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Monday, October 6, 2008

Mantras for all types.

Mantra for vanishing diseases Om Rogansheshanpahansi Tushta Rusta Tu Kaman Saklanbhishtan, Tvamashritanam Na Vipannrananam Tvamashrita Hyashraytam PrayantiThis mantra is attributed to Goddess Durga. The use of rudraksha mala (A beaded garland of the seeds of Eleocarpus Ganitrus Tree) while chanting is favourable and helps to cure from diseases
Mantra for specific disease control Om Aadesh Guru Ko Kali Kambali Vale Shyam, Kahaye Hain Unko Ghanshyam Rog Nashe Shok Nashe Nahin To Krishna Ki Aan Radha Meera Manaave, (Name the Patient) Ka rog dosh JaveThe name of the patient of whose disease is to be controlled should be chanted at the right place while murmuring this mantra. The remembrance of Lord Krishna and Shiva be kept in mind.

Mantra for protection of pregnancy Om Rudra Bhi Drava Ho, Ha Ha Ha Hoo Ka The pregnant woman should chant this mantra for 108 times a day.

Riddance from Evil Spirits Ayeim Kreem Kreem Khrim Khrim Khichi Khichi Bhootnaathaay Pishaachaay Khrim Khrim Phat.

Mantra for protection against eye sore Om Namo Ramji Dhani Lakshman Ke Baan Aankh Dard Kare To Lakshman Kuwar Ki Aan Meri Bhakti. Guru Ki Shakti. Phuro Mantra Eswaro Vacha. Satya Naam Aadesh Guru KoThis mantra can lead to siddhi if chanted for 10,000 times

Mantra for protecting oneself Om Shoolena Pahino Devi Pahi Khadgen Chambike, Ghanta Swanena Nah Pahi Chapajjanih Swanen Ch.This mantra is attributed to Goddess Durga. It helps to get rid of enemies, fears and troubles. The use of rudraksha mala (A beaded garland of the seeds of Eleocarpus Ganitrus Tree) while chanting is favourable

Mantra for pregnancy Om Hreem Uljalya Thah Thah Om Hreem The regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 108 times with lighting of lamps of Mustard Oil or butter oil helps in getting pregnancy.

Mantra for peace of ancestors Om Yaam Medham Devganah Pitarasch Upasate, Taya Mamadya Medhayagne Medhavinam Kuru The regular chant of this mantra with red sandal beaded garland and pouring water helps to bring peace to ancestors.

Mantra for Longevity and getting rid of Ailments Om Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pusti Vardhanam, Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityormurksheeya Mamritat.This is called “Mrityunjaya Mantra”. The mantra is attributed to Lord Shiva. The mantra is very effective when diseases/ailment is continuously jeopardizing life or there is continuous fear of life. Even otherwise, the chant of this mantra is very beneficial. The regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 1.25 lakh times, following the procedure will produce early result

Mantra for increasing profits in business Om Kansonsmitam Hiranya Prakaram Aardraam Jwalantim Triptam Tarpyenteem, Padhesthitam Padhmavarnaam Tami Hope VhayeshriyamThis mantra is attributed to Goddess Lakshmi. The regular and continuous chant of this mantra helps to increase profits in business. The use of a beaded garland of Tulsi (Basil Plant) is recommended for better and early results

Mantra for getting rid of Incurable Diseases Om Hon Joon Sah Om Bhoorbhuva Swah Om Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pustivardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityormurksheeya Mamritat.Om Swah Bhuvah Bhu Om Swah Joon Hon Om This is called “Maha Mritunjaya Mantra”. It is attributed to Lord Shiva. Its helps in saving life in case of attack from diseases, accidents etc.

Mantra for getting rid of fear Om Sarva Swaroope Sarveshe Sarvshakti Samanvite, Bhayebhyastrahino Devi Durge Devi Namostute This mantra is attributed to Goddess Durga. The mantra helps get rid of fear and anxiety. The use of rudraksha mala (A beaded garland of the seeds of Eleocarpus Ganitrus Tree) while chanting is favourable.

Mantra for getting rid of all kinds of adversities Om Sharangat Dinart Paritran Parayane, Sarvasyarti Hare Devi Narayani Namostute. This mantra is attributed to Lord Narayan. The use of red sandal beaded garland while chanting helps in consolation from troubles and adversities.

