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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tatwa/Antar Tatwa Siddhanta - Birth Time Rectification - Part 2

Tatwa/Antar Tatwa Siddhanta - Birth Time Rectification - Part 2


The complete rotation time frame for all the five tatwas for one cycle of direct and reverse order is 180 minutes (90 + 90). The duration of the Prithvi tatwa is 6 minutes. The duration of the Prithvi antartwa in the Prithvi tatwa is calculated as 6 minutes multiplied by 6 minutes divided by 180 minutes, which amounts to 12 seconds. The duration of the jala antartatwa in the Prithvi tatwa would be 6 minutes multiplied by 12 minutes divided by 180 minutes, which amounts to 24 seconds. Similarly the other antartatwas of Tejo, vayu and Akash in the Prithvi tatwa can be found out. The antartatwas would also rotate direct and reverse in each tatwa.

Click the link for viewing the table of Antar Tatwas


In the Birth time Rectification enclosed at the end of this article, the Sunrise is given as 0600 hrs (6 AM). The table starts from 0603 hrs to 0430 hrs. The time given as 0003 means it is after the midnight 3 minutes. The time given as 1203 means it is after the noon 3 minutes. The time given as 1303 means it is after the noon 1 hour 3 minutes. 2400 hrs means it is midnight. 0603 means it is in the morning 6 hours 3 minutes and 2145 means it n the night 9 hours 45 minutes.

The lagna signs are given as Movable signs, Fixed signs and Dual signs. They are as follows:

Movable signs- Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn; Fixed signs- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius;
Dual signs- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

The Moon star (Birth star) lord, that is the lord of the star in which Moon is deposited, is given as Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus.
Click the link for viewing the Lords of the Moon stars table:


Since the birth times are given in the Rectification table for Sunrise of 0600 hours, the birth time in the table is to be obtained for the actual given birth time as per the following rules:

1) If the Sunrise is before 0600 hours, the difference between the local Sunrise and 0600 hours is to be added to the actual given local birth time.

Example: Local Sun Rise: 0542hrs, Local birth time given: 1026hrs. Then the time which is to be seen in the Rectification table is 1026 + (0600 - 0542) = 1044 hrs.

2) If the Sunrise is before 0600 hrs, the difference between the local Sunrise and 0600 hrs is to be deducted from the given local birth time.

Example: Sunrise 0618 hrs, Birth time 1356 hrs. Then the time which is to be seen in the Rectification table is 1356 - (0618 - 0600)= 1338 hrs.

3) If the birth is before the Sunrise, the Sunrise of the previous day is to be taken.

4) If the birth is in the early morning between 0432hrs and 0603 hrs, 0900 hrs is to be deducted from the birth time. The birth obtained as such is to be considered as in the evening of the previous day.

Example: Birth time: 0504 hrs, Sunrise 0512 hrs. Then the calculation is as follows:
0504 +1200 = 1704; 1704-0900= 0804; 0804 + (0600 - 0512) = 0852 hrs in the evening of the previous day, that is, 2052 hrs.

Example: Birth time: 0454 hrs, Birth date: 12 /13 December 1926, Sunrise: 0614 hrs.
Then 0454 +1200= 1654; 1654 - 0900= 0754. Since the Sunrise on 12 December 1926 is 14 minutes after 0600 hrs, 0754-0014=0740 hrs in the evening of 12 December 1926.

5) The weekday is always to be considered from Sunrise of the given date to the Sunrise of the next date.


Once the time to be seen in the Rectification table is obtained as stated above for the given local birth time, this time in the table is to be adjusted to match the birthday, lagna sign, Moon star lord for the given sex of the individual as male or female. From this adjusted time in the table, the birth time is to be recalculated backwards and this time would be the rectified birth time.

