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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dhanu Lagna - Sagittarius Ascendant

First house
Sun. Sun is lord of 9th trikona house and is posited in friend’s house. It indicates long journeys, learning, wisdom, prudence, fortunate with strangers, foreigner’s, wife’s relations and voyages. Interest in science, invention, law, philosophy or political economy. Such persons are wealthy, respected, and blessed with power and authority. Long life, strained relations with friends. Gain from ancestral property but if Sun is afflicted may destroy the same.
Moon. Eighth lord in Lagna if not afflicted, one will be blessed with long life. Affliction of stomach is indicated. Fond of art, adulterous, sweet spoken but spend thrift. Gain through law suits and matters connected with the deceased. Accumulation of wealth and gain through business of others. Likelihood of some wounds on the body. Devoid of comforts from parents till young age. If Moon is afflicted, then it indicates short life, death by irregularity, trouble and loss through others.
Mars. The lord of 5th and 12th houses in friend’s camp. Complexion will be like copper. Many enemies and love affairs. Wealthy and man of power and authority. An afflicted health. A propensity to pleasure, a trouble life on the whole, secret sorrows, limitations. All these difficulties can be minimised through occult or spiritual practice. Danger of imprisonment or disablement.
Mercury. Mercury is lord of 7th house posited here in Lagna in enemy’s camp aspecting its own 7th house. Lord of 10th house in Lagna is good and will confer dignities, honours through merit, intelligent, good natured and of good behaviour. Wealthy and blessed with comforts of life. High ambitions, gain through Govt.; unions, partnership, love of women and gain through them. Connection with the process of law. Such persons are found well versed in Mathematics and are connected with medical Science. One thing. I will say that since Mercury is lord of two kendras and so malefic but when afflicted will give the reverse results as indicated above.
Jupiter. Jupiter is also lord of two Kendra houses, 1st and 4th but being Lagna lord it is benefic, when posited in own house in the Ascendant will confer wealth, respect, rank and authority to the native. One will be blessed with long life, fortunate inheritance, gain through land, property, power over enemies, owner of property and conveyance, good health, harmony and triumph over difficulties. Religious, generous and charitable. Judge the reverse if afflicted or combust.
Venus. Lord of 6th and 11th houses (both malefic) in the Ascendant is in enemy’s house. This position being in Lagna will give average length of life. Will hold a rank under the Govt; kidney trouble in old age is indicated. Difficulties and reversals in life and may face debt. But the native meets with real friends and supporters, can overcome enemies and obstacles through the support of acquaintances. Fortunate actions and hopes are attained.
Saturn. Saturn in Ascendant is in enemy’s camp and lord of 2nd and 3rd houses. “Being lord of 2nd house gives good results but lord of 3rd malefic. Saturn weak in this case is very benefic and makes the persons millionaire” vide author’s book, “Saturn, a friend or foe?”.
So it will make one wealthy, of good position in life, comforts from wife and children, respected but devoid from comforts of brothers, worried and gloomy face. Average intelligence helpful to others, any part of body will become defective and worries on this account. Gain through writings and learnings.
Rahu. Rahu in Lagna of this ascendant confers honours, wealth and favour through religious, educational or scientific affairs. It adds power to the personality and gives opportunity to self expression. Foreign travel, a good progney, respect and honour in foreign countries in old age.
Ketu. Ketu in the Ascendant is not good and gives short life unless aspected by Jupiter. One is devoid from comforts of ancestral property. Tribulations and difficulties in life may endanger face and eyes.
Second House
Sun. Sun in 2nd house indicates gain of money by foreign merchants or the sea, science, learning, publications, travels, invention or banking. This will give strained relations with relatives and disrespected by them. A diseased and troubled early life, of rash temperament and defective eyes. Last part of life will be happy and comfortable.
Moon. 8th lord in 2nd house indicates gain in finances by the money of partner and others. Fortunate in realising the debts. Gain through deceased. If Moon is weak and afflicted, loss and troubles in life, defective eye sight. Soft spoken but strained relations with relatives. Changeable professions.
Mars. Lord of 5th and 12th house posited in 2nd house indicates gain through secrecy and occult. An engineer by profession or building contractor, less comforts from wife. Of loud voice but greedy. Pleasure through children. Should not speculate at all.
Mercury. Of sanguin temperament and speech, skilled in arts, gain by marriage, average financial position, may be afflicted in lower part of body through some disease. Gain of money through trade, industry, profession or Govt.; office. If afflicted or combust, loss of money through partnership contracts, unions, law suits or through women.