Mantra for getting pleasure in life Om Hanumate NamahThis mantra is related to Lord Hanuman. The regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 1.25 lakh times helps to bring back lost pleasures and strength of mind. The use of rudraksha mala (A beaded garland of the seeds of Eleocarpus Ganitrus Tree) or a beaded Garland of red sandal is favourable and helps to attain early results.

Mantra for getting pleasure Om Ram Ramaya Namah.This is a very powerful Mantra. This mantra is attributed to Lord Rama or Lord Narayana. The regular chant of this mantra leads to success in every field of life and worldly pleasure. Moreover, it brings along with it the blessing of the God.

Mantra for getting blessed with son and acquiring wealth Om Sarvabadha Vinurmukto Dhandhanya Sutanvitah Manushyomat Prasaaden Bhavishyati Na SanShaya.This mantra is attributed to Goddess Durga. The regular and continuous chant of this mantra between 08:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. will help get blessed with son and acquiring wealth

Mantra for getting all round success Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Namah This mantra is called “Seed Mantra”. The Mantra helps to eliminate all odds and troubles. It’s power is doubled when the chant is performed along with a red sandal beaded garland.

For male use there is a Mantra to get a good wife ( or desired women as wife) called Gandharva Raja mantra. Om Gandharvaraaja visvaavase Mamabilashida Kanyaam Prayacha SwaahaaThe meening: O Gandarva King Visvavasu let me get my desired girl.You just have to chant it more than 320 at a time regularly till the goal is achieved. Note: Double vovals 'aa' indicate long sound and singla voval short. As to changing your complexion there are three methods stated in occult litrature1) Obtain Kamaruba siddhi - a magical power by which you can take any form you desire. It is a long tedious sadana of certain tantric deity. If you are up to it you can try . ( If you are ready let me know I will write to you the method as founfd in tantric treaties)2) Obtain Kaya sidhi By yogic practice - you will get eternal youth , moltan golden complexion 1000 elephants strength and indefenet life span by this method. This is also long and tedious path. You can refer to Patanjali's yoga sutra for detail.3) There is a shotcut to become lovely and fair. This is invoking a spirit of King solomon. I shall get back to this latter as I need to refer to King Solomon's book 'Goetia' for this. ( I will get back to you on this soon)

Mantra for getting a good wife Om Patnim Manoram Dehi Manovritanusarineem, Tareneem Durgasansar Sagarasye Kulodbhavam.This mantra is attributed to Goddess Durga. The regular and continuous chant of this mantra by the male section of the society helps them get a wife of their expectation. The use of rudraksha mala (A beaded garland of the seeds of Eleocarpus Ganitrus Tree) while chanting is favourable.

Mantra for cure of fear Om Aghorebhyo Thaghorebhyo Ghor Ghor Tarebhyah Sarvebhyah Sarva Sarvebhyo Namaste Astu Rudra Rupebhyah For controlling of fear of death etc., meditate on Lord Shiva and perform a mala of chant everyday with burning of Dhoop.

Mantra for controlling piles Om Kaka Karta Krori Karta Om Karta Se Hoye Ye Rasna Desh Hus Pragate Khooni Badi Bavasir Na Hoye. Mantra Janke Na Bataye to Dwadash Brahma Hatya Ka pap Hoy Lakh Jap Kare To Vansh Mein Na Hoye Shabda Sancha, Hanuman Ka Mantra Sancha, Phure Mantra Eswaro Vacha .After easing the motion, chant this mantra while cleaning the refuse of anus. After that eat two guavas.

Mantra for controlling jaundice Om Shriram Sar Sadha, Lakshman Sadha Baan, Neela, Peela, Rita, Neela Thotha Peela Peela Sarvavidha Rahe to Ramchandraji Ka Rahe Naam Meri Bhakti Guru Ki Shakti Phure Mantra Eswaro Vacha.Murmuring this mantra and touching the body of a jaundice patient can help overpower the disease. For Siddhi, 10,000 Mantra chant is needed.

Mantra for controlling fever Om Namo Bhagvate Rudray Shoolpanaye Pishachadhipataye Aavashye Krishna Pingal Phate Swaha.Make the patient drink water after speaking the mantra three times carrying a pot of water in hand

Mantra for controlling big diseases (Epidemics)Om Ithyam Yadaa Yadaa Badhaa Danvttha BhavishyetiThe chant of this mantra for 10,000 times helps to avert big diseases.

