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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mars Debilated

Mars is the energy reservoir.
More than any other planet, it is mars who makes or ma..rs a person…
Mars is the planet that gives clues to where a person is utilizing his energies.
Any planet backed by a benefic and strong mars, get a huge energy resource to do his job and never fails to give results par excellence. Mars becomes the commander for that planet.
The energies utilized or mis-utilised depend on the hit-mars or miss-mars
Now how do we look at a debilitated Mars… a hit case or a miss-case.
Is it a weak mars? ….a malefic mars? ….or a strong mars in its own peculiar way.
Interestingly mars debilitates in the 4th house of kaalpurush, in its friends sign cancer. And in cancer lagna, mars becomes a yogkarak!
So how to assess this mars?
The position of mars in 4th house has already been much maligned by one and all. For girls it becomes a sure-shot certificate for losing points in matchmaking.
What if mars debilitates in 8H. In 8th mars becomes totally untouchable…the girls with such a mars will not be touched even with a barge pole …causes vaidhavya yoga!!
What a about its debilitation in 1,5,9 the Dharma trikon? A malefic is said to become a benefic in trikons. Does it become a tamed mars or does it send dharma for a toss and becomes adharmi?
And in kendras? Where malefics lose there maleficence… What happens to mars which becomes neech in kendras that instead of a Ruchak Yoga it becomes a source of misery.
What about the other houses? A neecha mars is supposed to give good results in upchay houses – 3,6,10 and 11. What happens to this mars if the karma in 10th is not upto the mark for 3,6,11 will not give upchay without karma from 10th. With a weak 10th house, where does the upchay of mars in 6H take the native.
What for the two neutrals flanking our lagna? What if mars debilitates in 2nd or 12th?
Kuja does has already been scorned at when mars happens to be in 1/2/4/7/8/12 from lagna or moon. What if a debilitated mars causes the kuja dosh? Will such natives not get any marital bliss?
Neech position arouses fear and worry in the minds of most individuals. No one desires to have a debilitated planet and certainly having anything “neecha” implies that there is some type of handicap situation.
But not all is neech with a neech mars – Mars, represents physical power, energy and strength and rules athletics. Many fine and famous athletes have a debilitated Mars in their charts. How can this be the case? Do these natives get an innate desire to strengthen that energy in the chart and focus their attention and actions on building up the areas related to mars’s significations.
While it is difficult to make blanket statements about one situation in a chart without COMPLETE ANALYSIS of an individual’s ENTIRE CHART. And it might be dangerous and misleading to take one planet and blow it up as we need to take many factors into consideration we are here trying to see common factors that have been attributed by a neech mars across the board.
A planet in debility, is not necessarily ruined for all of its significations. We get instances of both who have been badly affected by such a mars and also some who have risen in there fields because of such a mars. Which factors would differentiate these positions?
This is what some of the classics say:
Hora Sara: Mangal is strong, when he wins a war between Grahas, while in retrograde motion, when brilliant (i. e. not combust), when in Makar, Kumbh, Meen, in his southerly course, during night, in his own Amsh, in his own Rasi, on Tuesday and in the Dreshkan ruled by him. He has full strength, when on the meridian, or Karm Bhava. He is strong in the beginning of a Rasi, weak in the middle portion and moderately strong at the end.
Jatak Bharnam says that when mars is in cancer, the native lives in the house of some other man, is extremely wretched, devoid of intelligence, oppressed by his enemies, remains unhappy due to quarrels made by his powerful wife.
The author of Jatak Bharnam notes that the native is of irritating nature, becomes angry very soon when something undesirable happens to him. But he is ambitious, courageous, fearless and industrious. He does indefatigable labour to keep his family happy.
Saravali: If Mars is in Cancer at birth, the subject will like living in others houses, be deformed, sick, will attain riches through agriculture, will enjoy royal food and robes during childhood, will eat food in others houses, will become wealthy through the source of water, be repeatedly anguished and be always distressed.
Since mars debilitates in the fourth house of kaalpurush, this is what Mars does in the Fourth House:
Bhrigu Sutras: There will be adversities in the family of the native causing domestic disturbances. The father may die in the eighth year of the native’s and the mother of the native will always be in bad health. The native will enjoy good health but will have no land of his own, he will be poor and live in a dilapidated house.
He will have inimical relations with his near relatives, will live away from his native place and will be without proper clothes. If Mars is associated with Mercury (his enemy), the native may not have a house of his own but may have to live in somebody else’s house.
If Mars is in his sign of debilitation (Cancer) and is associated with a malefic or malefics or the lord of the 8th house, the native will suffer the loss of his mother early in his life.
If Mars is in his own sign (Aries or Scorpio) or in his sign of exaltation (Capricorn) and is in conjunction with a benefic or is in a friendly sign, the native will own conveyances, lands and his mother will be long-lived.
Phaldeepika: The native will be without mother (that is he will lose his mother in his early life), will be without friends, happiness, conveyances and lands.
Saravali: The native will have no house, grains, proper clothes, relations, conveyances will have no happiness and will have to live in a house not his own.
Chamatkar Chintamani – Inspite of the other planets being favourable in the horoscope, if Mars is in the fourth, the native will be deprived of happiness from father, mother, wife and children (in other words his domestic life will be unhappy). But the native gets land and clothes by the favour of the king (Government).