and saturn’s points in it.
If Saturn has 4 or excess in 12th, 1st, 2nd houses to moon sign, then 7.5 years of saturn period will be smooth without much troubles.

Also the sign in which moon is placed on the day of saturn’s transition is important.
If that sign is 3,6,11 counted from your moon sign at birth saturn’s transition for next 2.5 years will be good.
If that sign is 2,5,9 saturn will be 75% good
If that sign is 4,7,10 saturn will give 50-50 results
If that sign is 1,8,12 from your moon sign, saturn will be bad.
Offering food to crows, donating to physically handicapped people, offering food to dogs and ants are suggested remedies

Astrology Principals and extraordinary Combinations

With experience and after delineating of many horoscopes and applying the well laid down principles of astrology- the divine science, following combinations and principles are mentioned for study and practical use of astrologers and other lovers of astrology. You are welcome to give suggestions and offer your comment and also send some of your combinations gathered by experience. This is an other way for keeping the head of astrology high even in the present time as the divine science has come to say from immemorial:


  1. Tithes are important for various auspicious and inauspicious works. 4th, 6th, 8th and 12th Tithis of FULL MOON should be avoided for starting any work or journey.

  1. Beneficial-successful Tithis (lumar days) and the following tithes if coinciding with the day indicated, normally prove beneficial for all business ventures or andy works

Tithi                            Week day                   Tithi                            Week day
3,8,11                          Tuesday                       2,7,12                          Wednesday
5,10,15                        Thursday                      1,6,11                          Friday
4,9,14                          Saturday

            (4th, 9th and 14th are considered 'Rikta Tithis' and they are normally avoided but it is considered good for some purposes. Please consult the author).

  1. 14th (Kristha Chaturdash) (Dark half) is considered to be important. First 1/6th period is considered auspicious.

  1. Birth on Amavasy (30th Lumar day) or on Poornima or Full Moon day i.e. 15th lanar day is considered good for prosperity and longevity.


  1. Conjunction of the Moon and Venus is not considered conducive to a happy married life but same longitude of the Moon in Males' birth chart and of Venus is females' chart can result in Mutual attraction and also in love marriage.

  1. Yogas for marriage:

1)      When Jupiter or Venus occupy 2nf, 7th or 11th house.
2)      When Jupiter or Venus get conjunct in 1st, 5th 10th or 11th house.
3)       When the Moon or Venus are not aspected by Saturn and bothered stronger than Saturn.
4)      When Lagna Lord and 7th Lord are in 3rd, 5th or 11th house together.
5)      When benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus well placed Mercury and strong Moon) are in 2nd, 7th and 11th house from Lagna or the Moon and have favorable connections with benefices.
6)      When Mercury in 7th house and Venus is conjoined with 7th Lord. But mercury in 7th house in sign Virgo is capable of giving a defying wife.
7)      When lord of 7th house is in 11th house and Venus is in 2nd house.
8)      When 7th lord is not posited in inauspicious houses i.e. 6th, 8th, 12th house.

  1. Combinations resulting in 'on marriage':

1)      When the Sun, the Moon and 5th Lord are in conjunction with or aspected by Saturn.
2)      When Venus is at a distance of 43 degrees or more the delectated Sun (Sun in Libra and Venus in Scorpio) and Venus is aspected conjoined with Saturn. In such a situation, even negotiations will fall through at the time of final stages.
3)      When the Moon in the case of ladies and the Sun in the case of men is in Scorpio and is aspected by Saturn. With this combination, 7th house should have no planet.
4)      When the 7th lord, Venus and Lagna Lord fall in barren signs i.e. Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.
5)      When malefics occupy 6th, 7th, 8th house and even malefics on both sides of 7th house are considered unfavorable for marriage.
6)       When Saturn is in 7th and is aspected and conjoined by malefic planets.
7)      When the Moon and Venus are in opposition without any benefit aspect.
8)      When Lord of 7th is in 12th without any been aspect but receiving malefic aspects of Saturn Sun, Rahu all speak of separative aspects.

  1. Combinations for delayed marriage:
1)      When Saturn is in 13/5/7/10 either from Lagna or from the Moon and Saturn does not get beneficial aspect or does not own beneficial houses.
2)      When Mars or Saturn own 7th house and a malefic planet occupies 7th houses.
3)      When Mars is in 8th house or Rahu is in 7th house.
4)      When 7th house lord and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn.
5)      When 6/8/12 house are occupied by malefics.
6)      When Lagna, Lagna Lord, the Moon or the Sun are under aspects of malefic planets.
7)      When there is intense connection by aspect or otherwise Rahu and Mars in relation to 7th house or Mars.
8)      When 7th, lord is posited in 6/8/12 house, girl marriage is delayed. More delay is indicated if malefic associated with 7th Lord.
9)      When Rahu and Venus are in Lagna or 7th house or Mars and the Sun are in 7th house with other afflictions. With this combination, native can also run away for love or also involve in a scandal.