Example 1: Birth date 5 April 1932, Birth time in the early morning 2 hrs 7 minutes, that is, 0207 hrs on 6 April 1932, Female birth, Tuesday, Moon star Revati (Mercury), Capricorn lagna
( moveable sign ), Sunrise 0556. Then the time to be seen in the Rectification table is 0207- (0600- -0556)= 0211 hrs. In the S.No.43 of the Rectification table, for 0209 for Mercury star, moveable sign, for Tuesday, it is given as male birth in Akash tatwa. But the given birth is female. In the table, female birth is given for Mercury star and moveable lagna in S.No.34 at 0142 and again in S.No.52 at 0236. These two times differ from the given birth time by 29 minutes and 25 minutes. Therefore, it should not be so far away. Since the birth time is given as born in hospital, there can be only a small difference in time. When it is visualized that there cannot be much difference, then in such doubtful cases Antar tatwas are to be considered to rectify the given time. In this horoscope, as per the Rectification table, Akash tatwa is from 0151 to 0220.That means30 minutes. Since the tatwas are rotating in reverse ( avaroha) fashion for every 90 minutes, after the direct( aroha) 90 + reverse( avaroha) 90= 180 minutes , the tatwas would again rotate in the direct fashion. Akash tatwa would measure 30 minutes. If the Antartatwas are considered in this, there will be 15 minutes of direct ( aroha) motion. That means the aroha will be up to 0150+ 15= 0205. In the aroha there will be antar tatwas of Akash, Prithvi, jala, Tejo and vayu. Since the last tatwa is vayu, in the avaroha starting with vayu it will end with Tejo, jala, Prithvi and Akash. It is given as 24 minutes for vayu tatwa duration. For 180 minutes. The Akash tatwa is30 minutes and for24 minutes of vayu tatwa the Antar tatwa of vayu in Akash would be 30 divided by 180 and multiplied by 24 which amounts to 4 minutes. That means in the avaroha there will be vayu tatwa from 0206 to 0209. This is Female birth. In theRectification table, the time seen is 0211 hrs. The limit of female birth as seen above is up to 0209 hrs. that means there is a difference of 2 minutes. Birth time is given as 0207 hrs. Then 0207 minus 2 minutes would be 0205, which is to be considered as the rectified birth time. This is the local birth time. In this horoscope, the difference between the local time and the standard time is 7 minutes 12 seconds. This difference is to be added to the local rectified birth time to get the rectified standard time. Then the rectified standard time would be 02hrs 05 minutes + 07 minutes 12 seconds= 02 hrs 12 minutes 12 seconds.

Example 2: Birth time 1246, Sunrise 0551,Punarvasu star (Jupiter), Leo lagna (Fixed), Thursday, Male birth. The table time is 1246+ (0600-0551)= 1255. As per S.No.48 in the table, on Thursday in fixed lagna on Jupiter star in jala tatwa there is female birth. But the male birth is given. Now the antar tatwas are to be examined. jala tatwa is for 12 minutes. In this aroha is 6 minutes and avaroha is 6 minutes. As per table, jala tatwa starts fro 1245, the aroha ends at 1250. From there the avaroha starts. While the aroha ends with Prithvi tatwa, the avaroha starts with Prithvi tatwa. That means, starting from 1250 with Prithvi tatwa for 4 minutes there will be Prithvi, jala, Akash and vayu tatwas accordingly. There will Tejo tatwa from 1254 to 1255 for 2 minutes time. Since the table time is 1255, male birth takes place in Tejo tatwa. Since there is no correction for this table time, the given local birth time of 1246 can be taken as correct.

Example 3: Birth time Indian standard time (IST) 04:38:12 hrs in the morning on 10 Oct 1926, Moon star Anuradha , Virgo lagna, Sunday, Male birth. Sunrise 05:54.The difference between IST and local tie is 7 minutes 12 seconds. So local time is 04:38:12 - 00:07:12= 04:31:00. Dual lagna, Moon star lord is Saturn. The time to be seen in the Rectification table is 04:31-(06:00-05:54)=04:37. This should be seen as 0437+1200=1637, 1637-0900=0737 in the evening of Sunday. As seen in S.No.2 in the table, for the stars of Saturn of Pushyami, Anuradha and Uttarabhadra , for the dual lagna, for Sunday, for Tejo tatwa and for male birth, the timings given are 0736, 0737,and 0738, out which the timing of 0737 corresponds to Anuradha star. Since there is no difference in the time there is no necessity of time correction and the birth time given as 04:38 can be fixed.

