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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ketu in various houses

list below a selected 'effects' of Ketu in various houses among many:

In the first house (lagna): The person will talk irresponsibly - selfish greedy - worried on account of children - disturbed marital life - bestows wealth - lack of self confidence - poor health - (with support of of associated Planet owning angle/triangular house) confer power - (with Maraka owner) destroy wealth - cause longevity concern in major and sub periods.
In the second house : Eye troubles - dependence on others - no good relations with one or more important members of near in family - may talk rough and rude and spoil future life - in aspect of lord of 5th and 9th to give long life - prosperity - if placed here with owner of 2nd or 7th house, could end life in its major or sub-period.
In the third house : pain in arms and shoulders - a bad Ketu here is good for father - a strong physical constitution - success and happiness to spouse suddenly - wealthy - comfortable - when associated here with 2nd or 7th owner (maraka) could destroy hard earned health.
In the fourth house : Gives journey/life abroad - capable of killing mother - thinking will be polluted - adverse finance conditions - accident and violent incidents - angry disposition - associated with a Planet in this house would confer power with authority in major and sub periods - in association with maraka will destroy wealth.
In the fifth house : Mental disturbance to lose balance of decisions - diseases of stomach and injuries - unfortunate in many events - devotional approach to religion - a powerful Mercury, in association, could bring a windfall of fortune and comfort through speculation - natives father will be benefited.
In the sixth house : Makes native bold and expressive - inherently bad in nature and acts - troublesome - unpopular in society - frequently falling sick - may not have happy years - badly placed Ketu brings theft, defeat,disease in major and sub periods - disease in rectum/teeth.
In the seventh house : irritable life partner - separation in marital life - humiliations from opposite sex - if Ketu associated with a Planet here, owner of angle/triangle of Lagna will confer long life and all round prosperity - the opposite will be the result if positioned with lords of sixth, eighth or twelfth house.
In the eighth house: Sorrow and separation with spouse or partner in business - distress and death - will fall sick - could be a thief or a person involving evil sexual connections - adverse influence in otherwise favorable Dasha periods - religious and mystic to cause family irritations - super sensory experiences - attempting to gain super natural powers - land in social and law objectionable acts.
In the ninth house : Incur wrath of parents or elders - irritable or rash - suffer poverty - cause severe death prone ailments - if with Jupiter, one will be learned - if with mercury, one will be prolific writer - unless adverse in this house, Ketu is generally good here.
In the tenth house : Failed endeavours, loss of honor - will go abroad - beneficial Planet in this house - eye problems leading to surgical intervention - mother's health will be of anxious concern - accident/operation/ violent death are imminent under certain specified conditions.
In the eleventh house : The native will be frugal and successful - could gain power and position concern /worries on sisters and brothers with surmounting problems.
In the twelfth house : Increases expenditure more than income/assets - if with the owner of 12th house, occupies this house with Ketu religious - he would look for emancipation - constant sickness and medication may be necessary all life - very helpful in natured - could live abroad or far away from near siblings - disturbed mind - burdened life in solving problems of near and dear.

Some pointers from "Saaravalli' :: Some skin problems could erupt during Ketu desa and badly positioned Ketu in the desha period. - some medical problems for spouse and children could effect family life - visits to holy places - gifts from higher ups - good and happy events in family - particularly in Venus bukti in Ketu Desa marriages in family will certainly happen - some misunderstandings with near relatives could happen - in Badly positioned Sun in the chart could cause life anxiety for either of parents to disturb normal flourish of family happenings - Some may commit acts landing them against law - in jail - the Moon bukti will welcome marriages and happy events in family with ease and comfort - Mars Bukti can bring ailments and anxieties in work place - but in wrongly placed or in aspect of badly positioned Planets to cause sickness of great sufferings - Badly placed Saturn to influence Ketu will cause loss of near and dear - loss of assets - while if Saturn is well placed, it will be a most helping years for growth and property as the person will not experience Saturn desha - With Jupiter in good place marriage and gain of lands will be positive -
with supportive Mercury, gaining properties will bring happiness. Of course, Ketu desa Kethu bukti is always worse to bring miseries to the native.

"Phaladeepika" Adh 19 Sloka 17 : The native will bee oppressed by enemies, thieves and the ruling heads - he will receive wounds - develop diseases caused by excessive heat , earn bad name, a stigma in his family, face danger from fire and find living in foreign (alien) land , in Ketu Desa.