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Sunday, June 27, 2010


(The octet on Shankara)
Seersha jata gana bharam, garalaharam, samastha samharam,
Sri Kailasa viharam param bhava varidheraham vandhe. 1

I salute him, who carries a matted lock,
Who wears the garland of serpents,
Who is the destroyer of everything,
Who lives on mount Kailasa,
And who is the other shore of the ocean of life.


Chandra kalojjwalaphalam kantavyalam jagathrayee palam,
Krutha nara masthakamalam kalam kalasya komalam vande. 2

I salute him whose forehead,
Is decorated by the crescent,
Who wears the serpent on his neck,
Who looks after the three worlds,
Who wears human skulls as garland,
Who is death to the God of Death,
And who is very handsome.
Kopekshna hatha kamam, swathmaramam nagendrajavamam,
Samsruthi soka viramam shyamam kantena karanam vande. 3

I salute him who killed the God of Love,
By the fire of his eyes,
Who enjoys playing with his own self,
Who has Parvathi on his left side,
Who stops sorrows of the world,
Who has a black neck,
And who is the primeval cause.
Kati thata vilasitha nagam, ganditha yagam, mahadbutha thyagam,
Vigatha vishaya rasa ragam, bhagam yagneshu vibhratham vande. 4

I salute him who wears the serpent,
As a belt on his hips,
Who stopped a fire sacrifice,
Who has done a wonderful sacrifice,
Who is not interested in mundane things,
And who looks after sharing of offerings,
In the fire sacrifices.
Tripuradhikadhanu jantham , girija kantham,sadaiva samsantham,
Leela vijitha kruthantham, bhantham, swandeshu dehinam vande. 5

I salute him who killed the Asuras,
Living in the three cities,
Who is the consort of Parvathi,
Who is always peaceful,
Who killed the God of Death playfully,
And who is the light of insight of all beings.
Surasaridhaplutha kesam tridasa kulesam hrudhalayaavesam,
Vigatha sesha klesam, desam sarveshta sampadam vande. 6

I salute him whose hair,
Is made wet by the holy river,
Who is lord of all the devas,
Who lives in the temple called mind,
Who makes one free from all troubles,
And who is the storehouse of all desirable wealth.
Karathala kalitha pinakam, veegatha jarakam, sukarmaanaam pakam,
Para pada veethavarakam nakam gamapuga vanditham vande. 7

I salute him who holds the Pinaka bow,
Whose foes do not have an old age,
Who is the storehouse of all good actions,
Who grants salvation to the oppressed,
And who is saluted by every one in deva loka.
Bhoothi vibhusitha kayam, dustharamayam, vivarjithapayam,
Pramadha samooha sahayam sayam prathar nirantharam vande. 8

I salute him whose body is coated with ash,
Who is beyond the methods of magic,
Who does not have any danger,
And who is served by the best of the people,
Both in the mornings and evenings daily.
Yasthu padashtaka medhath Brahmanandena nirmitham nithyam,
Padathi samahitha chetha prapnothyanthe sa saivameva padam. 9

He who reads this octet,
Composed by Brahmananda, daily,
With concentrated mind,
Would attain nearness to Shiva.