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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chandar mangal yoga

Chandra Mangala Yoga is actually yuti or conjunction of Chandra and Mangala in any house. Grahas conjoined Chandra do the following: 1. They do influence the pranas, longevity and health 2. They create the tide (grahana) within our mind, and influence the mental and emotional aptitude 3. They impose their infleunce on our attitude and social consciousness. They show external desires of the mind. Please, caculate the guna chakra so that you can understand the change of Gunas and predominant guna and graha over this conjunction.Therefore, this conjunction gives following effects in short: 1. strong pranas however they are moving and consuming fast, good vitality, dangerous for longevity or accidents, heart /blood related problems, 2. fighting mind and spirit, self protective, desire to rule and influence others, desire to top the soceity in chosen subject, irritated, aggressive, vindictive and dangerous, oppresive 3. family suffers, spouse suffers, not giving, extremes in social behaviour etc Most of classical texts list this yoga as a wealth giving combination. Chandra is the giver of resources, and first Mother gives to Agni tatva, the energy. Therefore, the first exchange is on the level of Chandra and Mangala. So this Yoga indeed gives wealth. Both grahas are karakas for the 4th house (chandra is overall karaka, while Mangal is karaka for lands, territory). To understand this better one should understand chandra yogas and 5 tatvas as 5 types of wealth in modern society. So Chandra Mangala Yoga indeed gives one type of wealth. The main difference lies in the house where chandra and mangala are placed. THere are different infleunces on the houses: In the Lagna, Mangal is stronger,2nd bhava- Chandra is stronger,3rd bhava- Mangal is stronger,4. bhava-Chandra is stronger,5. bhava-Mangal is stronger,6. bhava- Mangal is stronger,7.bhava-Chandra is stronger,8. bhava-Mangal is stronger,9. bhava-Mangal is stronger,10.bhava-Mangal is stronger,11. bhava-Chandra is stronger,12.bhava-Chandra is stronger. Therefore, each house will decide which planet among two, Chandra or Mangal dominates the Yoga. IF chandra is stronger, satvic qualities dominate the Yoga, and bad shades of Yogas are lesser. Rudra turns calms down due to the blessing of Devi- Mother If mangal dominates the Yoga, Rudra is very angry and can create serious problems Lagna- a lot depends on Signs, in Mesha, Vrishaba and Karka, this Yoga is very Good, otherwise, health may suffer. 2. In 2nd house this Yoga gives wealth and prosperity, however heart problems or accidents. 3. In 3rd house this Yoga gives dynamism and love for change of environment, worried mind and troubles, yet partner may die early. 4. In 4th house yoga is excellent, however a person lacks drive, initiative and is not physically but mentally strong. Brothers and sisters are damaged 5. In the 5th house, this Yoga causes rash and troublesome nature, but power. Mother will suffer 6. In 6th house, this Yoga causes accidents and problems, enemies, troubles to children 7. In 7th house, this Yoga gives wealth, popularity, yet harms marriage, relationships and gives heart troubles, yet a person will destroy enemies 8. In 8th house Yoga is most destructive, it gives inheritance and money yet may cut longevity. IT can also kill spouse 9. In 9th house this Yoga gives power, authority, prosperity yet short life or accidents 10. In 10th house this Yoga gives physical strength, profitable job/carreer, yet mental weakness, troubles to father 11. In 11th house this Yoga gives a lot of friends and social activity, and social concerns and good income, yet a person may lack an ambition if Mangal is in a weak sign. 12. In 12th house, this Yoga gives deformity, expanses, foreign luck, debts, destroys elder siblings and friends