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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mars enters Virgo (Kanya) - 20th July 2010 - Mangal and Shani come together

During this present jyotish transit of Mars in Kanya, it will also be in a potent samsaptaka yoga with Jupiter which is in transit in Pisces (Meen). This Mars- Saturn-Jupiter yoga will have very diverse and extreme results on all of us. According to Jyotish rules this yoga gives birth to an increase in accidents, terrorist activities, unrest and calamities. These negative results will intensify when Venus joins this combination of the three planets on 1st August 2010. 

These planetary positions are much favored by the practitioners of occult as the spiritual energy is at a high due to the powerful effects of Mars-Saturn-Jupiter on the sub-conscious mind. Also, people suffering from auto-immune disorders like arthritis, cancer, asthma, etc can experience an increase in their sufferings. It is advisable for all to perform proper remedies and to strictly avoid wearing a combination of Red and Black colours in the garments.

In the industrial sector and business the IT companies will gain well and new products at affordable prices will be launched in the markets. The companies providing broadband and DTH services will also experience good jump due to these favorable planetary positions. But, these good results will be preceded by some corrective measures taken by the governments. The developing nations will see more increase in IT and Telecom industries as compared to the developed nations.

Setbacks are possible for the auto industry, aviation industry, railways and roadways. The losses can be due to labour unrest, accidents, loss on stock value and due to some natural causes. This transit of Mars is also not favorable for buying new vehicles. 

For India and other nations which are facing internal unrest and terrorist activities the next one and half months can be very disturbing. The anti-social forces will gain strength and it will be only through clever propoganda and an innovative use of latest technology that these forces will be controlled and curbed. Also, labour unrest will increase and some of the big labour intensive industries will be forced to rethink about their labour policies. 

The effect of this transit of Mars in Virgo in a yoga with Jupiter and Saturn will be as follows on the twelve Jyotish moon signs and ascendants:

1. Aries - Mesh: Health problems, job problems, change in job, litigation, health issues to parents, increase in debt.

2. Taurus - Vrishabh: Health problems for spouse and kids, increase in work pressure, increase in income, change in job, conflicts in business partnerships.

3. Gemini - Mithun: Income from sale of property, Health problems, damages to vehicle, monetary gains, health problems for parents.

4. Cancer - Karka: Short term beneficial travels, monetary gains, health problems to father, conflicts in marriage, disputes with business partners, increase in fame, increased spirituality.

5. Leo - Simha: Marital conflicts, difficulties in existing job but a beneficial change in job too, chances of injuries and accidents, monetary gains from past investments.

6. Virgo - Kanya: Injuries and health problems, monetary gains, unexpected fame and public recognition, progress in matters of marriage, good progress in education.

7. LIbra - Tula: Business gains from abroad, sale of a property, damages to vehicle, health problems related to heart and liver, breakup of existing business partnerships and collaborations. 

8. Scorpio - Vrishchik: Business gains, good monetary gains, good jump in career, purchase of real estate, health problems related to gastric trouble and urinary disorders. 

9. Sagittarius - Dhanu: Big and important changes in business, setting up of factory or workshop, good monetary gains, Improvement in health, Better performance in job.

10. Capricorn - Makar: Business gains, foreign travels, gains from foreign sources, health gains, health problems for parents, change of residence.

11. Aquarius - Kumbh: Injuries and accidents, health problems, difficulties in job and business, sudden setbacks in business, sudden gains of money from unexpected sources, damages to vehicle.

12. Pisces - Meen: New business partnership or collaboration, improvement in health, income gains, health problems to spouse, foreign travels, better job offers.