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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summary of Graha Lordships for Dhanusha Lagna

Summary of Graha Lordships for Dhanusha Lagna
Surya = karaka for charisma, glamour, brilliance, ego, soul, and Divine Intelligence. Ravi controls the all-good dharma bhava, house of priestly ritual and public worship. The father is strong and confident, although possibly a bit egoistic due to karako bhavo nashto.

Because Surya is a karaka for career and public recognition, and Ravi = L-9 for Dhanusha lagna, the Dhanusha native is somewhat disposed toward to accept public roles and professional leadership responsibilities within universities, temples (9) and world traveling religious or philosophical groups (9) . Example environments include ritual priesthood, university professor, specialties of sacred literature and wisdom teaching, temple-based education, religious missionary, preacher, moral talks.

Remedial and Supportive Gems for Surya -Manika (pure Ruby)
quoted from~~ Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology. Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 90
  • "For the Sagittarius (Dhanu) Ascendant Sun is the lord of the 9th house, the house of Bhagya (fortune).
  • Sun is also a friend of Jupiter, the lord of the Ascendant.
  • Ruby is therefore a very suitable, agreeable and profitable gem stone for natives of this Ascendant particularly when the Sun is in his own sign in the ninth house.
  • Ruby will give the same beneficial results to the Sagittarius natives as it gives in the case ofScorpio Ascendant.
  • In addition it prolongs the life of the father of the native."
Psycho-emotional predisposition: Chandra rules house-8
Dhanusha lagna has a psycho-emotional predisposition to expect that access to secret associations and confidential information will provide their security and protection. They are happiest (not always successful but happiest) in mysterious roles that express healing behaviors. E.g., psychotherapist, surgeon, psychic intuitive, money launderer, silent business partner, secret sexual partner, or as the holder of highly confidential information in secure positions such as executive secretary or military officer.
Chandra's radix and navamsha rashi's and any drishti to Chandra will show the native's specific style of pursuing security and emotional fulfillment. (E.g., Moon ruled by Shukra gives confidential roles in beauty and justice; ruled by Shani gives political and military roles handling government and corporate secrets; ruled by Surya a priestly role in communicating religious secrets, etc.)
Typically these natives expect to gain social and emotional stability by investing in hidden information and secret relationships. They often live two lives, one public and one private - and profit thereby. Despite their desire for secure protection, they are prone toward intrigue and may face a lifetime of sudden, unpredictable psycho-emotional upheavals including health crises.
Both the native and his/her mother may suffer mysterious, medically undiagnosable illnesses which a psychic would know to have emotional causes.

The highly fluctuating and impressionable Chandra regulates and empowers randhra bhava, the house of magical transformative healing, emergencies, and hidden or highly confidential information.

Remedial and Supportive Gems for Chandra -Mukta (moti, pure natural Pearl)
quote from ~~ Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology. Ranjan Publications, New Delhi.. p. 94
  • "For the Sagittarius Ascendant, Moon is the lord of the 8th.
  • Persons with this ascendant should avoid wearing a Pearl unless Moon is in his own sign in 8th.
  • This should be done in the major period of Moon.
  • It will not give any adverse effects if it is worn along with yellow sapphire, the gem stone of Jupiter, the lord of this Ascendant, who is a friend of Moon. "
L-5 / L-12
Vital and competitive Kuja controls children, performance arts, politics, brilliant acts of genius, as well as long-term foreign residence, meditation and prayer, contemplative arts, and dissolution of the physical identity.

Remedial and Supportive Gems - Moonga
quoted from ~~ Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology. Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 98
  • "For the Sagittarius Ascendant, Mars is the lord of the 5th and 12th houses.
  • The auspicious lordship of the 5th a trine will prevail over the lordship of the 8th and bywearing Red Coral, the natives of this ascendant will be blessed with children, good fortune, name and fame
  •  -- more pronouncedly if Mars is in his own sign in the 5th."
L-7 / L-10
Conversational and sexually curious Budha suffers from kendra-adhi-pati dosha.