Jupiter. Gain through property and land. Hard work, considerable time strenous and persistant given to the efforts to obtain money. Benefits through industrious activity. An intelligent person, good meditator and has a weight and force in his speech. An average span of life will be pleasurable but last part of life will be troublesome.
Venus. Business and money through friends and acquaintances, through legislative interest or development of his own creation. But loss through enemies, defective eye, more daughters than sons, marriage in good family. Debts in middle age. Finances will be average.
Saturn. Gain of money through personal efforts, educational affairs, short journeys, writings, and music etc. Devoid of childrens comforts, blue eyes, proud liar, wealthy through ancestral property.
Rahu. Rahu is good in second house, promoted, fortunate heredity or gain by legacy and gifts, gain by science and learning and increases the professions. Long journeys undertaken to remove want and to bestow affluence.
Ketu. Misfortunate in finances, loss and damage to estate, sorrows, fears and worry concerning money matters. Loss of parents in early age, in average life, there will be troubles and debts.
Third House
Sun. A bold and courageous native. Successful in hopes, respected and famous. Learnings, accomplishments and progress through research, travel, investigations, or writings. Brothers will be on good posts and wealthy but no gain through them.
Moon. Psychic and mysterious experiences. Less comforts from brothers and death of the same. Unfortunate brothers. Loss of power of virility and ear troubles. Strained relations with relatives and loss through wife.
Mars. Disappointments, sorrows and troubles through relations and friends, troublesome short journeys and writings. Occult learning. Liking for travel, sports, drama and adventure. Short life, trouble in ears, diseased and troubled. Many opponents and loss through thieves.
Mercury. Good relations with relatives and friends. Loss of virile power. Respect among relatives, neighbours, gain in honour and advancement through partner’s relations. Honour through short journeys, writing, accomplishments, business trips and Govt.; favour. Company of adulterous and disreputed persons. Habit of theft. Last part of life will be happy and comfortable.
Jupiter. A learned, intelligent, religious and well respected person. Comforts from property and conveyance. Many brothers, power and authority in middle age. Gain from short journeys. A comfortable life full of pleasure and power. But if afflicted, reverse results and restricted or broken education.
Venus. Friends through writings and journeys on account of sickness, mental disturbances is indicated when sick. Unhappy through brothers, fond of opposite sex and loss due to the same. Trouble in ears, urinary disease. Last part of life will be unhappy.
Saturn. Many brothers but no gain through them. Adulterous, pleasure seeker, deafness of ears in middle age. Gain through education, writings and short journeys.
Rahu. Bold and advance in spiritual and educational matters. Gain through brothers and neighbours and through journeys, writings or publishing.
Ketu. Mental anxiety, unprofitable journeys, troubles through brothers and neighbours. Adulterous, fond of opposite sex, company of ill reputed and dacoits. Loss through standing a surety. A few brothers. Last part of life will be a bit comfortable.
Fourth House
Sun. Intelligent and learned but no gain from that. Blessed with property. Gain of wealth by industry, business and trade. Gain of wealth in old age. Loss of ancestral property. Many enemies and opponents. Profession through partner’s relatives. Journeys on account of family affairs or wife’s mother. Journey’s home to die.
Moon. Learned, sweet speech and intelligent. Blessed with property in middle life. A religious man. Lower part of body or legs will be afflicted with pain. Gain of property through deceased, probably by the death of parents. The death of native will be at home, but if Moon is in conjunction of Sun, then abroad. If Moon is weak or afflicted, then death of parents, danger through falls and falling buildings, floods and storms. Trouble over inheritance, land and property.
Mars. A good skilled, craftsman. Voyages, loss of ancestral property. Bold but quarrelsome, gain through children, gifts from grandfather. Love of home, secret sufferings restrictions and limitations at the end of life. Trouble through father or wife’s mother.
Mercury. Property by marriage, a chaste wife, gain and honour through parentage, lands and property. Success in last part of life. Interest in reclamations, colonization, cooperative movements, horticulture, mining, architecture or Archaeology. Changeable profession, gain through women and influence, thereof.
Jupiter. Gain through lands, mines, inheritance and possessions. Occult investigations. Learned, intelligent and knowledge of other languages. Assistance of father and gain through old people and antiquities. In middle of life may be defamed due to connections with women. Generous and comforts from mother. Gain from other property. Loss through storms and floods.