Mantra for control of epilepsy Om Haal Hal Mandiye Pudiye Shri RamjiPhunke, Mrigi Vayu Sukhe, Sukh Hoi, Om Thah Thah Swaha.Make holy black thread for the patient or sprinkle water on the patient after the chant of the mantra. Siddhi is achieved with chant of the mantra for 10,000 times

Mantra for attainment of Wealth and Pleasure

Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah This mantra is attributed to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Lord Ganesha, the elder son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. The regular chant of this mantra helps in growth of business and brings wealth. Moreover, it helps in stopping and arresting heavy odds. The use of a red sandal beaded garland while chanting of this mantra is favourable.

Mantra for attainment of wealth and getting rid of ailments Om Hreem Om Markatesh Mahotsaha Sarv Vyadhi Vinashana Shatroon Sanhar Mamraksh Shriyam Dapaya Dehi Mein. Om Hreem Om This mantra is attributed to Lord Hanuman. The regular chant of this mantra helps in early cure of diseases and bestowment of wealth. The use of a red sandal beaded garland helps to attain early result.

Mantra for attainment of wealth Om Shreem Namah The regular and continuous chant of this mantra for atleast 4 lakh times along with a Tulsi (Basil Plant) beaded garland helps to attain wealth.

Mantra for attainment of Pleasure Aum Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya This mantra of Lord Narayan is very powerful and advantageous. It gives peace of mind. Moreover, in brings happiness.

Mantra for attainment of happiness Om Namah Shivaya This mantra is considered as the five-lettered mantra related to Lord Shiva. The Mantra has a number of advantages. The regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 1.25 lakh times brings pleasure and peace of mind. In addition, it helps to minimize sins, if any. The use of rudraksha mala (A beaded garland of the seeds of Eleocarpus Ganitrus Tree) while chanting is favourable.

Om Gana Ganapataye Namah Mantra for attainment of education and success in examinationThis mantra is attribute to Lord Ganesha. It helps to acquire education and good success in exam. It is specially useful for students. The regular chant of this mantra will bring early results.

Aum Aem Khreem Kleem Chamundaya Vich Mantra for all round happiness and killing of enemiesThis mantra of Goddess Durga gives happiness and leads to destruction of the enemies.

Mantra for acquiring wealth Om Ya Devi SarvaBhuteshu Lakshmirupen sansthita, Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namah.The mantra is attributed to Goddess Lakshmi. She is well known as the Goddess of wealth among the Hindus. The continuous chant of this mantra for 108 times everyday can help to acquire fabulous wealth. The use of a beaded garland of Tulsi (Basil Plant) is favourable

Mantra for acquiring education Om Aim Namah This mantra is attributed to Goddess Saraswati. She is known as the Goddess of Education and Knowledge among the Hindus. The mantra helps very much in acquiring effective education. The use of a red beaded sandal garland while chanting is favourable.

All round Pleasure giving Mantra Om Bhoorbhuva Swah Tatsaviturvarenyam Bhargo DevasyeDheemahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat This is known as “Gayatri Mantra”. It helps in early fulfillment of all desires of life. It resides in the category of Great Mantras in the Hindu Mythology. The use of a beaded garland of 108 beads, chanting three times a day (Morning, Noon and Evening) is favorable.