Example 4: Birth date 4 April 1957, Thursday, Krittika star (Sun), Gemini lagna(dual sign), IST 11:46:16, Female birth. Sunrise 0556.The difference between IST and local time is 8min 16secs. Therefore the local time is 11:46:16- 00:08:16= 11:38. The time in the table is 1138 + (0600-0556)=1142. In the S.No.42 in the table, in the Sun stars of Krittika, Uttara and Uttarashiada, in vayu tatwa, female birth is given at 1142, 1143,and1144 in which 1142 corresponds to Krittika star. So there is no rectification of the given birth time.

Example 5: Birth 1 March 1956, Thursday, Swati star,( Rahu), Virgo lagna (Dual sign) , IST 7:57:16 PM. Sunrise 06:19:46. The difference between the IST and local time is 8 min 16 secs. So the local time is 7:57:16- 0:8:16= 7:49 P, that is 19:49 hrs. The table time is 1949-(06:19:46- 06:00:00)= 19:29:14 hrs which can be taken as 1930 in the table. In the S.No.96 of the table, on Thursday, in dual lagna, for Rahu stars of Arudra, Swati and Satabhisha , for vayu tatwa, for female birth, the timings given are 1930, 1931 and 1932 in order. So the time is taken as 1931 for Swati star, which is 1 minute more. Therefore the local time is 1949 + I minute= 1950 and the IST would be 1950+8 min 16 secs = 19:58:16 hrs i.e. 7:58:16 PM.


The general characteristics of the people born in various tatwas are as follows:

Prithvi tatwa: The lord of this tatwa, Mercury (Buddha) is intellectual. Science, philosophy, mathematics, business, saved amounts are represented. The characteristics of this tatwa has got very good connection with Saturn characteristics. Those born in this tatwa would have self- confidence, patience, imagination, future planning and interest in material prospects. They will have practical tendencies such as giving loans, accumulate money and gain from mines etc

jala tatwa: The lords of this tatwa are Moon and Venus. Imagination, good thinking power, enjoying life, expertise in fine arts, research in scientific fields particularly connected with research in medical fields are represented. Those born in this tatwa, though having the above quoted qualities, would get tired sometimes and want to take rest and idleness is one quality. Generally active, experts in different fields, can adapt to any situation and behave, will have self-respect and compassion, will have low profile, will build castles in air being lazy, can become very active when doing practical things, will perform the jobs with determination, though not having natural strength will see that jobs are done. When Moon is strong they become political experts.

Tejo tatwa: Sun and Mars are the lords. The general characteristics are enthusiasm, good physique, force, oratory powers and passion. Those born in this tatwa will courageous and adventurous. Can occupy high positions with self-effort. Very ambitious, wise, believable, can perform duties with determination and with self-mind, advocates, politicians, experts in mathematics, engineers, adepts in surgery, military employees, best sportsmen, sometimes behaves cruel.

vayu tatwa: Lord Saturn. The characteristics are best thinking, meditation, self-enquiry, solitary residence, steadiness, patience and hard work. Those born in this tatwa are practical, experts in philosophical studies, panderers on God, enthusiastic, cunning and imaginative. Though they speak harshly, they are not cruel. They will not tolerate untruth and ingratitude. They can grasp anything very quickly. Unsteady persons, political leaders, philosophers, researchers, geologists, ascetics etc are born in this tatwa.

Akash tatwa: Jupiter is the lord. For those born in Akasha tatwa, the natural characteristics are joy, delight, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, gratification, faith in good periods, liberality, generosity, augmentation, growth, addition, improvement, progress, success, prosperity, fullness, consciousness of possession of means or strength, absence of anxiety, fear or apprehension, power of attracting, drawing towards one's self, drawing away from attraction and fascination, they will have changes in their mental and physical temperaments. In favorable circumstances, they will be torchbearers for high ideals with great qualities, enthusiasm, energy, generosity and independence. In unfavorable circumstances, they can have depressions, dissipating energy. They will have natural confidence, reliance, and mental and physical strength. They will be interested in education in philosophy, finance, law and writings. They will have fame and name. Poets, lawyers, yogis, persons with divine strength, persons who talk decisively, generous persons, persons who do not know secret dealings, friendly persons are getting born in this tatwa.


I have been using this method of rectification of birth time. I cannot clarify any doubts in this context, since my Guru is no more available. Of course, in my opinion, the past events of the individual should also be checked with respect to the horoscope along with this method and the birth time is to be rectified judiciously. It is up to the readers to use this method intelligently and satisfy themselves.