Venus. Learned, intelligent, a good astronomer, faithful to parents, fond of opposite sex and troubles through them. Sickness of father through changes and worry, troubled married life, inheritance through friends, fortunate in property, love of father and skilled in many arts.
Saturn. Changeable life, property and residence. Benefits through parents, household goods, land or mines. Quarrelsome, suspicious, loss of property. Jocking in nature, devoid of mother’s affection, dishonest and accusation therefrom, gain from other’s property and money. Travelling and writings in connection with home affairs and property.
Rahu. Gain of property in an unexpected manner, fortunate in discovery or in findings. Ancestry, noble, long lived and trustworthy.
Ketu. Loss of confusion with land and buildings, waste of patrimony, turmoils in the life of ancestors, family discord and law suits. Changeable professions.
Fifth House
Sun. Sun is exalted in this sign. Lord of 9th house (trikona house) in another trikona house is very beneficial and benefic. It will confer on the native good intelligence, one will learned, well respected, bold and with fortune. Long journey, learnings, wisdom, prudence, fortunate with strangers, foreigners, wife’s relations and voyages. Interest in science, inventions, law, philosophy or political economy. Wealthy and comforts of life, property and conveyance. Gain through secrets. In early age one may be deprived from comforts of parents.
Moon. Average financial position. Unfortunate children or death of same. Danger through excessive pleasure, speculations, children and their affairs. Medium span of life.
Mars. Lucky and man of power and authority. May be a magistrate or some army officer. Danger from fire, of rash temperament.
Mercury. An intelligent and learned person. Pleasure through wife, relations with children will be cordial and comforts from them. Native’s children will suffer from sickness but rise to honours. Gain through speculation, pleasures, young people, sports and stage. A good writer and a God fearing man.
Jupiter. Gain through father, a learned, intelligent and generous native. God fearing and blessed with children and gain through them. Helpful to people, knowledge of a few languages, comforts from children in old age. Delight in pleasure, amusement, sports, speculations and children with tendency to success through these. Interested in art, literature and poetry. If afflicted reverse results.
Venus. Very benefic, happiness and pleasure in life through children, friends and beneficial circumstances. Average financial status, may face some financial difficulty and debt in life. Illness through pursuits of or over indulgence in pleasure of sports. Troubles through enemies and danger of poison. Troubles through women.
Saturn. Saturn is posited in debilitated sign in 5th house. It devoids any profit from children, cheat, disrespected, average intelligence, back bitter, adulterous, devoid from parent’s affliction. Gain by speculation, investment and pleasure. Pleasurable journeys, pleasure through children, reading, study and travels.
Rahu. Frees the native from many troubles, calamities and danger. Long lived and fortunate children. Fond of recreation, pleasure and sports. Gain through employment.
Ketu. It may deny issue subject to other checks, disobedient and crossed children. Excessive or irregular pleasures produce much harm.
Sixth House
Sun. Victory over enemies, sickness, travelling, study of hygiene, medicine, healing etc. Difficulty through work in foreign lands, or in connection with exporting. Change of profession in middle of life, diseased and troubled life. Danger of thefts during journey, and loss to maternal relations.
Moon. Gain through maternal relations, dangerous sickness, death by pets, small animals and servants, loss of money earned and through one in whose custody it may be. Short life (subject to other checks), many enemies and opponents, residence in mountaineous region, unsuccessful hopes, worried and troubles on these counts.
Mars. Troubles through enemies and loss of property through them and one may be forced to leave the country, sickness among children, pleasure through hygienic methods, difficulty, troubles and loss through employees. Limitations on account of sickness. Troubled married life, travel in foreign land and fond of wealth but generally unaccomplished hopes.
Mercury. Lean and weak constitution. Educated but happy, loss, gain from education. Wife may be in service and source of financial help. Happy and gain through children in old age. Modest worldly position, gain and honour through service and employment. The native may marry below his status, mentally or socially has sickly wife and evily disposed employees.
Jupiter. A man of strong determination, a good healer, gain through humanitarianism, food, clothing and employees. Loss of possessions through sickness or servants. May build his own house. Loss of respect in middle age. Many enemies and loss through them. Loss of money on account of being a surety of someone. Friends may acts as enemies. Danger of some punishment in middle age.
Venus. Many enemies and relations with women and will therefore suffer at their hands. Severe illness, success in service and with employees, poultry, medicine or social services. Friends among working people and those in Army, Navy or Air Force. Faithful servants and interest in social welfare. Disrespected due to connections with other women.