Mantras for specific purposes
Mantras for wealth:1. Om Lakshmi Vam shri kamaladhram svaha2. Jimi sarita sagar mahu jahiJadyapi tahi kamana nahi3. Bishva bharana poshana kara joiTakar nama Bharat asa hoi4. Om shrim hrim shrim kamale kamalalaye mahya prasidaprasida prasida svaha5. Omm shrim hrim shrim mahalakshmyai namahFor Marriage:1. Taba janaka pai bashishtha ayasu byaha saja savari kaiMandavi shruta kirati Urmila kuwari lai hankari kai2. Katyayani mahamaye mahayogindadhishvariNandagopasutam devi patim me kurute namahFor having children:1. Devakisutam Govindam Vasudevam JagatpatimDehimeTanayam Krishna twam-aham Sharanagatah.To have a son:1. Sarvabadhabinirmukto dhanadhanyasutanvitahManushyo tatprasaden bhavishyati na samshayah2. Om hrim lajja jjalyam thah thah lah om hrim svahaFor safety of the child in the womb:1. Om tham tham thim thim thum them thaim thoum thah thah omCuring fever:1. Om namo bhagavate rudraya namah krodhesvaraya namahjyoti patangaya namo namah siddhi rudra ajapayati svaha2. Om vindhya vanana hum fat svaha3. Om namo bhagavate chhandi chhandi amukasya jvarasyashara prajjvilita parashupaniye parashaya fat4. Om namo maha uchchhishta yogini prakirna dranshta khadatitharvati nashyati bhakshyati om thah thah thah thahRemoving any disease:1. Om Hrim hansah2. Om shrim hrim klim aim Indrakshyai namah3. Om sam, sam sim, sum sum sem saim sam saha vam vam vim vim vum vum vemvaim voim voum vam van saha amrita varech svaha.For sound health:1. Mam mayat sarvato raksha shriyam vardhaya sarvadaSharirarogyam me dehi deva deva namostute2. Om aim hrim shrim namah sarvadharaya bhagavate asyamama sarva roga vinashaya jvala jvala enam dirghayusham kuru kuru svaha3. Achyutam chamritam chaiva japedoushadhakarmani4. Om namo paramatamne para brahma mama sharire pahi pahi kuru kuru svahaFor curing piles:1. Om chhai chhui chhalaka chhalai ahumAhum klam klam klim humFor curing pox:1. Om shrim shrim shrum shram shroum shrah om kharasthadigambara vikata nayanam toyasthitam bhajami svahaSvangastham prachandarupam namabhyatmabhibutayeFor stimulating digestive fire:1. Agastyam kumbhakaranam cha shamincha vadavanalamBhojanam pachanarthaya smaredabhyam cha panchakamFor sound sleep:1. Om agasti shayinahFor long life:1. Hroum om jom sa om bhurbhuvah svaha omTryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanamUrvarukamiva bandhanata mrityormukshiyamamritatFor children's diseases:1. Avyadajoangdhri manimanstava janvathoru,yajnoachyutah kati tatam jatharam ka hayasyaFor removing obstructions and difficulties:1. Sakal vighna vyopahin nahin tehinRama sukripan bilokahin jehin2. Sarva badha prashamanam trailokyasyakhileshvariEvameva tvayakaryamasmad vairi binashanam3. Om ram ram ram ram ram ro ro ram kashtam svaha4. Om namah shante prashante gum hrim hrim sarva krodha prashamani svahaFor winning court cases:1. Pavan tanaya bala pavan samanaBuddhi viveka bigyana nidhanaTo Keep safe from snakes:1. Om Narmadayai vicharana2. Ananta vasukim shesham padmanabham cha kambalamShankhapalam dhritarashtram takshakam kaliyam tatha munirajam Astikam namah3. Om plah sarpakulaya svaha ashehakula sarva kulaya svahaFor removing the venom of snakes:1. Garudadhvajanusmaranat vishaviryam vyapohati2. Nama prabhau jana Siva nikoKalakuta falu dinha amikoTo keep safe from theft:1. Om kafall-kafall-kafall2. Om karalini svaha om kapalini svaha hroum hrim hrim hrim chora bandhaga thah thah For peace and detachment:1. Daihika daivika bhoutika tapaRama raja nahin kahu byapa2. Bharata charita kari mamu tulasije sadar sunahinSiya Rama pada prema avasi hoi bhava rasa biratiFor removing doubt:1. Rama katha sundar karatariSansaya bihaga unavana hariFor purification of thought:1. Take juga pada kamala manavaunJasu kripa niramala mati pavaunReomova of the evil eye:1. Shyama Gaura sundara dou joriNirakhahin chhabi janani trina toriFor vision of Sitaji:1. Janakasuta jagajanani janakiAtisaya priya karunanidhana kiTo please Hanuman:1. Sumiri pavan suta pavana namuApane basa kari rakhe RamuFor devotion to God:1. Bhagata kalpataru pranatahita kripasindhu sukaddhamaSoi nija bhagati mohi prabhu dehu kaya dari RamaFor acquiring knowledge:1. Chhiti jala pavaka gagana samiraPancha rachita yaha adhama shariraFor God's forgiveness:1. Anuchita bahuta kaheun agyataKshamahun kshama mandira dou bharata