  1.  Yogas (combinations) for happy married life:

1)      When Venus and Jupiter, being 7th Lord and are significors or 2nd and 11th house.
2)      If 7th Lord is occupied by 7th Lord and receives benefic aspects.
3)      When the Moon receives good aspects from Venus or Jupiter and in some cases including from well placed Saturn.
4)      When Venus (signification of marriage) and Mars (ignition key) are in good aspects provided there is no involvement of 6/8/12 house in any manner.
5)      When Jupiter (well placed) in 7th house in female's chart gives good husband and happy marriage life. But Jupiter in its own sign specially Pisces in 7th house is capable of giving some marital pitfalls.
6)      When a benefic is in 9th house of a female, long happy married life is indicated and the malefic contents of 7/8 house get neutralized.
7)      When Jupiter, Lord of 2nd and 5th gets to 9th house married life is indicated and the malefic contents of 7th/8th house get neutralized.
8)      When 7th Lord is exalted and the Lagna Lord is in Lagna.
9)      When 7th Lord is a benefic and is free from affliction.

  1. Combinations for unhappy married Life:

1)      At nos. above
2)      When 7th Lord gets to 6/8/12 with malefic aspect of association.
3)      When 7th Lord is under affliction quarrels and misunderstandings cannot be rules out.
4)      When the Moon, Mars and Venus gets associated in 7th house, the woman will be associated with other men and it the Sun and the Moon also join, similar indication comes but with the consent of husband at times leading to unhappy married life.
5)      When there is malefic in 7th house and that planet is enemy of Lagna Lord.
6)      When Mars and Venus are afflicted, general disharmony is indicated.
7)       When 4th house is afflicted by Rahu/Mars/Saturn or other malefics.
8)      When Rahu is in 4th house of a female and if the Rahu is also afflicted, she may have a 'souten'.
9)      When Saturn is in 7th house not being its one house i.e. Capricorn or Aquires.

Strained Relationship

All astrological principles have a say in the matter of a happy married life. Right from the potentlionality in the horoscope and matching of 'Gunas' the Mahurta for marriage must also be considered and the parents must adhere to the Mahurata irrespective of your wait for a VIP visitor or your music programmed for dance and music. It has been seen that all get to astrologers for a very good 'Mahurta' (auspicious moment) for marriage ceremony. But, it has been seen that only few persons really observe the timing for Mahurta and some how or other the planets move forward to an inauspicious moment. Thus the need to stick to the time of Mahurta to ensure a happy and stable married life.

2)      In selecting horoscope for marriage purposes, tree factors have to be carefully considered and they are as follow:

                                I.      Consider the houses/ planets concerning the longevity of the couple – both dirde and brige groom. Knowledge about the yogas for widowhood must be kept in mind.
                             II.      Astro-analysis of 7th and 8th house and their lords from all aspects degree of planets, Nakshtra, aspect etc.
                           III.      Matching of the horoscope – Gunas etc.

Though no astrologer is 'Brahma', yet if there are predominant factors pointing towards the loss of longevity of wither of the boy or girl, the horoscope must be rejected unless the position is improved by benefices including Jupiter and Venus and good number of 'gunas' after matching are available. Though after obtaining 18 gunas out of 36, the marriage is recommended but better see if the number of 'gunas' increased and with out any of 'doshas' as mentioned in the Panchaga. Likewise, when the 7th house is weak and 7th lord is under afflictions and is thus considerably blemished, the horoscope to be matched should have antidotes or countering influences.

3)  The matching of the horoscopes must point towards general sympathies of the horoscope to have happy and prosperous married life- of course a lot would depend on the 'karma' (behavior) of the partner concerned and both must have the sense of adjustment and must not depend on the after getting about 26 ' gunas', the marriage did not becomes successful on account of 'ego' or personal attitude of the body or girl.

4)  For adjustment, we have a couple and it was decided before marriage that the wife shall not cook the food. And, this is going on even after 12 years of marriage i.e. either it have the maid-servant or the couple would dine outside. In this connection, we have an old story about the philosher Socrates who was mercilessly nagged by his wife and one example indicate was that the husband had invited a friend for dinner but she spitefully emptied the contents of vessel upto his head. On asking why he suffered such indignities and the husband meekly replied. She teaches me patience and charity and show to me that if I can bear with her. I can bear all else in the world. This may be an extreme example of adjustment and in actual life we have so many cases of 'harassed husbands' and still they are going along with each other.

5)  We have many instance of unbroken houses-husband not taking care of wife or wife not caring for husband on some account or the other. Recently a lady consulter had come for consultation to have peaceful living though married about 12-13 years ago and has two children. The heavy affliction of the 7th house and Mars in 12th house become responsible and the position was nailed down to the fact of separate living under the same roof and without having any union for love/ affection – rather even sleeping separately. Even in olden times, Milton the highest poet and patriot had miserably lived with his wife.

6)  From the history, it would be apt to say the Thomas Cartyle's married life was rough as a tempestuous sea and thus far from being happy. Dickens, the author/ writer of Great Britain had a painful marital failure. Mars in the 7th house become responsible for frequent quarrels between husband and wife.