Saturn. Untrustworthy, adulterous, unreligious, skin disease, poor, dishonest, earn money through illegal ways loss through animals, fall from height and fracture in leg and may become lame. Gain through inferiors, sickness or injury during journey, difficulties through brothers and interest in study and methods of healing or social economy.
Rahu. Favours the health and strengthens the body. Faithful and honest employees, gain through service and fortunate through father.
Ketu. Law suits and litigation, danger of illness through bite of reptiles, insects or animals. Suffers due to physical afflictions, changeable residence. Loss through deception from servants.
Seventh House
Sun. Learned, respected and popular. Legal ways of livelihood. Marriage to a stranger opposed by relations. Public enemies through religious, scientific or sea-fearing people. Inventor of new items, gain from business or trade. Knowledge and well versed in law of the land. Fond of opposite sex and bickering in married life.
Moon. Voyages, loss through business, fond of opposite sex, disrespect and loss through them. Wife will be rich to whom money comes unexpectedly. If Moon in weak and afflicted, may deny the marriage or death of the partner. Public enemies and loss through them. Danger of death by violence, suicide, accident or war. Loss and spending of money on vices.
Mars. Sickness among children, gain of money through speculation and children’s earnings. Pleasure of hygienic methods. Troubles through deceit and treacherous ways, concerning unions, partnerships, contracts and law suits. Sickness, discord and opposition of partner. Troubles generally through women. Many enemies and opponents. Loss in business and extravagant spending.
Mercury. Gain through law suits and dealing with public generally. Honour and reputation assisted by marriage and partnership in a responsible concern. Comforts from wife, comfortable old age. Comforts from conveyance, success in law suits and a pre-possessing partner, but one is likely to grow cold or proves untrue or hostile. Gain through business and trade.
Jupiter. Learned, respected and knowledge of law. Careful of his respect. Marriage in good family, gain by marriage, land and as a general. Fond of opposite sex, partnerships and close association with others. Power and authority in foreign country and gain of money. If afflicted reverse results.
Venus. Late marriage, adulterous, disrespected, of loose morals and vile acts in early age. Quarrels or law suits, difficulties with disreputed women and sickness. Trouble with employees or physicians. Success in law suits also. A loving partner desirable friendship and social connections.
Saturn. Gain by marriage, contracts, business and dealing with women and others. Marriage as a result of journey, writings or to one of kin. But adulterous, disturbed married life, journeys, hatred of religion, a good orator, lecturer and will earn through this profession but average profession.
Rahu. Reduces the number of enemies, increases profit through dealings with others and portends delight and gain through woman whose influence may benefit the native. It is a testimony for a wise and wealthy partner.
Ketu. This is not a happy position. Many oppressors, calumnies raised by enemies or competitors, contenders and difficulty with partners but also it indicates death and destruction of enemies. Changeable professions, sudden death, a troubled and worried life.
Eighth House
Sun. Gain through long journeys concerning legacies, or goods or deceased persons. Psychic experiences. Death of wife’s nearest relations, scientific or educational pursuits also through publications. Painful death of the native. Diseased and troubled.
Moon. Eighth lord is posited in own house. Gain by the dead, a comfortably fixed partner, interest in matters relating to future life. Spiritual experiences. If Moon is weak and afflicted short life, devoid from ancestral property, poor, danger of drowning and loss through women.
Mars. Suffers through children who may die before him. Loss through speculations. An unsatisfactory end, many misfortunes, secret enemies may die, troubles over inheritance. Short life, a troubled native, many enemies and loss through law suits.
Mercury. Not so well educated unless aspected by Jupiter. Gain and honours in handling the estate and money of others, also through law suits, legacies, inheritance, insurance etc. of deceased persons. Money or property by marriage, death of partner, some inheritance but difficulty over it. Unsuccessful hopes and worries.
Jupiter. Wealthy and learned. Many enemies and blessed with long life. Jupiter is exalted in this sign and is a Lagna lord. Proud, obstinate and a man of strong determination. Last part of life will be comfortable. Death through irregularity. Occult experiences and mediumistic. Concern over affairs of dead with the money of others and partners. Gain by legacies or estate, when afflicted, death of mother, loss of inherited property, disappointments over legacies and troubles in financial matters.
Venus. Financial reward for faithful service.