Hanuman-Mantra Mantra Om Hoom Hanumate Rudratamakaye Hoom Phut SwahaThis mantra is to Lord Hanuman, the "monkey god", who is the greatest devotee of Lord Rama. The stroy of His exploits are famous from the epic "Ramayana" (also known as the "Ramakyen" in Thailand) He is said to give good qualities of character
Ancient Sacred ChantsAUM.In chapter 17 of Bhagwadgita, one of the most sacred texts of the Hindus. Lord Krishna has said that the word Aum Signifies the omni presence of God.AUM TATSAT.(From the beginning of the universe) These three words are used to significant the omni present God is Aum and it is said that the Aum came into being with the creation.Aum is a musical bliss through the regular use of which, a restive heart and stressful mind can achieve eternal peace and harmony and happiness of being at one with creator.GANESHA PRAYER.VAKRATUNDA MAHAKAYASURYAKOTI SAMAPRABHANIRVIGNAM KURU ME DEVASARVA KARYESHU SARVADHA.O. Lord Ganesha, of the large body, the curved trunk, who shines with the lustre of a million suns, please make life and my work free of abstracles, forever.MAHALAKSHMI MANTRA.AUM HREEM SHREEM LAKSHMIBHYO NAMAHA.The Goddess of wealth, prosperity & good luck. It is believed that sincere, heartfelt prayers to this Goddess can unlock the doors of prosperity for each and everyone. It is belived that the Goddess Mahalakshmi has eight forms or aspects, as the term ASHTA LAKSHMI connotes. Only when one prays to all eight of them, one has prayed to her in totality.HER EIGHT FORMS ARE:-AADI LAKSHMI.DHAANYA LAKSHMI.DHAIRYA LAKSHMI.GAJA LAKSHMI.SANTAANA LAKSHMI.VIJAYA LAKSHMI.VIDYA LAKSHMI.DHANA LAKSHMI.GAYATRI MANTRA.SHUBH LAABH MANTRA. (PRAYER FOR ABUNDANCE).AUM SHREEM GAM SAUBHAAGYAGANAPATHAYE VARAVARADASARVAJANAM MEVASHAMAANAYA NAMAHA.A Mantra is a divine combinations of divine vibrations, syllables or sounds. Which when chanted with devotion, faith and emotions gravitate the concerned God or Goddess or Deity and secure their divine blessings. Here SHREEM is the seed mantra for the principle of abundance. It is the aspect of divine energy that brings abundance. An abundance of material wealth, health, prosperity, family and friends. GAM represents the divinity and energy of Lord Ganesha and through the Laxmi Ganesh mantra we seek to invoke all their cosmic energies and realign them. So as to smoothen our path of attaining wealth, health, prosperity & worldly happiness.AUM POORNAMADA.AUM POORNAMADA POORNAMIDAMPOORNAAT POORNAMUDACHYATEPOORNASYA POORNAMADAAYAPOORNAMEVAA VASHISHYATEAUM SHANTIH SHANTI SHANTI.That is perfact : this is perfect ! What comes from such perfection is again truly perfect! What remains if the perfection is negated is yet again perfect. May there be peace, peace, perfect peace.AUM ASATOMA.AUM ASATOMA SADGA MAYATAMASOMA JYOTHIRGA MAYAMRUTORMA AMRUTHAMGA MAYAAUM SHANTIH SHANTI SHANTI. Oh Lord, lead me from the unreal to the ultimate reality, from the darkness to light, and from the death of ignorance to the immortality of knowledge.TVAMEVA MATA.TVAMEVA MATA CHA PITA TVAMEVATVAMEVA BANDHU CHA SAKHA TVAMEVATVAMEVA VIDHYAM DRAVINAM TVAMEVATVAMEVA SARVAM MAMA DEVA DEVAITHI NARAYANI SWAMI SAMARPAYAAMI. You are my Mother and father; You are my brother and companian; You alone are knowledge and wealth. Oh Lord, you everything to me.NAMOKAR MANTRA.AUM NAMO ARIHANTAANAMAUM NAMO SIDHAANAMAUM NAMO AAYARIYAANAMAUM NAMO UVAJZAAYANAMNAMO LONA BAVASSAAHUNAMAISO PANCHA NAMOKKAARO SAVVAPAAVAPPANAABANOMANGALAM CHA SAVVESIM PADHAM HAVAI MANGALAM.My oblisance to all Arihantas. My oblisance to all Siddhas. My oblisance to all Acharyas. My oblisance to all Upadhyayas. My oblisance to all Sadhus (Saints) this