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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Effects Of Navamsa-4

Dhanus 73
The native will have charming big nose, will possess sight, akin
to that of a goat, be a gifted speaker, will have charming teeth
and hair, be fair in complexion, will have inset testicles and be
The native will have a prominent head, be firm in disposition, will
have large eyes, strong waist and knees, ugly nose, tall stature
and firm cheeks.
The native will have skill in educating and in fine
arts, be majestic, just, fond of females, intelligent
and jocular.
The native will be skillful, be tawny in complexion, will possess
round eyes, fair-coloured physique and a belly akin to tortoise,
be intelligent, wandering-natured, will have charming hair and
charming appearance.
Dhanus 77
The native will have large ears, eyes and face, will possess a
(majestic) physique, like a lion, widely spread eye brows, strong
shoulders and arms, hairless physique and firm disposition.
The native will have beautiful and large eyes, broad forehead and
broad face, be a poet, be mean and interested in scholarly
The native will be dark in complexion, soft in disposition, will
keep up his promise, will have a prominent head, will be
interested in accumulating savings, be tall in stature, will possess
broad eyes and be liberal.
The native will be
flat-nosed, broad
headed, inimical,
erratic sighted,
garrulous and be
dear to elders.
Dhanus 81
The native will be fair in complexion, will have a face, akin to
that of a horse and broad and dark eyes, will speak sparingly, be
truthful, miserable and will possess crooked walking limbs.
Makara 82 The native will have intersticed and outwardly visible teeth, be
dark in complexion, will speak with broken words, or be
stammering, will have coarse hair, be famous, be interested in
music and amusement, be emaciated and will have fluctuating
The native will be indolent, crafty, crooked nosed, fond of music,
broad bodied, be interested in many females, will prattle much
and be skillful.
The native will have lust for music, be famous, fair
complexioned, be endowed with superior looks and charming
nose, will be fond of many friends and relatives and achieves
fulfillment of desires.
Makara 85
The native will have round eyes with a mix of blood-red and
black hue, large forehead, emaciated body and thin arms,
scattered hair, intersticed teeth and broken speech.
The native will have prominent neck, nose and belly, will enjoy
pleasures, be attached to women, be dark in complexion, will
have round knees and arms and will attain successful beginnings
in his undertakings.
The native will possess a splendourous body, will attire
charmingly, be libidinous, will possess small and even teeth, be a
good speaker and will have big cheeks and large forehead.
Makara 88
The native will be dark in complexion, be indolent, be an
eloquent speaker, be short-haired, big-bodied, be harsh in
disposition, will possess soft hands and legs, be intelligent and
very virtuous.
Makara 89
The native will be endowed with majestic sight and charming
nose, reddish face, uneven nails and hair, grotesque body and
forehead protruding, like a pot.
The native will have broad chest and large eyes, high
intelligence, fully developed face, interest in musical studies, be
endowed with sweetness and strength, be gentle and diplomatic.
Kumbha 91
The native will be dark in complexion, be soft in disposition, will
have an emaciated body and prominent cheeks, be learned in
poetry and Shastras, be libidinous, interested in carnal pleasures
and be splendourous.
The native will possess coarse skin, nails, sight and hair, be kind
to the helpless, be gentle, be tall in stature, foolish and will have
a ‘distinct' head.
Kumbha 93
The native will have a compact body (limbs sticking close to each
other), be fond of females, will possess the splendour of lapis
lazuli, be learned in the meanings of Shastras and will act
The native will be fond of women, be fair in complexion, will have
a split face, will destroy enemies, be majestic, courageous and
be fond of pleasures and sexual enjoyments.
The native will be learned in clear meanings of Shastras and in
fine arts, will have coarse hair on legs, concealed (not
prominent) neck and ears and be dark in complexion.
The native will have a face, resembling that of a tiger, be bold,
short-haired, will have unchanging aims, will kill living beings viz.
tiger, deer, snake etc. and be dear to king.
Kumbha 97 The native will have eyes and face, resembling that of a goat, be
fierce in disposition, be delighted in village life, insulted by
females, will suffer diseases of bilious imbalances and be
endowed with strength and courage.
The native will possess an undiminishing strength, firm be
disposition and affection, be a warrior with the king, or be a king
himself, be beautiful and will have strong teeth and broad eyes.
The native will be dark in complexion, will possess unclean and
elevated teeth, be disunited from his wife, children and wealth,
be an affable speaker and be famous and skillful.
Meena 100
Though the native may be white in complexion, his body will
reveal the splendour of blood-red hue; he will be soft in
disposition, be akin to a female in mental make up, (i.e. will act,
like a female), be fickle-minded and will have a short neck and
emaciated waist.
Meena 101
The native will have a big nose, be skillful in his assignments, will
eat meat and the like, be endowed with a charming physique,
will wander in forests and hills and will have a big head.
The native will be white in complexion, be crafty, will possess
beautiful eyes, be beautiful, righteous, learned, courteous,
modest and charming in appearance.
The native will have praiseworthy attributes, will fall into
adversity, will serve aged people, be skillful in his assignments,
learned, very strong versed in justice and will have elevated
The native will be tall in stature, dark in complexion, be valorous,
be not peaceful, will have a small nose and charming eyes, be
fond of torturing others, be impatient, will possess beautiful
teeth and prattle.
Meena 105
The native will be self-respected, righteous,
excellent, strong, miserable, crafty, unsteady and be
a minister.
The native will be self-respected, will show interest in other
religions, be excellent, be a minister, strong, miserable, cruel and
The native will be tall in stature, will have a big head, be
emaciated, indolent, will have uneven (or dirtied) eyes and hair,
will have foolish children (or a few children), be interested in
earning money and be skillful in war (or quarrels).
The native will be short, soft in disposition, courageous, broad
chested, broad eyed, big nosed, be bright, will have a broad
physique, be intelligent, virtuous and famous.