Intelligent. Gift or legacies from friends and an easy demise. Death of friends, dangerous, illness and death of servants, animals, poultry etc. Unhappy due to wife, quarrels over ancestral property. Danger in 6th years of age. Less comforts from parents.
Saturn. Short life, cheat, liar, bad company and habits. Licentious and adulterous. Devoid from comforts of progney. Sickness and death of brothers. Journeys on account of trouble, false accusations or trouble on account of death or bequests. Gain by legacy and goods of the dead or through money of the partners.
Rahu. Promotes health and conduces to longevity. Testimony for gifts and legacies and gain by those deceased.
Ketu. Loss of goods through deception. Sudden or violent death.
Ninth House.
Sun. Respected, generous, learned, intelligent and good advisor. Travelling for education, scientific or religious purposes. Prophetic dreams, many fine qualities. Splendid possibilities through culture and development. Careful for his respect. Company of high ups and wealthy persons and gain through them. Unhappy due to brothers.
Moon. The partner has trouble with relatives over money matters. Death in a distant land. Danger of death by drowning or while on voyages. A drunkard and of loose morals.
Mars. Bold, stone hearted and a man of strong WILL power. Beautiful children, who travel and give pleasure to the native. Children can become preachers, scientists or explorers. Pleasures in foreign lands. Blessed with landed property. Worries and grief in young age due to loss of some property and death of a child. If afflicted shipwreck or isolation, difficulty with relatives, men of science and religion, long journeys, secret mission, investigations, explorations, secluded research. Sacrifice for science or religion.
Mercury. Marriage to a stranger from far off. Gain by partner’s relatives. Partner’s journeys to foreign. Honourable, voyages, professional journeys, honour through learning, writing, publishing, research or philosophy. Of sanguine temperament. A religious or intellectual father. If afflicted contentions with religious or scientific people.
Jupiter. Well respected and generous. Builders of charitable institutions. Long journeys, religious, or psychic experiences, liking for science, law, philosophy and all matters connected with higher mind, prophetic dreams or visions, gain through partner’s relation, science religion and long journeys. If afflicted loss of foreign property, trouble with foreigners and religion, legal or educational affairs, fruitless and dangerous voyages.
Venus. Wealthy and reliable. Gain and success through long journeys. Friendship through travel and learning. Friends among educators, ministers, writers, explorers and inventors. Sickness abroad at sea or while travelling. Illness of wife’s relations, danger through overstudy. Work in connection with foreign affairs or universities.
Saturn. Obstinate, anti to parents, unhappy, miser, inclined toward bad deeds, diseased and ill reputed. Gain by books, trading at sea, long journey. Philosophy, religion, science and wife’s kindred. Brothers are likely to proceed to journey to foreign countries and marry.
Rahu. Improves the mental qualities and gives success in educational, legal or religious studies. Favourable for voyages and foreign affairs, true dreams and prophetic intuition.
Ketu. Unfortunate or miserable voyages, afflicts the faculty of faith. Curious dreams, unreliable promotions and trouble and danger of imprisonment in foreign lands. Devoid from the comforts of parents in early age.
Tenth House
Sun. Honour, credit and esteem through science, literature or travel. Success in foreign affairs. Respected and blessed with power and authority. Knowledge of law and owner or property. Religious and generous. If afflicted reverse results.
Moon. Rise to high position through an inheritance. Other persons will gain or loose money by him, according to the planets aspects. If weak and afflicted then danger of violent death probably due to discharge of Govt. order or through war. Business through matters connected with dead.
Mars. Pleasure of honour through wife’s father or his own mother. Honourable children, renown in speculation, business enterprises and in the theatrical world. But liable to disgrace, discredit and persecution from superiors, Govt.; or persons in authority resulting in a long journeys or retirement and seclusion. Sorrows through mother or troubles with in laws.
Mercury. skilful in all jobs, valorous, truthful, and devoted to elders. will beget a disobedient wife, will be religious and
endowed with wealth, sons, etc..
Jupiter. Wealthy, respected, famous and learned. Author of books, psychic and prophetic nature. Rise to high, social and professional position. Merit, honour, preferment and success. Religious and generous. Gain in profession by trade, Govt.; work or by the fruits of the earth.
Venus. Well respected, honour through service and healing or through municipal or national activities. Friendship among those of good positions and gain through them. Benefits from persons of social standing, business or Govt. Officers.