L-7 Budha = the badhaka lord for Dhanavana lagna (Badhaka or "harming" houses = the 9th from a fixed lagna, 7th from a changeable lagna, and 11th from a cardinal lagna. )

Remedial and Supportive Gems: Emerald for Dhanusha lagna:
quoted from ~~ Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology. Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 101
  • "Mercury is the lord the 7th and 10th. It is said Mercury suffers from Kendra-adhipati dosha on account of his lordship of two Kendras.
  • Still if Mercury is in the Ascendant, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th (in his own sign) 9th, 10th, (in his own sign) and 11th; wearing of Emerald in the major period of Mercury will prove advantageous.
  • If as a result Mercury (as lord of the 10th) being disposed in the 6th, 8th or the 12th, the native suffers set backs in his profession.
  • Wearing of Emerald at that time will help him to overcome his difficulties.
  • If as lord of 7th Mercury is not well placed, we recommend that Yellow Sapphire should be used instead of Emerald.
  • That will help to overcome the set backs in conjugal life.
  • For women Yellow Sapphire will prove very effective as Jupiter is Karaka for husband in a woman's birth chart. "
L-1 / L-4
Wise and expansive Guru defines the physical body level of social personality identity, as well as the native's approach toward matters of education and property ownership. A natural humanistic educator.

Remedial and Supportive Gems
quoted from ~~ Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and AstrologyRanjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 108
  • "For the Sagittarius Ascendant Jupiter is lord of the Ascendant and the 4th house.
  • The natives of this Ascendant can always wearYellow Sapphire as a protective charm.
  • The beneficial results will be felt pronouncedly in the major and sub-periods of Jupiter.
  • If Yellow Sapphire is worn along with Ruby, the gem stone of Sun, the lord of the 9th (Bhagya) house, the results will be more beneficial."
L-6 / L-11
Shukra has special importance in male nativities, because Shukra signifies both marriage itself and the influence of the female partner in one's life.
  • From the Dhanusha Chandra, L-6 and L-11 Shukra is inauspicious.
  • The female partner is inclined to mirror the native's own inner argumentativeness, yet she is gainful and through her the couple may enjoy  an active social network.
  • The female partner tends toward illnesses and the male needs to be careful of dormant potential for addition, including addiction to women. 
  • Dhanusha men often divorce and remarry (Larry King, Jack Welch , "Teddy" Kennedy); yet each marriage brings more income, achieves more goals, and expands the marketplace association.

Sweet and sensual Shukra becomes an agent of both conflict (6) and gainfulness (11). Shukra brings both the hostility of imbalanced relationships which produce enemies, and the structured network of association through the marketplace of goods and ideas which creates a great circle of friends.
Considering that Shukra is lord of both the 6th AND the 6th from the 6th, Dhanusha is understood to be particularly challenged in the area of promise-keeping and alliance-maintenance. Marital fidelity is not a strong point of Dhanusha, nor is Dhanusha particularly concerned to protect the alliances of others.
Due to Shukra's inauspicious lordship, Dhanusha natives typically have quite a bit of trouble (especially during Shukra periods) with the range of Venusian significators:
  • partnerships and alliances of all kinds (Dhanusha should in general avoid business partnerships, or at least be very careful to have the terms of agreement made perfectly explicit)
  • art and music; the Muse;
  • rich food and drink; luxurious conditions of all kinds; fine perfumes and textiles
  • love-making, and the external genitalia (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • wives, marriage, and women in general - (Dhanusha is rather prone to divorce)
  • (mother, too, is problematic - since Chandra = L-8)
  • wealth and the value of stored goods, which tends to follow a pattern of high-highs and low-lows
  • Dhanusha women will have issues with jealousy, either predatory females who are jealous of the native, or the native's own envy toward females in her environment (including often one's own friends)
Ex: Larry King, the USA television interview host, still operating a popular show and married to his 8th wife, announce his 8th divorce, in Guru/Shukra period,amidst accusations of marital infidelity, at age 76.

