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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mars – Fiery and Malefic

It can thus be seen that Mangal Dosh is generated by malefic planets occupying certain positions at the time of the birth of an individual. In this the planet Mars or Mangal is the most fiery and depressing and hence the most feared. Astrologers of the world over see Mars as a heavenly body ever seeking collision with other planets

and thereby affecting the mentality and behaviour of the individual it affects. Such subjects are affected in their inherent and in-built psychological make-up and not only themselves suffer in their life time, but cause incalculable miseries in the life of those they are intimate with, the spouse, for example, but others also. In extreme cases their tendencies and evil influence cause fatal injuries resulting in the death of those who are in close contact with them. This psychological basis to Mangal Dosh is widely accepted as one important aspect of the malady.

There is an interesting astronomical account as to how Mars came to be considered the most fearsome of heavenly bodies. This study was carried out by a Russian scientist who compared ancient accounts of cataclysmic event on Earth and came to certain conclusions.

According to Immanuel Velikovsky in “Worlds in Collission” (1950) the planet Venus which had two close brushes with Earth in 2000 B.C. and 1400 B.C. (approximately a few years plus or minus) made its third wayward visitation in the orbit of Mars this time on March 23, 687 B.C. Mars being one eighth of the size of Venus was pulled out of its orbit into a new path in direct confrontation with Earth. The Earth was titled off its axis, so much so that the old calendar of 12 months of 30 days each had to be redrawn into a 365 days year. In Velikovky’s words :-

Although Mars did far less damage than Venus had some seven centuries earlier, it now became a dominant fierce god in the pantheon on Man’s heavenly force. Velikovsky studying the Old Testament and other texts, relates that in 687 B.C. the Assyrian King Senna Cherib marched against Hezekiah, King of Judah, planning to capture Jerusalem. On the evening of March 23, the first night of the Behrew Passover, Mars unleashed a blast from heaven that, according to the Book of Chronicles left King and 185000 men of the invading army dead.

That same night the Chinese recorded a great disturbance in the sky. Stars fell like rain, the Bamboo Books report. The Earth Shook. Accounts of these cataclysmic events have been found recorded in far away lands as Greece, Egypt, China, India and Mexico and appear to be therefore authentic versions.

Thus Mars came to be associated with war and for Romans, who celebrate March 23 as Mars ay., it became the God of War. The personality of persons born when Mars is in transit becomes war like, hot-headed inclined towards collision and destruction.

Hence the astronomical basis behind the concept of Mangal Dosh. Mars and Venus in a particular birth chart cause innumerable passion related problem leading to love marriages, multi-love affairs, demeaning of character resulting in unhappiness, break-ups of marriages and sometimes death of the spouse. Sexual aberrations and marital disharmony are the results of the evil nexus between Mars and Venus. The above astronomical study relating to Venus confronting Mars seems to support this theory.

In sexual matters, Mars represents passion, creative force, circulation of vital force etc. Venus denotes the actual perception of the sexual act and attainment of pleasurable sensations. This seems to be corroborated by the astronomical account of the historical conjunction between Mars and Venus as given above. In contrast, Neptune and Ketu cause coldness and inactivity in sexual matters. If they afflict Mars and Venus they cause resistance to sexual matters.