Saturn. Ancestral property, many professions, troublesome early life, happy in old age, owners of other’s property. Life above average. Gain by occupation, profession, merchandising. Govt. and wife’s parents. Professional and honourable journeys and gain through them. Honour or renown through writings and other accomplishments.
Rahu. Achieve’s honours, credit and high position by merit of industry and ability. Knowledge of vedic literature.
Ketu. Loss of position through deception, treachery and adverse public conditions such as sudden depressions, changes of failure.
Eleventh House
Sun. Lucky and blessed with property, conveyance and orchards. Fortunate friendship on voyage and friends among foreigners and in foreign Banks. Acquaintances among travellers, scientists and legislators. If afflicted sufferings on account of religious or other convictions. Relations with opposite sex, and may be unhappy in old age.
Moon. Gain and legacies through friends. Wealthy and skilled in arts. If weak and afflicted, may give two marriages and unhappy life.
Mars. Great attachment between native and children, friends through them, successful hopes and wishes. Friends through speculations, pleasure and among legislators, ambassadors and sports men. If afflicted, unfortunate undertakings, peculiar hopes, great disappointments and obstacles, deceitful friends and losses through advice of acquaintances.
Mercury. Blessed with wealth and property. Trouble through wife and children. Eminent friends among legislators and those in high Govt., or professional positions. An honourable fortune. The native is helpful to his associates and others. Ambitious ideal.
Jupiter. Well respected, wealthy and famous. Blessed with comforts of life and conveyance. Brothers will hold good position. Large circle of friends, assistance to and from them, much pleasure in life. Hopes and wishes often attained, gain by success of employer. If afflicted then friends are detriment, hopes are often defeated and reverse results as indicated above.
Venus. Fond of scents and perfumes. Interest in legislature activities, political and social welfare. Many friends and beneficial acquaintances. Well defined hopes and wishes. Friends among unique, ingenious original or radical people. Blessed with comforts from opposite sex.
Saturn. Wealthy, proprietor of many immovable properties but disreputed. No respect from masses and public, venereal disease and devoid from children’s comforts. Accidental fortune, friends through journey or vice versa. Fortunate conditions through brothers. Hopes and wishes accomplished through progressive studies.
Rahu. Meritorious friendships, acquaintances assist in the realization of hopes and wishes. Gain from some older man in age than the native.
Ketu. Undesirable associations, loss of opportunities and frustration of hopes. Wrong advice and false friends, Disrespected and grief from children.
Twelfth House
Sun. Journeys to distant lands. Difficulty and sorrow through religion, science, and journeys. If a writer or inventor, has a hard time to complete his work and get it to the public. In middle or latter part of life seeks seclusion for development, occult learnings etc. and takes long journeys for the same. Respected and hardworker. Company of wealthy persons and high dignitaries. May face sudden death.
Moon. Voyages, may have change of religion, difficulty over inheritance and death of secret or private enemies. Great fear or anxiety connecting death or imprisonment. Death while in an institution. Worried and restless. Downfall in business.
Mars. Occult abilities, powerless enemies, service in police or army. Foreign travel. Secret investigations, limitations. Afflictions and adversities in life prove to be blessings in disguise by developing inner growth and understanding. Children may cause sorrows, speculation cause ruin, pleasure through investigation of things of mysterious or research nature.
Mercury. Generous and knowledge of law. Unhappy marriage, secret sorrows, jealousy, vexation and sickness. Partners or opponents cause imprisonment of fear of it, partnership in business is not gainful. Loss of office of honour, dignity etc. through business associates who become secret enemies. Unfortunate environments and conditions, professional secrets, difficulty in employment. Gain from occult science or metaphysics.
Jupiter. Fear of imprisonment, secret unhappiness, gain through occult, and enmities. Afflicted health, sorrows through partners and loss through treachery. End of life in seclusion or devoted to the study of occult subject.
Venus. Loss through enemies and opponents, imprisonment, work of secret or mysterious nature such as in CID or CIB dept. etc. Sorrowful and deceitful friends, but good friendship amongst occult persons. Pleasure in peaceful quiet, harmonious or secluded places.
Saturn. Gain through secret affairs, occult investigations, sorrow through brothers, secret sufferings, seclusion or estrangement
from brothers. Danger of enemies and imprisonment while travelling. Disrespectful profession, litigation, licentious, adulterous,
worried, loss of money, and property.
Rahu. Gain by secret methods or in seclusion, and success in occultism.
Ketu. Worries through enemies, liable to imprisonment or restraint and restrictions. Unfavourable to health and of rash temperament.