five fold salutation which destroys all sin is pre-eminent as the most auspicious of all auspicious things.AUM SARVAMANGALA MAANGALYE. AUM SARVA MANGALA MAANGALYESHIVE SARVARTHA SAADHIKESHARANYE TRAYAMBAKE GAURINARAYANI NAMOSTUTE.Oh Goddess Parvati, consort of Shiva, who bestows well being and happiness into all, I surrender before you. O Gauri, wife of Tryabaka (Shiva) and offer my salutations.SHREE VISHNU STUTI.SHANTHAKARAM BHUJAGA SHAYANAM PADMANABHAM SURESHAMVISHVADHARAM GAGANASADRUSHAM MEGHAVARNAM SHUBHANGAM LAXMIKANTHAM KAMALANAYANAM YOGIBHIRDHYANAGAMYAM VANDE VISHNUM BHAVABHAYAHARAM SARVA LOKAIKA NAATHAM.My salutations to you, Oh Lord Vishnu, seated in a peaceful posture on a snake, from whose navel is emanating a lotus, the king of the gods, who is the support of the universe whose colour is that of the clouds, with the graceful body. Oh consort of Laxmi, with lotus eyes, one in peaceful meditation, one who removes all fears, you are the Lord of all the world.MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA.AUM TRAYAMBAKAM YAJAMAHESUGANDIM PUSTI VARDHANAMURVAA RUKAM IVA BANDHANAATMRYTYOR MUKSHIYA MAAMRTAAT.Aum, we worship Lord Shiva (The Three eyes done) who is full of fragrance and who nourishes all beings, may he liberath from death, for the sake of immortality, just as the ripe cucumber is severed from its bondage (of the creator) known as the Moksha Mantra of Lord Shiva, Maha Mrityunjay Mantra evokes the Shiva with in and removes the tear of death, liberating us from the cycle of death and rebirth.AUM SARVE BHAVANTU.AUM SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAHA SARVE SANTU NIRAAMAYAAHA SARVE BHADRANI PASHYANTU MAA KASCHIT DUKHKHA BHAAKBHAVAT.May all attain happiness, May all be healthy, May all enjoy good fortune, May none suffer misery and sorrow.YA DEVI SARVA BHUTESU.YA DEVI SARVA BHUTESUMATRU RUPENA SANISTHITANAMASTASYAI NAMASTASYAINAMASTASYAI NAMO NAMAHA.O Supreme Goddess, who dwells in all living beings as the kind loving mother, accept my humble salutations our and our again.SHIVA PRARTHANA.AUM NAMASTESTU BHAGAVANVISHVESHVARAYA NAMAHAMAHADEVAYA NAMAHATRAYAMBAKAYA NAMAHATRIPURANTAKAYA NAMAHATRIKAGNI KALAYA NAMAHAKALAGNI RUDRAYA NAMAHANILAKANTAYA NAMAHAMRITYUNJAYAYA NAMAHASARVESHVARAYA NAMAHASADASHIVAYA NAMAHASRIMAN MAHADEVAYA NAMAHA.Aum, I bow to Lord Shiva who is the creator and protector of the universe, who is the greatest among Gods, who has three eyes, who is the annihilator of all the three words, who is the master of the sacrifical fire of three kinds, who is the Lord of Pralaya, one whose throat is blue, who is the conqueror of death, who is the Lord of all, who is always propitious, who is possessed of all marks of greatness and who is the greatest amongst Gods, to him my prostrations.

The navgrah stotar.

The Navagraha Sthothram, given below, is so powerful, it appeals to all the planets and safeguards the reciter from any planetary ill effects.
aarokyam pradhathu noh dinakarachandroh yaso nirmalambhoodim bhoomisudha sudham sudhanayapragnam gurur gowravm kanyakomala vaak vilasa madhulammandho mudham saravadharagur bhahoopala virodha samanamketu kulasyonidham

Let us pray to Lord Surya who bestows well-being and healthLet us pray to Lord Chandra to bestow eminence and recognitionLet us pray to Lord Kuja to bestow opulence and prosperityLet us pray to Lord Bhudhan to bless us with astuteness and wisdomLet us pray to Lord Guru for knowledge and good judgmentLet us pray to Lord Shukra for graciousness and enhancement Let us pray to Lord Shanishwara for harmony and contentmentLet us pray to Lord Rahu for vigour and valourLet us pray to Lord Ketu for progeny, kith and kin