Shukra is an especially difficult graha for Dhanusha nativities in which Mangala = L-6 from both radix lagna (material animosity) and Chandra lagna (emotional imbalance):
  1. Dhanusha radix lagna + Dhanusha Chandra
  2. Dhanusha radix lagna + Vrishabha Chandra
  3. Dhanusha Chandra + Vrishabha lagna

Remedial and Supportive Gems for Shani -Blue Sapphire (neelam) for Dhanusha Lagna,
quoted from ~~ Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and AstrologyRanjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 116
  • "For the Sagittarius Ascendant, Venus is lord of the 6th and 11th houses.
  • Both lordships are inauspicious according to the principles of astrology.
  • Apart from that, Venus is an enemy of Jupiter, — the lord of this Ascendant.
  • Still
    • if Venus in his own sign in the 6th or 11th
    • or as lord of the 11th is in the Ascendant, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th or 10th
  • wearing of Diamond in the major period of Venus will bring financial gains to the native.
  • If Venus is in the 10th, it will give rise to Amala yoga and Diamond in the major period of Venus will enhance the good effects of this yoga."
L-2 / L-3
Pragmatic and conventional Shani is a money collector.
Family of Origin (2) is typically modest, materialistic, and orderly in nature, with emphasis on perpetuating the traditional lineage rules for social rank and position. The family culture promotes steady, diligent workand adherence to conventional, material values.
Self-made wealth from domain-3 depends on the disposition of Shani.
  • For example, the USA socialite Marla Maples Trump (briefly the second wife of Donald Trump) enjoys the self-made-wealth results of L-3 Shani residing in 2, with swakshetra strength in 2, while an acquisitive Dhanishtha Moon occupies Shani's rashi Kumbha in 3.
  • Her birth family is of modest origins. She gained significant money through marriage (Shukra strong in 11),  and lawful Shani in the divorce house-2 (death-and-rebirth of the marriage, 8th-from-7th)

Remedial and Supportive Gems for Shani -Blue Sapphire (neelam) 
quoted from ~~ Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology. Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 116-117
  • "For the Sagittarius Ascendant, Saturn is lord of the 2nd, the death inflicting house (maraka house) and the 3rd.
  • Moreover, Saturn is an enemy of Jupiter, the lord of this Ascendant. It will, therefore,generally not be advisable for the native of this Ascendant to wear a Blue Sapphire.
  • But an exception can be made if Saturn is posited in the Ascendant. Good results of such disposition of Saturn are described byBrihat Jatak.
  • ... if Saturn occupies the Ascendant at a person's birth, he will be poor, sickly, love stricken, very unclean, suffering from diseases during his childhood and indistinct in his speech.
  • However, if any of the signs -- Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Libra be the Ascendant and Saturn should occupy it at birth, the person concerned will be equal to a king, the headman of a village or the mayor of the city, a great scholar and will be handsome.
  • Therefore, in a Sagittarius nativity, if Saturn is in the Ascendant, Blue Sapphire will enhance the good effects of the yoga caused by Saturn if it is worn in the major period of Saturn."
For Dhanusha lagna, Rahu afflicts the third bhava= business administration, commerce, the neighborhood, the work team, siblings, publications, writing, communications media, and brief travels.
Rahu's effects for Dhanusha lagna depend significantly on Rahu's bhava, rashi, and drishti. Rahu amplifies the effect of any graha who are sharing Rahu's house; and also Rahu magnifies the effects of the lord of His occupied Rashi.

Remedial and Supportive Gems
Rahu is co-lord of domain-3 Kumbha, therefore Rahu-ratna (gomedha) is unlikely to be a beneficial gem *except* for matters of exotic or adventurous writing, and even then only if the lord of domain-3 and its occupants are auspicious.
For Dhanusha lagna, Ketu afflicts the twelfth house= dreams, meditation, psychic communication with the astral plane and its inhabitants, sanctuary spaces, the private bedroom, extended travels
Ketu's effects for Dhanusha lagna depend significantly on Ketu's bhava, rashi, and drishti. Ketu amplifies the effect of any graha who are sharing Ketu's house; and also Ketu magnifies the effects of the lord of His occupied Rashi.

Remedial and Supportive Gems
Ketu is co-lord of domain-12 Vrischikha, thereforeKetu-ratna may be a beneficial gem for matters of meditation and withdrawal into the hermit's cave of reflective awareness -- but even then, only if the lord of domain-12 and its occupants are auspicious.